Monday, June 30, 2008


After 3 month being hit by the new "china visa regulations" here a short "china visa guideline" for "L & F visa":
1) Do not be a terrorist, do not be a tibet activist or a torch relay protester (if YOU are one of this: China intelligence anyhow will know YOU and you will not get a visa at ALL - so whats all this mess about the rest of us ????).
Better be not a member of any activist group like Amnesty, Bertelsmann Book Club, Amway or any forbidden religious community.
2) Do not be AIDS positive (or have any mental disease), do not have a criminal record or ever have been refused a CHINA VISA. But this is all normal visa conditions - right ?

L-VISA (Tourist Visa)
Travel schedule needed (tickets in & out of China) + hotel booking. Normally no problem as 95% of all real tourists get this handled by their travel agents in their HOME COUNTRY.
For real Tourists the new China Visa regulations should be not a problem at all, as long as they do not belong to the groups see GENERAL RULES.
Make sure you are able to have a "bank-statement at hand showing a minimum of USD 100 / day for the period of your whole visa validity. Or show CASH (USD 100 / day for your visa validity - do not forget CHINA loves your CASH (more than anything else of YOU). And if the rules would be followed strictly: You should provide a certification letter by the "China tourist department" (according to the "Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens" - Approved by the State Council on December 3, 1986, and Promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 27, 1986).
But it seems no need for this - otherwise no more tourists will come to China soon, as this paper most probably is simply not available / existing.

F-VISA (Business Visa)
This visa is only existing in passports still holding valid F-Visa.

If you "want to try" to apply a F-Visa be aware of following:
a) Supply travel schedule + in & outbound air-ticket + hotel reservations.
b) Have an original "Visa Notification Form" issued by authorized Foreign Affairs Office or Bureau of Commerce" (+ additional documents - for example the registration of your company on the mainland ???)
c) On top of this (not sure if this is really true or only a rumour): the last "Visa Notification Form" (original) which was used to issue your previous F-Visa.

And if point c) really is the truth: No need to think anymore about any F Visa for you for the time being:
Because this is 99.9% impossible. Nobody (!) holding a 6 month F-Visa for example issued in January 2008 will be able to supply this original "Visa Notification Form" which granted this visa.

What is the real problem here for the "Central Government" ? To kick out illegal business people doing business on base of a L or F visa, because they do not have the correct registration certificates (Rep office registration or WOFE / JV) to obtain a real "Z-Visa" ?
They were doing like this the last 10 years or longer - just to remind you & it was accepted because it brought a lot of business for ALL !
One point here:
Why HK registered offices placing export orders to China factories do need a registered office in China ? This is not necessary - and sorry Mr Customs Man you need to understand that we should be able to go to this suppliers to see if they do the job correct or not: Because it is our money, our customers & our reputation we need to protect ! And finally it is for the good sake of the mainland suppliers themselves, because we will protect them, not to ship out RUBBISH ("sub standard goods").

There would be a very easy way for the chinese immigration to filter out which visa holder maybe is "abusing" the multiple F-Visa or not:
1) F-Visa 6 months with only 1 entry at the beginning of the validity and one exit close to the expiry date: This visa holder simply permanently stays in China with the F-Visa. It is possible that this visa - holder is doing some business in the mainland, he normally would need a Z-Visa for. But cannot get a "Z-Visa", because of lack of proper registration certificates etc.
2) F-Visa 6 months with many entries + exits from and back to HK because the holder is a HK resident and is surely not permanently staying on the mainland and also have not a "base" there like illegal office / appartment etc.

So, why do we have to suffer this non-sense regulation ? Can anybody answer this ?
Not acceptable is the standard answer: "Because of the Olympics...............".

Here is IGGY sending the "best regards" to all of you working for the "ONE WORLD ONE DREAM" - Dream and destroying many people's business & livelihoods (also many of YOUR OWN people's business ) - Iggy is spitting again at 1.39 - enjoy DIRT !

