Saturday, August 30, 2008


As the Poll will be removed soon, here some of the best comments from the last months on the POLL comment page:
Next Stop Vietnam
Apr 25, 2008 7:12am ET
I live in HK and make high end electronics with fussy requirements. Normally I go to Shenzhen 3 days a week. Sometimes every day. I just set up a new company, hired a Chinese engineering manager and had planned to have a new office up and running by May 1. The visa situation has put me in a tight spot has made me look for a Plan B, so I booked a flight to Vietnam and just spent a week scouting out factories. What I saw impressed me. Vietnam is more expensive that China but the quality of labour force is higher and they pride themselves on attention to detail. It will be 3-5 years before they challenge China on high end electronic manufacture but with the Intel factory being built and Hon Hai setting up there the snowball is just starting to roll down the hill. This visa nonsense will just speed up the process as publically listed companies currently manufacturing everything in China MUST now look for a Plan B to lower their political risk. The impact to China will be limited for years but billions of dollars of investment that would have been spent in China is not now going to happen and Vietnam will emerge as a rival in juicy, high margin business much faster than would otherwise be the case.
May 10, 2008 10:13pm
Next time one of these so called business leaders makes an appeal to foreign business people to support China, I'll say sure - PLEASE TAKE A NUMBER and HERE'S A LINK TO OUR WEBSITE which has contradictory information.
Jun 25, 2008 3:42am ET

If we were to wait for our Hong Kong Government Officials to seriously go to bat for us who are so badly impacted by this ridiculous China Visa Policy, we'd may as well wait till the "cows come home". Have we not noticed that all Senior Government Officials DO NOT hold foreign passports? This dliemma that we now face is obviously not a concern for any of them personally so why risk alienating Central Government and perhaps lose their rich and cushy jobs? This may be a real issue for us to ask for full democaracy in Hong Kong so that these officials will serve the people of Hong Kong and NOT some bureaucrats in motherland.
Greek Guy in Hong Kong
Jul 24, 2008 11:15pm ET

No need for normal things in China, especially Visas, China is ruled by Chinese and as such they wake up in the morning and decide on some ridiculous nonsense and still think they can make money out of us foreigners. I decidd to shift all my business to Vietnam and let the Chiense enjoy themselves

Friday, August 29, 2008


Its enough now with the "OLYMPICS".
Therefore all the elements like medal table etc. are removed. Later you will get the "best of the best" comments on the poll comment site.
Cheers - and enjoy some music to headstart into your weekend !
Mr Buddy Rich is coming up with another "olympic discipline": cooking the drums 1970 - it is to doubt China could get a gold in this dicipline:

And here 17 years later the same Mr. Buddy Rich. Introduced by Frank Sinatra. One of the last performances of Mr. Rich - be assured he was a real master !


say bye bye to the voting now - do it now or never:

Sunday, August 24, 2008


the GAMES are over - here THE VISA MAN special medals:

GOLD: To all chinese athlets winning and cashing in a lot of RMB which was surely not any motivation.

SILVER: To the athlets taking at least some of the GOLD away.

BRONZE: To the closing ceremony - dull and boring far beyond what was the opening ceremony.

The special medal: RUSTY IRON for the visa policies of the "relevant departments - destroying many business.

The super special medal: STINKY TOFU for the HK SAR not having the guts to open the mouth against the very very unreasonable visa policies.

Did Jimmy Page at the closing ceremony really play or was it playback ? At least here you can see him really play (this was already posted once - but it is worth to be posted again): IMMIGRANT SONG by the Zeps in the early days:

Friday, August 22, 2008

The "Games" are almost over.

Don't care who won what ever many medals - it is a success for China - they could show up - Congratulations !

Was there any business man posing a "threat to the environment" ?
Was there any business man wearing some "suspicious" t-shirts ?
Can some of the "relevant authorities" let us know how the "china visa" problem will improve asap ?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So we all want to be Gary Glitter now - according to the TELEGRAPH - please read this:
He will apply for a tourist visa at Hong Kong airport, which can be issued in under six hours and will allow him to travel across China.
Thats maybe a little bit very much wishful thinking. The TELEGRAPH should know that this is not that easy.
You arrive in HK and then get a tourist visa to travel across China within six hours .........Please tell me how this is working.
Here the full story:
Besides this it was heard already that "Hong Kong dont want to take him". So we will read a lot the next days of some Mr Gadd maybe stuck at HK Airport and his "magical 6 hours china visa application". Maybe he want to watch the closing party in Beijing ?
Maybe his captain talking to him now - will he be closer to home when arriving in HK ?
Please see the people in the audience ! This is GRAND FUNK RAILROAD 1971 at the SHEA STADIUM and this is here: 123-01 Roosevelt AvenueFlushing, New York 11368-1699

Monday, August 18, 2008


as no news on the "china visa problem" here voting first and then enjoy THE MAN MACHINE - somehow a little bit related to all the guys "doing" the OLYMPICS. Listen to the heavy synths - can you see them all jumping like little robots ?



