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On the way to China now.....

Dear readers - now I need to go 4 days to the mainland posting during that period ...sorry. Enjoy your week & see you again soon. Maybe I will come up with some photo from my trip. Thanks for reading my blog !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chinese Immigrant who Went the Wrong Way Insulted Hong Kong Immigration Officer

Click here to read on BADCANTO.

A video titled with “蛻變中的蝗蟲在深圳灣入境大堂對入境長官及所有香港人的羞辱” (a metamorphosing locust insulted immigration officer and all Hongkonger at Shenzhen Bay customs) was uploaded today and it has already became the hottest topic on Youtube and forums. The info of the original uploader says that the woman, who is a new immigrant of Hong Kong, didn’t have permit but she insisted to use the more convenient e-channel to cross the border. In the video, she insulted the immigration officer for not being able to understand Mandarin and implied that Cantonese is not a human language. She also said Hong Kong was nothing special even though she is a new immigrant of there.

And here some comments from viewers:

Comment from Youtube (original video)
hws209: Bit**: “Hong Kong is nothing special!”. Then move back to China, idiot
ZeroKong0213 : The immigration officer has backbone!
ohs : She is a new immigrant. Is this crazy? She is a Hongkonger but doesn’t use Cantonese.
andy1002: This is the core of (Hong Kong) core value. Spirit of Hong Kong.
lullyluk: If she thinks that Hong Kong has nothing special, then don’t apply to be a Hongkonger. There was no Mandarin education in the past. You can’t tell the officer to speak your language. He does nothing wrong. That’s a crazy Mainland Chinese woman.
kennethchoi58: Chinese have to speak Mandarin only?
jackyyip2002: Those useless government official make front line disciplined services suffer from the temper of Mainlander. Don’t need to give face to this government. It’s right to treat this kind of Mainlander harsher.
HKThomas2011: Speak Cantonese in Hong Kong area. Hongkonger speak Cantonese. Go back to country if don’t understand. Hongkonger is indeed nothing special. However, (we) are better than Mainland locust. They has no humanity, conscience…they don’t qualify to be human.
 charles198964: Just don’t give a sh**. Not only Hong Kong is “nothing special”, according to the thinking of many Mainland Chinese, “America is nothing special since China own billions of treasury bond.  Hongkonger still want the backup of Britain. Britain is in decline now. China should just stop providing Hong Kong electricity and water and let Hongkonger find their English daddy. No matter how rich Macao is, it’s still a small island. Taiwan is nothing special. It’s part of China. Japan is just a lapdog of America. The economy of Korea is weak and Korea is divided into half. The north of Korea is not a country at all. Besides, ancient Korea gave money to China for protection. ” The conclusion for (Mainland Chinese) is they are the smartest, greatest, biggest a**hole. If they want, they can own the world.
kyubihihana: Mandarin is everything? In Shanghai, Shanghaiese have rights to speak Shanghaiese. Beijing (people) have rights to speak Beijing dialect Mandarin. Hakka people have rights to speak Hakka. Hongkonger have rights to speak Cantonese. Don’t like Hong Kong? Go back to China. Don’t stay and complain.
lau928 : The knowledge that Chinese look down on Hongkonger is a common sense. Everybody knows. Now, it has developed that every Chinese can insult Hong Kong civil servants crazily in public even when they are at fault. Do you want to be “blood is thicker than water” with these “cousins”?
You want more ? Then read this from GEOEXPAT - JUST CLICK HERE !

Driving lesson by Kim Dotcom

As reported before there will be a scheme allowing mainland drivers to cruise into Hong Kong with their cars very soon. Almost everybody here in Hong Kong has some "objections"against this scheme because generally chinese driving is nuts, reckless & super dangerous. See a clip here from our good friend Kim Dotcom - this are good drivers, but dont show this to any mainlander - we must be afraid they try to COPY that. Enjoy that drive here:
And just as we all like the speed & nice cars here another one for you to enjoy:

Learm more about GUMBALL 3000 - CLICK HERE !