Sunday, June 29, 2008

UK: China doubles the price of its tourist visas ahead of Olympics

please read here - not clear if this is only valid for UK as they have "outsourced" the visa applications in UK to some "private" provider or whatever:
Besides this following: Starting from July 20th all air-cargo from Beijing will be "disrupted" at least for the "olympic period". This is some not confirmed rumour - but it is said that the air cargo terminal will be closed during that period.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


def not in Beijing for the time being + def not for any visa applications.
Iggy cheers up to all of YOU !
Why are you putting MUSIC here on this blog ? Why not ?
Maybe some noise will wake up some "sleeping pills" somewhere ! More to come - dont worry.......

Friday, June 27, 2008


writes following in the blog....the whole story please find in the side-bar of this blog (I feel free just to copy a small part of this post here - thank you Shanghaiist):
How much are Beijing's Olympic security measures costing China ?
China's heightened security measures are causing many others to worry, too. Judging from businesses across the country this summer, visa restrictions are in danger of preventing the economic windfall that many anticipated the Olympics would bring. Hotels and restaurants in many of China’s cities have reported the worst business in years. "Business has never been so bad," Ma Yi, the manager of a restaurant in Yiwu, told the LA Times on Monday. Information from the Beijing Tourist Bureau obtained by the New York Times on Tuesday stated that only 44 percent of the rooms in four star hotels and 77 percent of five-star hotel rooms are booked. Other forms of housing are suffering too: Peking Duck’s Richard says that in the past few weeks, the prices of Beijing apartments on Craigslist have been experiencing "something akin to a meltdown." The Associated Press wonders if it’s not only China’s security restrictions and limited Olympic tickets that are keeping potential tourists from visiting: many foreigners could be put off because the government seems more concerned with keeping them out than welcoming them to the Games.
The Summer Games were predicted to bring 500,000 visitors and an extra $4.5 billion in revenue to Beijing, United Press International attests. But in recent weeks, the New York Times’ David Barboza notes, Beijing appears to be "less concerned about hosting a global party and more concerned with making sure no one spoils it." As James Fallows notes, the problem goes deeper. In its long-awaited moment of glory, China seems to be sabotaging itself. Fallows cites the crackdown on visa-issuance and foreign journalists, combined with the increased presence of the "Hand of the State" in Beijing, as measures that are undermining China’s goal of glory and world prestige. Perhaps "no one in a position to make these decisions understands how they’ll look to foreign eyes," Fallows hypothesizes. Or, he continues, maybe those in power have decided to sacrifice good PR for airtight control. Regardless of their intent, how much are Beijing's Olympic security measures costing China?
Any "responsible decision - makers" in the Central Government now slowly finding out what a wrong decision it was to adjust the visa regulations in this 'draconic' way ?
It was a wrong decision to do it the way they are doing it - there should be a more balanced & 'fine-tuned' regulation.
Link here for the complete article:
It is also worth to study the links in above post - very good one the one by James Fallows.


Cabaret Voltaire helping to nag
- to our HK SAR Government for doing nothing
- to the local HK press for doing nothing
- to Mr Howard Young who found all this visa restrictions "understandable"
- to the "Central Government" for this non-sense visa policy

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fengshen - No China Visa ?

Comment of the day by Spike:
"Fengshen had to change course when it couldn't get a visa for China.
6/25/2008 9:46 AM"

It seems now Fengshen got a "single entry" to Guangdong. Only wonder how the hotel booking and return ticket issue was handled.

Koreans hit ...and next is Japanese + Singaporeans

please read this below.
Do not forget starting from 1st of July: Japanese + Singaporeans also need a VISA - the 2 weeks visa free period is suspended until further notice:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The "boomerang" of the china visa rules starts to fly at increasing speed - read this from "THE NEW YORK TIMES":
Directly hurt by this: Mainland business !
Be assured more non-sense is in the pipeline - for example: Un-installing all doors in Beijings public toilets in certain areas.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you still have your original VISA NOTIFICATION LETTER ?