Sunday, August 17, 2008


GOING FOR GOLD - the Beijing business is not that "golden":
And here from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China:
Press and Media Service Thu, 14 Aug 2008:
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on August 13, 2008:
Q: Why did the Chinese Government revoke the visa of Mr. Cheek, member of Team Darfur of the US, who was planning to hold demonstrations in China for the Darfur issue?
A: Granting visa is a sovereign affair of one country. According to relevant Chinese laws and previous practices of the Olympics and other large-scale international events, we have made appropriate arrangements on the issue of entry visas during the Olympics, with an aim to provide a safe environment for athletes and spectators from all over the world.

I not really care who wants to demonstrate against whatever - but the explanation in generally is somewhat very weak.
Even if this Mr. Cheek would have done a "demonstration" - for how long this would have been lasted ?
And how much this "demonstration" would have bothered the safe environment for athletes and spectators from all over the world ?
And what has this all to do with the many "appropriate arrangments" (visa refusals and non-existing F Visa) for thousands of business people coming to China on a regular base and not "planning any demonstrations" ? There was nothing appropriate at all....................................
Here see a night flight over a big city - but it is not Beijing or Shanghai or Hong Kong:
BLADE RUNNER to light up your Sunday..........................................................................

Thursday, August 14, 2008


yes everybody chasing the TABLE .....lets wait and see final results. At least the refusals for CHINA VISA APPLICATIONS IS GOLD MEDAL STATUS !
In the meantime contact the MEDAL TABLE on the right side. Voting here first and then see some rehearsal for the closing ceremony - secretly recorded in Beijing. Missy Elliot will def be part of the SHOW.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some more comments on China Visa, the Games + the Media

please read the link - it is a rather neutral and fair comment not hurting anybody's feelings - here the part regarding the "china visa policy - title of the story:
Are the Media Being too Mean to China?
Foreign guests are here, too, but fewer than Beijing had hoped for, thanks in part to self-defeating visa policies.)
Full link here - please enjoy:

Not Visa related



CHINA is busy to grab the medals and improve the security at tourist spots in Beijing to avoid guys runnig around with knives there. Surely chefs from local kitchens is an exception.
But it is only 3 days now - lets wait the end of the day and see who really grabs most of them. At least it is looking like it is really "China Games"....some "bad foreign press" is reporting the stadiums are half empty even if 100% was declared SOLD OUT.
So maybe some corrupt ticket dealers and their "suppliers" simply needed to draw back from selling - this could be one reason. Be sharp and clear:
There is a BLACK MARKET of tickets but in the cause of naivity of some "smart" chinese re-sellers maybe the deal did not work out like it was supposed to.
About "china visa news" there is not any news at all. Just waiting all this nightmare is over soon and the visa designers start to design a "new collection". Very much appreciate the creativity of this designers.
Here some delightment for people just want to enjoy something nice whatever race and whatever medal hunter you are !
SID VICIOUS - MY WAY (uncut version - a little bit violent but you need to stand it). SID will not apply for any china visa. He is the guy to really start a party - even in the most boring place.
So lets go !

Sunday, August 10, 2008

To make sure the environment is safe........

this was one of the reasons of the massive visa denials over the last months:
July 2nd 2008 - Mr. Wei Wei:
Security of the Olympics is a "top priority", Wei said. "To keep dangerous forces outside the country and ensure a safe environment for athletes and visitors is the responsibility of the Chinese government."
One question:
Where was the security at the DRUM TOWER today ?
How comes one single person is able to stab 3 people and nobody (including existing or non-existing security at this place) could stop him ?
Very sorry about this terrible incident and sending deep condolence to the family and friends of
Mr. Bachman.
Please also read this:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Smooth sailing

on the opening party.
No foreigners have been a "threat to the environment" - yes, Mr Bush was there and some other foreigners. Where was Mr Wen ? He was not visible there ........only Mr Hu and Mr Rogge and the old guy from the IOC with his wife looking a little bit like Paris Hilton will look like in 45 years......
Get a GONG for the weekend !