And here from WIKIPEDIA - look here - but dont show to chinese drivers:

Oh Donald - No.2

It seems just a few months before Donald is finishing his role as Hong Kong's CE all barriers get broken...first the Macao trip & now the mystery apartment in Shenzhen - 3 floors - more than 600 sqm big - how nice. But it is only rented Donald says - others say it was a "gift" from the developer (with the idea in mind that such a prominent tenant would attract more buyers). The whole / real truth we will never find out. A little bit disturbing is following: In his 2 terms Mr Donald Tsang was not even capable to address the housing problems / living conditions of the poorest people in Hong Kong. People living in cubicles 6 sqm size as a family of 3 and need to pay HKD 1,800 or more for that "shoebox" per month. The main intereting thing about that apartment is following:
Donald says he will only rent it for 3 years. The developer has put renovation efforts of around HKD 17 Million on that place. Sorry - please name me any developer who will do this for you in China. In China a new apartment means NAKED WALLS with nothing inside - normally the landlord (or the buyer/ owner)  need to do all the fixture like floor, kitchen, toilet, bathroom - simply everything.........So in this case the owner of this 3 floors is def. still the developer who is doing this for our Donald - not a landlord who already bought the flat from the developer - do you get the meaning. Sorry to say - that smells !
Here some more facts about that - just click here - this is from SHANGHAIIST:

Hong Kong chief Donald Tsang in the spotlight over Shenzhen retirement penthouse and Macau trip

Donald-Tsang.jpg Donald Tsang, just months away from finishing his term as Chief Executive of Hong Kong, is in the spotlight over a three-storey 6,500 sq ft penthouse in Shenzhen's Futian district.
The luxury apartment occupying the 35th, 36th and 37th floors of an apartment building inside the Donghai Garden compound, was to serve as retirement home for him and his wife.
"I have no ambitions for my post- retirement life and I have no plan to do anything," Tsang was quoted as saying in local papers.
"I will leave Hong Kong for a period of time immediately after leaving my post so that my successor can be free to implement [his or her] work ... I think such a move is necessary," Tsang added, praising his predecessor Tung Chee-Hwa for setting the standard in non-interference.
Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao cites two real-estate agents familiar with the situation who said the apartment -- which boasts of a dozen rooms and multiple toilets according to leaked floor plans -- was "a gift from the developer" to Tsang.
The agents added that the apartment could fetch approximately HK$50 million on the market and that the developer had already spent HK$17 million on renovation works alone. If the apartment were available on the market, its rental price could be as high as HK$100,000 (or 80,000 yuan).
When they attempted to make their way to the 36th floor to take pictures of the apartment, the journalists were immediately surrounded by 10 security guards from the complex, forced to delete some of the pictures on their camera, and then expelled from the grounds.
The developer of the complex is one tycoon by the name of Wong Cho-bau, who is a delegate of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference with extensive business interests in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
Tsang, whose term ends in June, has also been fighting accusations that he has breached the city's anti-bribery laws after pictures of him and his wife wining and dining with high rollers on a triple deck luxury boat were splashed in local media.
Tsang admitted he accepted the luxury yacht trip offered by a tycoon and joined in a banquet at a Macau casino resort, but said he paid his own way there "at market price".
Responding to media queries on his Shenzhen apartment last night, Tsang said, "I hope you will not always analyse issues from a negative conspiracy perspective. I'm very sad to see what is going on. And I'm very distressed, too. If this trend continues, Hong Kong will be constantly exhausted by internal strife."
In related news, Chief Executive hopeful CY Leung has submitted his nomination papers after receiving 293 nominations from the election committee.
In a new poll conducted by the South China Morning Post, Leung found favour with 63.9 per cent of the 506 respondents.
His main contender for the post, Henry Tang -- widely assumed to be the man backed by Beijing -- lagged behind at just 16 percent after he was dogged by rumours of marital infidelity and found to have illegally built a basement under his swimming pool in violation of the city's building codes.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post about Henry Tang + copy of his email !


Here the translation from GOOGLE:
The Sun and Oriental Daily News published in doubt, Mr Henry Tang, a woman coming and going of three erotic e-mail, Mr Henry Tang, to the second degree yesterday denied that the e-mail issued by him, are also excluded out, said he believes the scandal will be to. Developments to this, the word deliberately covered in the newspaper published in the e-mail content should also be "declassified". Completely obscure the word is actually "made ​​love" means "love" is the sentence "Since the last week after having sex with you, I love you deep, but also more determined to be with you. "

Twice does not deny sending e-mails

Newspaper this Sunday received the sources came the e-mail, the evening has sealed the e-mail the original and send pictures, Mr Henry Tang, campaign offices, the Office until late at night, but Tang responded to only one: the lack of feelings, Mr Henry Tang, has to be accountable, not will make any comment. ", Mr Henry Tang yesterday to attend the activities continue to adhere to not respond to e-mail he sent, only that it will not make any comments or additions. Before and after the two, Mr Tang did not deny that the e-mail issued by him.

