Saturday, December 25, 2010


to everybody out there ! Not so much time for posting recently - but more will come up later. Enjoy some holidays - thank you very much for reading.
Here found another version of "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"played on a Tenori-On

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Look at all the dead bastards... Nice ! WIKILEAKS

Some video here - now these days it is all about WIKILEAKS and if this is right or wrong. You watch the video and then maybe think twice about the BIG BROTHER USA - was it right to kill this people ? Is it wrong to show this to the WORLD ? It seems it is hard to digest the truth for many of the world leaders. Now WIKILEAKS is in big shit - paypal is blocked - actually since hours you cannot go to their site ! Assange is sooner or later to be arrested or killed by some CIA agents or a secret "Jack Bauer"like 24............And how comes all this documents could "leak" - is this another CIA trick ? We give you some minor shit - but the real mess you will not get trustworthy this makes a SUPER POWER like the USA ?
My personal opinion: We need many more WIKILEAKS !
The video is here - I won't comment - get your own impression and especially listen carefully the nice talking on the radio.