Please see following info from the "German Chamber of Commerce" - update 20.06.2008 - this is only the most important part:
Information regarding Chinese visa regulations
UPDATE June 20, 2008 (see red type)
As the German Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing periodically receives information regarding the new visa application process, we stand ready to share any and all such information with our membership. Please contact us. We must however note, that the Chamber is not in a position to guarantee that the information provided is in agreement with the latest requirements, as these are subject to frequent updates.
F-Visa (Business Visa)
- Plane tickets for both the outbound and return flights (E-tickets with the ticket number are also
accepted, but in both cases the original ticket is more likely to be accepted than photocopies)
- Hotel reservation in China; must include complete name (as displayed in passport) of each traveler
(original reservation and a copy are usually required, in some cases though the copy is enough)
- Invitation (original and copy) for a business visa from the responsible ministry, provincial
government, or companies and institutions of the P.R. of China with the necessary authority to issue invitations.
To renew or extend an F-Visa the original invitation which was used to obtain the visa must be presented. There might also be the additional requirement that the applicant work for a company with a certain minimum registered capital. Please note that at this point it is unclear exactly what the required minimum will be.
Full link is here:
What is written there in RED will be almost impossible for most of the (still existing) F-Visa holders - Cheers ! If you don't know why - just sit back, relax & think about it for a minute or two.
Very "creative" department somewhere there in the "Central Government".
It is sad, ridiculous + very much annoying !


read this and see how the regulations hurt business - also the chinese people business (Yi Wu is below Hangzhou):,0,3521700.story

Sunday, June 22, 2008

SUNDAY MORNING POST about "China Visa problems"

even hurting the world's "oldest profession" - here the filippino "freelancers" (means hookers) in Wan Chai. They only get a 2 week tourist visa once coming to HK and then usually were going to Shenzhen for a couple of days and then back to get the next 2 weeks. As the Philippines is on the list of 33 countries need to apply China visa "at home" this "loop hole" is not existing anymore. So they need to try now back and forth via Macao - as this seems too troublesome for many of them, they simply left. SCMP says then Singapore is better for them ! Thats okay - sorry for them surely they also are affected by this visa rules - business is business. But the article is somewhat disturbing:
Not any word is mentioned about the real problem at all - about all the Chambers of Commerce of different EU countries + US trying to interfere and find solutions with the "Central Government" for the many "gweilos" (foreign passport holders with permanent HK ID card for example) to come back to a better handling of this visa regulations.
NOT ANY WORD about what the HKSAR Government was or is doing - besides copying meaningless statements issued by the Commissioners Office or some FOREIGN MINISTRY spokesman / woman. Come on guys - you think we are really that DUMB ?
Also this article gives the impression, especially for people not familiar with the whole "visa problem", that there is some good effects by this visa policy. Yes, if you guys think it is so important to get the Filippino hookers out with this - congratulations. This is just a side effect - and surely good for the many local hookers - boosting the business for them. But this not really catches the real problem. Therefore (besides the facts that is seems really many of the filippinas were forced to leave) this article is totally misleading about the REAL "CHINA VISA PROBLEM".


new about the visa situation - only rumours that it is supposed to get more worse. Float into the weekend with CHEMICAL BROTHERS "Star Guitar"....perfect cut and sync !

Friday, June 20, 2008


HKSAR Secretary of Security Answer - it took almost 1 month to copy the parts out of the COMMISSIONERS WEBPAGE and some other press conference announcements - hard working HKSAR civil servants:
Dear Mr ............,
We are mindful of the wish of Hong Kong residents who are foreign nationals to have continued convenience when travelling to and from the Mainland for business activities and have conveyed the views of the Hong Kong business community to the Mainland authorities. According to the HKSAR Government's understanding, there is no change in China's opening up policy and foreigners are welcome. Mainland authorities has revealed that the current visa arrangements are conducive to creating a safe and comfortable environment for visitors on the Mainland. The Commissioner's Office of the Foreign Ministry in HKSAR has adopted all necessary measures to facilitate visa application of foreign nationals in Hong Kong. The multiple-entry visas are still available. Applicants are required to provide the Hong Kong ID card, an original Visa Notification Form issued by the relevant authorities, and supporting documents indicating business relations (such as business licenses, contracts, etc.). Applications will be considered case by case. Should you require further details of the application requirements, you may wish to seek their advice direct (e-mail : Thank you very much for your e-mail. Yours faithfully
This clip from 2 totally nuts Shanghainese dedicated to the above comment !