Three e-mail, Mr Henry Tang, a total of dealings with each other involving sex content is the third letter, Mr Henry Tang, in mid-January 19, 2010 at 4:00 Lingba Reply Ms. email, call the woman again for the baby, claimed responsibility for her hobbies than the deep sea, "since the last week to have sex with you, I love you more determined to be with you." e-mail, Mr Tang stressed that understand their special circumstances, can not grasp everything, but willing to share ideas, and the woman would also like to take this path with her.

Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department - The truth about being "RICH" in Hong Kong

Here is the webpage for this department - just click here !

Interesting is following:

85,000 households live on an income of less than HK$ 2,000 a month.
130,000 households live on a monthly income between HK$ 2,000 - 4,000 a month.
More than 550,000 households have a monthly income of HK$ 40,000 or more.
The median monthly household income for the year 2011 was HK$ 20,500.

If you take the 2 groups 85,000 + 130,000 together and multiply by 4 persons per household we
will have a figure of at least 605,000 people in Hong Kong living with HK$ 4,000 or less each month.

Most probably that figure is much, much higher. Anybody here can tell me how to survive in Hong Kong with HK$ 4,000 a month (this is USD 514 or EU 405 or GBP 334) ? What place this people can
afford to call their home or at least to live in ? How many hungry mouth can be fed every day ? Look at the prices on the markets or in the supermarket ? What can they do for their children to get a proper education ? The "Kindergarten" for my son for example already cost almost HK$ 2,300 ......! Then no food for the rest of the month ?

- WHAT ELSE ? CHEATING EVERYWHERE - WHY NOT - THE GOOD EXAMPLE IS THE BIG BOSSES GRABBING OUR BUCKS EVERYDAY WITH NO MERCY: ParkNShop, Wellcome, Mannings, Watsons, Landlords, MTR, KMB, CLP, Towngas, HK Electric, Property Agencies, Tunnel providers.........something missing ? Oh yes BANKS & TELECOM companies !
Cheers - dont worry be happy !

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dotcom extradition hearing in August

and here the result for the date for Dotcoms extradition hearing - it will be only in 6 months !

Some of his bail conditions: He is not allowed to use the internet (thats bad............) & helicopters are not allowed to go to the place he is staying at..........

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Now Free on Bail Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Now Free on Bail

This from Yahoo - News !

A New Zealand court has granted bail to Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site Megaupload. Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz, was arrested last month on many charges stemming from the operation of Megaupload, which was shut down by legal authorities (including the FBI) for encouraging piracy.
According to New Zealand's 3News, a district court judge Nevin Dawson said Dotcom wasn't a flight risk and had "every reason to stay" in the country. Prosecutors pointed out that Dotcom was a wealthy man with the resources to escape the country. However, authorities froze Dotcom's assets and seized his multiple passports when he was arrested, and the judge said the assumption was off base.

"The disposition that he is wealthy and must have more assets is not evidence," Judge Dawson said. "It would seem that he has every reason to stay (in New Zealand) to be with his family and to fight to keep his significant assets."

SEE ALSO: Megaupload Data Safe for Another Two Weeks

Dotcom is reported to be banned from using the Internet while on bail. Also on his forbidden list: helicopters. A date for his extradition hearing is expected to be set later today.
Another judge had previously denied Dotcom bail after New Zealand police arrested Dotcom with three others at his extravagant residence in January. The U.S. Department of Justice indicted seven people and two companies involved with the site for copyright infringement. A new indictment, filed Friday, adds another eight counts of fraud and violation of copyrights.

BONUS: The Strange and Epic Lifestyle of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

1. MegaRacer Domination Ends

Until recently, Kim Dotcom was the top Modern Warfare 3 player in the world. He even apparently posted a video to prove it. We imagine it's tough to maintain such a coveted position while being held in jail for multiple copyright violations.
This story originally published on Mashable here.

Ohhh Donald !

