Saturday, April 30, 2011

Song for the weekend

As promised here your song for the weekend. Everybody worldwide was watching / looking at the sad & terrible things happend in Japan. This is a cover version of KRAFTWERK Radioactivity

Slow posting - sorry !

Dear readers,
very busy here - sorry for slow posting.
Some interesting things - just to touch shortly:
No news about Ai Wei Wei whereabouts.
Hong Kong will protect against mainland woman want to give birth here & crack down on so-called agents doing the business with whatever kind of fake dates etc. But private hospitals are still sacking in. The more the restrictions on the public hospitals the better the business for the private ones. Do not forget ASIAS WORLD CITY is the most greediest in the world !
Property prices still rising like crazy - same flat 14 month ago offered to me at HKD 5.1 Mio is now on the market foe HKD 7.2 Mio - is this luxury housing ? No ! If the neighbour takes his shower or the guy upstairs you can still hear that rushing sound - so this is worth HKD 7.2 Mio - llets have some serious doubts on this.
Have a nice weekend & let me see if I can find a nice song for you.