Friday, August 8, 2008


How comes:
4 guys on tourist L-Visa climbing up at 6.00 am yesterday some lamp-posts and setting up their banners ?
How comes:
2 days in a row some "religious protesters" creating a mess at the Tiananmen Square ?
My personal opinion on this "accidents" is not important and will not be mentioned.
Total failure of the China "inteligence service" - and you can be assured all of this guys were travelling on L-Visa and almost no "china visa history" at all.
And this is exactly the point of the problem: A "programmed, robot like" visa procedure - anybody showing up with the correct documents will get at least a L-Visa - no background check on "visa history" or "china record".
As we business people travelling many years with correct F-Visa have been dumped down to L-Visa since more than 4 months - this is exactly why all this can happen and this is exactly why this "new china visa" regulation is a 100% failure ! Cheers to the designers of the visa policy.

Greetings to first time visitors from:
Jerusalem (Israel), Montevideo (Uruguay), Mato Grosso do Sul Fortaleza (Brazil), Ulaanbaator (Mongolia) + Albuquerque (New Mexico) - welcome all !
Thanks for reading - send it to your friends where ever they are.

To give you some honey - here a very old one - but sweet and as naive as the "china visa designers":

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some comments........

Please if you send a comment and even if not really related to the post on top of the page - post it there, not somewhere 18 posts below. Is a hassle to find them. No time. There was 1 post today asking to put a link to the blog-roll - please comment / send again at this post.

And then here some thoughts about the Olympics starting:
1) It is the host country right to be proud and happy to have them !
2) According to pt 1) we all should respect this a little bit more.
3) It seems shallow that now many are complaining about this & that.
China is China, the same as USA is USA, for example.
Do you think Mr Bush or Mr Obama would listen to this ?
4) People from Europe have been calling me. People never been to China and they are asking:"Why is there so many bad and ironic comments in the media ?"
5) Regarding the "new china visa regulations":
I am still 100% convinced that the department implementing this have done a terrible & big mistake.
6) Final comment:

No more posting

for the next days.
Only if really very, very important and groundbreaking "china visa news" coming up, there will be a post here.
All related news please find in the right hand "blog-roll" and in the news reel: On the top part of the page and a bigger one at the end of the page. And as the NEONLIGHTS switched on in Beijing some hours ago by Senor Coconut - enjoy the original by the one and only KRAFTWERK with the english / german version - is there anything better ?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not so much going on.........

it seems all are waiting now for the "big show" to begin finally in Beijing.
Quite strange the last days about the "ticket scam" and so many people been cheated.
China is able to stop 1,000's of people coming into the country, but it seems such a website selling fake tickets or better just grabbing the money and give nothing "nobody" is able to stop.
It is said the IOC knew already some time about it. Only today the page has disappeared.
Today visitors from Novosibirsk + Bueno Aires on this page.
As the night comes, here some NEONLIGHTS by Senor Coconut covers Kraftwerk:

Saturday, August 2, 2008


excerpts from the official BEIJING 2008 song - maybe you learn the phrases below in mandarin and then try to impress the "visa officer" when you doing your next visa application:

我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你 The door to our home is always open, and we wait for you with open arms

不管远近都是客人 请不用客气 No matter how far you have come, everyone is a guest, please make yourself at home

陌生熟悉都是客人 请不用拘礼 Friends and strangers are all welcome guests, please enjoy your stay

第几次来没关系 有太多话题 It makes no difference how many times you have visited, we have much to share

Isn't like this ? Maybe not for you as you are probably a "threat to the environment" or you belong to some "dangerous forces" - or you are a member of READERS DIGEST or you have some disease which is not very much welcomed.............Somehow, somewhat you are welcomed even your visa application has failed ! At least the SONG is saying this ............
If this is all not working maybe you play this song to the "visa officer" - be assured he will def kick you out - because he will not understand it:
Liaisons Dangereuses.......

Friday, August 1, 2008


tired of always having not very good news - taking a rest. Read most of the news in the reel on the top and bottom of the page + see all the blog rolls on the right side.
Just enjoy some music here. Yes ! Music again. What has this to do with the "china visa" regulations ? As much nothing as we are a "threat to the chinese environment" or "dangerous forces".
But at least the music is much nicer as all this kind of "strange accusations":