Maybe that was not so smart Donald - your short trip to Macao on the last weekend is sparking a lot of interest. Why ? Who where that people ? And so on and so on.
Here click for the chinese version.
Here a picture from the chinese version (Donald is the one in red):

And here the GOOGLE translation from chinese to english about that evening:
Mr Tsang defeated arena partyJuly this year the outgoing Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang seems to have forgotten the Chief Executive's identity also lazy reasonable image, Saturday and Sunday in the last-kai wife Selina secret "over the sea to Macau, during which actually appeared in a casino the reception activities group of Duting people, your interest Group human, nightclubs, practitioners, and over rivers and lakes associations shot banquets, gather together. Originally has been quietly seated in the main house seats, Mr Donald Tsang, has been Takeo standing next to the protection and exposes them to predators, a reporter found that "VIP" ie, cite machine video, see him used to the lens known "bad Zuo figured after a few minutes decided to "anchor" do not eat rice fled with his wife, ladies with Taiwan businessmen also soon follow, leaving an empty units. Related News Archive A2 ZhuanbanAs a Hong Kong Chief Executive should understand the weight identity, but Mr Donald Tsang, but there is no "job done". The eyewitness said, the known activities feast Lai Ying Chinese New Year Dinner Party opened a seat 80 guests over 800 people, a banquet hall was held in Macau City of Dreams resort, venue entrances and exits to the right casino .
Seat main house seats to the stage of beingIt is reported that Lai Ying year, held four such reception, casino customer, Duting people, stacked code earners, itinerant character are invited to attend the gallery off more foreign parolee, was also think of last night guests as well as Hong Kong Chief Executive and his wife, but could not see the Macau government officials and politicians.
Witnesses said the reception banquet half past eight p.m. open seats, low-key admission, Mr Donald Tsang and his wife and the main house seats seated audience the largest circumference Taiwan with the Taiwan, Hong Kong businessman Joseph Lau Luen-hung couples and businessmen Charles Ho.
Is a stage in the main house seats, which shows the status of sitting off in particular, he sat in the main house seats to the stage the most neutral position. See the scene, Mr Donald Tsang seated people coming and going, the General Assembly has also arranged for there are photographers, he was uneasy smile absent, sing on a front singer Elisa Chan Lingtai on weekdays will be chaotic beating applaud echoed this back also cents no response, until a reporter found him here and take pictures, episode of "Hong Kong Chief Executive fled in mind," opened in the theaters.
Whereabouts was brought to light hand block the lensMr Donald Tsang, suddenly see that the lens towards his very surprised, unknown whether he is a guilty conscience, but see every flash flash, his brow would wrinkle deep, and finally in the end You'll be tempted to lend a hand "of the Chief Executive intended to block the lens then the presence of staff signaled for help, and want people to stop shooting, but no one took any notice. Ms. twist crooked face the same stage, while others indicate, Mr Donald Tsang, behind the "macho" Jiujia, Joseph Lau Luen-hung sometimes eye Di, sometimes a show of hands to block the lens.
Panic to leave to leave a big empty tableKozo was brought to light, he seems more sit more cowardly Needless to five minutes after the flash suddenly push the stool stood up and said, deft pick up a big jacket on the back of a chair with the "macho" security said: "I Die go La!" Move even Selina surprise, no time to ask one more question, Mr Donald Tsang, has turned to leave, but Selina walked husband to go with women ". Every one of the main house sitting only tasted the food, Mr Donald Tsang, a couple less reasonable one in panic funeral escaped, boarded a black Mercedes to leave; the same stage have also fled the site free to a large Taiwan.
Far as I know, he and his wife staged fled in mind, a pedestrian was originally drove to the land of the old bridge across the fireworks Fulong New Street, and red wine club wine in Macau the southwest Hotel diagonally opposite the Po Backus Hospital belly and drink red wine, by the southwest of the hotel summoned shark fin and other food site, but I wonder if brought to light due to predators, worried about "bad Zo, food and wine can not, Mr Donald Tsang and other people drink it and enjoy eating, dinner, silent, a silence.


Some news about Kim Dotcom aka Kimm Schmitz

Not really any GOOD NEWS for Kim Dotcom. He is still in jail in NZ waiting further procedures. The chance that he can get out on bail doesn't look too good. Bail was already denied 2 times. Here a report from here - just click:

Prosecutors Add New Charges to Megaupload Indictment

Founder Kim Dotcom continues to sit in a New Zealand jail as prosecutors prepare to have him face charges for aiding a massive copyright infringement conspiracy.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Your Weekend Music !