Thursday, June 19, 2008


speaking so many "hello" in "aliens language". Lets hope he will not be too dissapointed if there are less laowei coming because they cannot entry the country.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Message from Jarvis Cocker

nothing to add - this is the song to start your weekend !

Friday, June 13, 2008

URGENT NOTICE for China Visa Applications in Hong Kong

Following received from a reliable source:
Please be informed that there have been further changes to the visa issuance regulations at the P.R. China Visa Office in Hong Kong. The validity of a visa for travel to Beijing, Shenzhen and Zhuhai will be temporarily reduced to less than one month, subject to the discretion of individual China Visa Officers. This temporary policy would probably be in effect until the closing of the Beijing Olympic Games. There are no change to existing visa validity periods for China destinations / cities other than Beijing, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.
At least some NEWS - but it sounds like bad "china visa news" !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Improvisations & Interpretations + William S Burroughs for you

everything very flexible with China regulations - please also see the 2 comments in the post below. Here some excerpt from the real entry & exit law, which clearly says that we "aliens" have to provide this special letter from whatever "unit" if we want to "beg" for a multiple entry F visa.
Rules for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens
(Approved by the State Council on December 3, 1986, and Promulgated by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 27, 1986) These Rules are formulated in accordance with the stipulations in Article 33 of The Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens (hereinafter referred to as The Law on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens)

Article 6 The documents of certification as mentioned in Item (3) Article 5 of these Regulations, refer to:(1)those applying for the visa marked with "D" shall hold status-of-residence identification forms. To obtain such a form, the applicant may apply, or do so through his/her relatives in China, to the entry-exit controlling department under the public security bureau of the city or county where the applicant is to reside;(2) those applying for the visa marked with "Z" shall hold documents of certification issued by a Chinese unit indicating the engagement or employment, or hold letter(s) or telegram(s) sent by an authorized unit;(3) those applying for the visa marked with "X" shall hold documents of certification issued by a host institution or by a competent department; (4)those applying for the visa marked with "F" shall hold letter(s)or telegram(s) sent by an authorized unit;(5) those applying for the visa marked with "L", who come to China as tourists, shall hold certifying documents for reception issued by a Chinese tourist department;(6) those applying for the visa marked with "G" shall hold a valid visa issued by the country (or region) the applicant is going to. Only a through-ticket holder is exempt from the procedures for such visa application;(7) those applying for the visa marked with "C" shall produce relevant certificates according to agreement. Aliens who come to reside in China or to stay in China for more than one year shall, when applying for an entry visa, produce for examination a health certificate issued by a health department designated by the country the applicant resides in, or issued by a health department and attested by a notary office. The health certificate shall remain valid within a period of 6 months of its issuance.
See the comlete source here:
What is the point for the "L" visa ? - "the documents for reception issued by a Chinese tourist department" - this rule is not strictly followed until now. It is very important I guess that ALL tourists should provide this "document issued by a Chinese tourist department" as we also have to come up with "letter(s) or telegram(s) sent by an authorized unit". Dont forget this is from 1986 - maybe we need to show some kind of flexibility that suddenly somebody found this "rules for the implementation......" and having now a nice time doing some kind of freely improvised "jam session" on this. But the "L" visa rule in my opinion for the moment is handled much much too relaxed - to ensure a safe environment it is maybe really better that all the "L" visa applicants provide the "document issued by a Chinese tourist department". To make really sure that sooner or later really every thing is safe and secure for the foreigners who are welcomed to China for visiting, business + the Olympics. Cheers !
And as everything is all completely meaningless please enjoy WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS with his THANKSGIVING PRAYER.....related / not related to all of this ....its your choice -unfortunately there is no chinese version of this available.
Thanksgiving Prayer By: William S. Burroughs