No further comments - some old classics here - if you are smart you know them - the last one from Jimi is most important - has nothing lost in importance these days: See Syria - see other places..........

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh Henry ! Just go away.........

You see Henry, just today the german president Christian Wulff has resigned - only after 500 and some days in office. He also had some problems of taking advantage and so on. So you my dear Henry ? Why not stay in your wine cellar with your happy family and enjoy life. Why do you want to bother us to be the next CE of  Hong Kong - is this any good for the HK people ? Have you ever stayed several nights in a cubicle home in Shamshuipo (they have no wine cellar there !) ? Henry just give it up - you are no use for this position and you are no use for the Hong Kong people ! Be aware: This is no classification - it is also not clear what the other CE hopefuls are useful for Hong Kong.
Here some more news about our CE (not) hopeful - really he is going on our nerves - he even asked his wife to take the blame - here some more news:
The Undoing of Henry Tang PDFPrintE-mail
Written by Philip Bowring
Friday, 17 February 2012

The pesky press outside Henry's house
How did a shoe-in for Hong Kong Chief Executive turn himself into a laughing stock?
Many acquainted with Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang’s career and personality always thought him no more than a lazy, spoiled brat, an inherited billionaire nobody with nice smile thrust into high political office to represent the interests of his fellow tycoons.

To them it came as no surprise that, while occupying the number two position in the Hong Kong government, he had had illegally constructed a 2,000 square foot basement palace under his house in Kowloon Tong, an expensive low-rise district in the heart of overcrowded Kowloon.

Nor that having repeatedly lied about it he then sought to put the blame on his wife, the notional owner of the house. That was even though the one of its main features, according to a detailed design drawing obtained by one newspaper, was a wine cellar and “wine tasting room” catering to Tang’s own well-known love of fine wines. He implied the whole thing was somehow a present to his wife to make up for his serial infidelities.

The revelations surely mark the end of Tang’s bid to become next chief executive of Hong Kong through a selection process which climaxes in March. It also leaves Beijing seriously embarrassed. After all, he had been the lead candidate preferred, it was clear, by most though not all of the pro-Beijing groups in Hong Kong as well as most though not all Beijing officials.

It remains to be seen whether Tang withdraws his candidacy or makes way for another challenger to the now odds-on favorite, CY Leung, who has persistently been more popular with all except the small group who decide the small-circle election to the top post. Although Leung has long had close ties with the Communist Party’s Hong Kong surrogates, he is viewed as hostile to the property tycoons – despite his career as a surveyor – and is suspected by some democrats of being a closet authoritarian. He has never been elected to any post.

Shortly before the revelations about Tang’s basement, elements in the government had attempted to smear Leung by suggesting that he had not declared a conflict of interest with the Malaysian offshoot of his surveying firm when he was a judge in a competition for the design of the West Kowloon cultural area. This allegation has yet to be backed up by documents and the Malaysian architect for the (losing) design was quoted that he did not know Leung from “a bar of soap.”

The allegation was already beginning to boomerang on Tang when it was completely overshadowed by the basement building scandal. Illegal structures are a hot topic in Hong Kong. Most are small additions which may or may not raise building safety issues. But a few major ones carried out by well-placed people have come to light in recent years and increased demands for better and fairer enforcement of building codes. Given the price of property in Kowloon Tong, a 2,000 square foot space, even an underground one, would – if legal – be worth about HK$30 million.

The one unanswered question is why and how the illegal structure’s existence came to be revealed just at this moment. Could it have been a source within Beijing’s Liaison Office, which has its Kowloon branch opposite Tang’s houses – he and his wife own two adjacent and interconnected ones? Or someone from the office of the designer or contractor? A lot of workmen must have been involved in the project and one must assume that at least some visitors to the Tang homes would have been aware of its existence. But whatever the motive of the source – and two newspaper groups benefited from scoops about it – the timing of its release and Tang’s response must surely have killed his candidacy with some in his own Liberal Party, and many in the leftist pro-Beijing camp, who have been quickly distancing themselves from him.

There is one other candidate currently in the race, Democratic Party leader Albert Ho but he stands no chance given the composition of the electoral commission. So the question now is if Tang steps aside who, if anyone, from the pro-Beijing will step up to run against Leung?

Two names have been mentioned. One is former legislator Rita Fan who is quite popular with the public because of her kind-aunt image. She is liked for being seen as harmless and, unlike Leung, no threat to the established order. However Fan, another Shanghai tycoon’s daughter who was rapidly elevated from minor academic administrator, has no direct experience either of government or of running a business. She is already in her 67th year and has had cancer. She is also a woman, which probably does not appeal to Beijing.

The other possible is also a woman, Regina Ip a former top bureaucrat who is smart, ambitious and a popularly elected legislator. However despite a makeover of her hairstyle as well as politics she is still widely disliked for her effort in 2003 to ram through a sweeping law against “subversion” and making highly critical remarks about democracy. So strong was the public reaction that she had to be sacked from the government.

What is not known is who in Beijing is trying to pull which strings. The Tang candidacy was seen by some as illustrating the influence of the faction linked to former president Jiang Zemin in Hong Kong affairs. There are suggestions that leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping favours Leung as reflecting change and focus on some of the same issues as face the mainland – income distribution, housing costs, pollution.

However the Hong Kong tycoons have their friends too and Beijing has yet to fully grasp that being friendly to a business clique dominated by property interests is not in the interests of Hong Kong business at large and has become increasingly disliked by a public which overwhelmingly believes that collusion between government and big local business is a major reason for the income gaps and housing problems.

Leung’s critics suggest that he will move towards more dirigiste approach like Singapore, with growing government control over the economy. He certainly gives the impression of wanting the government to be pro-active. But given the domination of the domestic economy by cartels, and the current government’s lack of resolve in tackling the problems that it acknowledges, it makes change seem attractive to many, even if they do not know quite where change will lead.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Henry Tang - is this the man to be the CE for Hong Kong ?

Sorry to say after all that back & forth with this Mr Henry Tang & his home and he first did not know & then he knew but saying he denied to protect his wife.......sounds like the same as in Germany with the Mr Wulff - same problem here: It is not really what you did wrong (some stupid wine cellar & cinema studio) - but it matters how you handle this once the media is asking you about this. Just stepping forward and saying: I did wrong - like always this is not the chinese way - it must be somebody else.
In this case Mr Henry Tang's wife sacrificed - it is all her fault - he just wanted to protect her ...what a nice husband is that ...isn't it. Story here - and honestly speaking who wants that kind of guy to be the next CE of Hong Kong ?

Wine-Lover Tang Probed in Race for Hong Kong’s Top Job

Hong Kong chief executive hopeful Henry Tang is facing the biggest setback yet in his bid for the city’s top job following reports this week of major illegal modifications at his family home, spurring a media frenzy for more details even as he works hard to boost poll ratings a month before the elections.

A handful of mobile cranes on Thursday squeezed into a narrow street in the upscale Kowloon Tong neighborhood, lifting photographers and television crews for a bird’s eye view of the house, while other journalists climbed the stone walls for a better look inside. The highly unusual (and chaotic) scene underscores the level of public interest in Mr. Tang, who some academics and China watchers say is Beijing’s preferred candidate for Hong Kong’s next leader.

Television footage showed two glass panels at the bottom of the swimming pool, indicating the presence of a basement, which isn’t in the approved building plans for the house. A tabloid newspaper late Wednesday published a floorplan that purports to show a 2,400 square foot basement for the house featuring a large wine cellar, multipurpose theater and even a Japanese-style bath. It is worth noting that Mr. Tang is best known for his love of fine wines and a large wine collection. Though the government has said that officials had earlier inspected the property to find no illegal works, it plans to make follow-up checks on Thursday.

Mr. Tang, Hong Kong’s former number 2 official, has so far downplayed the reports, saying earlier that a storeroom was built beneath the swimming pool. He said late Wednesday he had “no recollection of seeing any floorplans” for the basement in reference to the tabloid article, and explained that his family members, not him, have been in charge of building the house, which was completed in 2007. Mr. Tang claims his family has not yet moved into the home, but he said he would consider allowing reporters to enter the house after the city’s building authorities inspect the property on Thursday.

Mr. Tang’s spokesman said Thursday he had no further comment until the government inspections are over.

The developments threaten to derail the 59-year-old’s campaign. The son of a successful textiles businessman, Mr. Tang continues to trail behind his opponent, former senior government advisor C.Y. Leung,in opinion poll ratings. Though the city’s leader is chosen only by a 1,200-member committee consisting mainly of people backed by Chinese authorities, public opinion nonetheless plays an important role in influencing China’s decisions for the city, given a population prone to frequent protests. The city has been promised popular elections for chief executive from 2017. Both Messrs Tang and Leung have long been groomed by China to eventually lead Hong Kong, so analysts say either candidate could ultimately get the central government’s blessing.