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Is it this piece of paper to open you the door again ? Nobody is willing to tell us. I have sent factory admin staff in several provinces to check where they can get this piece of paper. They will try their best - but funnily one officer in a PSB office already told them "why your customer does not buy the visa at China Travel Service in Hong Kong" - it seems they know nothing outside there on the countryside.
To study this PAPER in a bigger format just click on it.
The "Secratary of HK Security Office" sending following message to me (on June 2nd) about how to get more info about where and with what we can get this "VISA NOTIFICATION LETTER":
Dear Mr. XXXXXX, I am authorised to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated 23 May 2008. We shall revert to you soon. Yours faithfully,
By the way - most far away visitor on this blog was from Bermuda.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


for all the HEROES.............
- in Sichuan
- in Beijing
- in the Commissioners Office in Wan Chai
- in the HK Government
- for all without "The China Visa" they had before

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Law is also existing in China........

guys you simply cannot WORK and STAY in China on a multiple F visa - for this you need a WORK VISA (Z). Is this so difficult ?
Because of this abusing the F visa, we now here in HK, who really need a multiple F visa (not for the purpose of living and illegally working in China), have to face this problem.
And because of the enormous "inflexibility" of the Central Government. Why the Central Government + the HK SAR Government cannot find a way to protect our interests and finally also the interests of thousands of suppliers on the mainland which are hurt by this very unreasonable measurements ?
Everybody knows that this visa policy is only 20% for the Olympics security.
Read below article and find out some ways how to avoid the PROBLEM (just marry a chinese ? This is not that easy for a foreigner - and is definitely not done in a few days !).
Later more entertainment will come up here as no real "china visa news" are in the pipeline.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


It is getting more & more absurd & bizarre - please read this and hopefully you are NOT an "alien" living / working in Beijing:
What about all the foreign companies who are sponsors for the Olympics in Beijing ?
Does their staff all have the "adequate educational qualifications" ?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


he did not get his visa application approved ? Is he angry and now singing the WIPEOUT BEAT for all of us ?
Let your fantasy fly and think what is all "wiped out" by this visa policy - some in good - but most in not good.
Alan will stay on top of the BLOG the next days until something better comes up !

Behave Laowai !

You can read about how a "foreigner" need to behave at the Olympics here. Also the link for the full chinese version - it is promised a translation into english will follow soon. English version only maybe not really enough - there should be at least a french, italian, german version - most of these nationals are not very good in English - and I doubt that all the japanese visitors can read the chinese version properly. Here the Xinhua version:
Here some of the rules by WSJ:
The Straits Times:
And here the full version behaviour guide in chinese:
Is there any clause about spitting in public ?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Olympic Family Members Can Enter into China Without Visa

here from the webpage of the EMBASSY OF THE PRC IN UK (28.05.2008):
"Non-Chinese members of the Olympic Family who hold the Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC) consistent with a valid passport can enter into China (including Hong Kong and Macao) from 00:01 hrs 8th July to 23:59 hrs 23rd September, 2008 without visa.
Non-Chinese members of the Paralympic Family who hold the Paralympic Identity and Accreditation Card consistent with a valid passport can enter into China (including Hong Kong and Macao) from 00:01 hrs 6th August to 23:59 hrs 16th October, 2008 without visa."
And then read this:
"LONDON, March 28, 2008 – As the BBC prepares to roll out the next phase in the relaunch of its internet service next week, it has been revealed that the police have been called in to investigate the suspected theft of the accreditation details of the 437 staff it is sending to the Beijing Olympics."
The link is here:
Todays question ? Maybe find out yourself.............