What is more, the leader of Hong Kong’s pro-business and Beijing-friendly Liberal Party, which has been giving its full support to Mr. Tang, said Thursday the party could reconsider its backing for the candidate amid this “credibility issue.”

Mr. Tang has for months been trying to build up support after admitting in October to having “flaws” in his married life, just weeks before he officially announced his candidacy. “I am very grateful for my wife’s understanding and forgiveness,” the father of four said at the time in a joint statement with his wife of 27 years.

To be sure, the problems involving illegal structures and modifications in Hong Kong are widespread, given high land prices and cumbersome regulations to make structural changes. A number of senior officials and tycoons have in recent months been found to have illegal building works, though the punishments for such infractions are light under current laws. The government has pledged to beef up oversight of such building works.

As such, Mr. Tang may just be required to demolish the structure and won’t likely face further legal troubles, but this will no doubt cast a shadow on his campaign, and his hopes to become Hong Kong’s next leader.

– Jeffrey Ng

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wukan elections !

Please read here - this is an interesting story in 2 ways.
1) There are some elections in a smal place in China !
2) The government (at least it seems) does not dare to interfere ! Why ?
     Because they maybe know how many things have been done WRONG by the government officials:
     Just click here for full story - and below the copy of that:
Wukan village voters elect representatives
Updated: 2012-02-13 08:06

(China Daily)

PrintMailLarge Medium Small

Turnout reported to exceed 80% as eligible residents cast secret ballot
WUKAN, Guangdong - More than 6,000 villagers of Wukan in South China's Guangdong province, who made headlines with a protest over illegal land use and other issues, voted for deputies on Saturday in the second round of democratic elections for new leadership.
The voting, presided over by an 11-member election committee chosen on Feb 1, lasted from 9 am to 3 pm at a village school.
Yang Semao, director of the election committee, said that 6,466 secret ballots were cast for group leaders and 6,475 were cast for villagers' representatives.
The election was held to select a team of 107 village representatives and seven group leaders.
The election results were announced late on Saturday. The outcome was that the number of village representatives was increased to 109, as two groups each had two candidates with an equal number of votes.
Yang said turnout exceeded 80 percent of the 7,923 villagers who registered to vote and the election results are therefore valid.
However, Saturday's voting failed to elect seven group leaders, as all the candidates got less than 50 percent of each group's votes.
Another election will be held to fill the seats of group leaders.
Wukan has about 12,000 villagers, 8,222 of whom are of legal age and therefore eligible to vote, though not all of them registered to vote.
Those who applied for group leader candidacy were required to get supporting signatures from at least 100 voters, while village representative candidates were required to get at least 50, according to local election procedures.
"This is to make sure the candidates are well-grounded and trusted by the villagers, and to ensure fairness in the upcoming village committee election," said Yang, director of the election committee.
Villager Lin Shuzhen, who is illiterate, asked her 16-year-old son to read the election instructions for her and fill out her ballot.
Volunteers also stood by to help other illiterate villagers fill out ballots.
"The voting process was smooth and orderly," said Lin Zulian, the village's Communist Party of China secretary. "The villagers took an active part in the voting, and they are more familiar with the procedures compared with the previous round of voting for election committee members on Feb 1."
Lin was appointed secretary after last year's protests.
Lin and the election committee will summon the new deputies to meetings to discuss election procedures for the new village committee.
"I hope the deputies who eventually stand out will all be capable people of integrity," said Huang Deping, a villager in his 50s. "I hope they will safeguard our rights and interests and help us manage our land well."
On Sept 21-22 last year, villagers in Wukan, which is administered by the city of Lufeng, began to protest against village authorities over issues related to land use, financing and the election of village officials, with large protests in the village on Nov 21 and 22.
The villagers gathered again on Dec 11 after Xue Jinbo, a man who was suspected of organizing the November demonstrations, died while in police custody.
Officials from a provincial work team in charge of handling the village's unrest conceded that the residents' major demands were reasonable and "some mistakes" had been made by local officials.
They also announced that last February's election of the former village leaders was invalid and new elections were to be organized.
The previous election drew complaints from the villagers, who complained that a list of candidates was never published and that some of the candidates were also election organizers, both of which go against local election laws and regulations.
According to this year's election procedures, the election committee will be dissolved after the new village committee is formed, although the deputies will continue to perform their duties.
Under the new village leadership, the deputies will attend village committee meetings, report the villagers' suggestions and complaints to the village committee and keep the villagers informed of decisions made at the deputies' meetings.

(China Daily 02/13/2012 page5)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ongoing issue - about the feelings between Hong Kong people & mainland people. Is it too much ? Is it too exaggerated ? I will not comment on this. Just listen to that song - if you are already for some time here in Hong Kong you know how to make up your mind about that:

About that pregnant mainland woman problem

See some video about some protests against that issue here:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From the news: First trial against middleman helping pregnant mainland woman give birth in Hong Kong

Here from the news - first trial against some so-called middleman (in this case it was a woman) of illegally bringing pregnant mainland mothers into Hong Kong for giving birth here & get the HK permanent residency for the new born. 10 months jail ! Is it enough ?


Soon they will come with their cars to Hong Kong !

Who ???? Mainland drivers in private cars. A new scheme starting soon - cross border driving.........
If you have ever been travelling by car in China either in a bigger city, on the countryside or on a highway, then you know why many Hong Kong people have BIG CONCERNS about that scheme - it is easy:
Most of the mainland drivers are driving like CRAZY ! See the information here:

Update here more from chinaSMACK - just click here & also enjoy the comments there !

It is time for queuing again - Part 3

Same place today at around 2.30 pm - big cleaning behind the queue. The line is still around 300 - 400 people. In front of the bank all the " buyers" standing trying to buy immediately from the people having received the maximum 2 packages. Prices are flying high. On HK Ebay they already have an asking price of around HKD 2,000 for the 100 Note (price at bank HKD 150). This morning in Tsuen Wan I saw an even bigger & longer queue - unfortunately no possibility to make a photo. That shows how many people are in urgently need of money here in HK for doing this kind of "business".

It is time for queuing again - Part 2

And here the same place this morning at around 11 am. Now divided into several blocks controlled by police & bank staff. Opposite of the bank the buyers standing & waiting for the people to sell what they were lining up for hours immediately. Approximately somewhat 800 - 1,000 people at that queue.


Whats the story for that long queue ?This - just click here:

Here the queue just around the corner of my office at around 7.00 pm last evening - means just an easy 10 - 12 hours lining up. When I walked by the row was at least 500 meters long - people equipped with blankets, hot tea, food etc etc - One interesting question: Is it allowed to smoke in the queue ?
So they want to buy that 100 YEARS BANK OF CHINA notes - most of them surely for re-selling.
Some old colleague recently said to me about Hong Kong people: Born greedy !
I will try to make some more photos when I go back to office tomorrow.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Your weekend music !

lets get used to some bizarre sounds for your weekend - just enjoy.

I love that chaotic Jefferson Airplane performances. Nothing you can get close to that nowadays. Yes, nowadays all is super perfect & under control of the MEGA STUDIOS & COMPANIES. Is it better - I prefer that old rough sound & behavior !

Here final for this weekend STEVE HILLAGE with a BEATLES cover from 1977 - enjoy:

Here something very long - it is a documentary about Robert Wyatt - former SOFT MACHINE and whatever - he is paralyzed after falling out of a window many, many years ago........please look at this - it is something essential.

Something personal - photos from my trip to Germany

I want to share this with you, my dear readers. It was the first time I was going home to my hometown in Germany in 8 years. Finally in  Munich we enjoyed a lot of activities - but it was very cold. Food is nice like always - especially the many sorts of bread & sausages, cold cut & cheese. Many kinds of that food you still cannot find in Hong Kong & surely not in China.
Here some pictures with a short description.
The hallway of my aunt holiday farm house in the bavarian alps near the famous Chiemsee. This house is very old, but nicely renovated & preserved some of the real nice historic parts more than 300 years old. The little person there walking straight to the staircase is my son. When I was young I have spent many summers in that house and the first thing when I entered the house I was heading to the staircase - because my room was upstairs. And so did my son, when he entered the house for the first time - never being there before.
A very cold morning in Munich at 7.30 am - sunrise - photo out from the balcony of my mother appartment.

Almost same view as the picture with the sunrise - but now late afternoon & it is freezing.
Another shot from the farm house: Some small library with famous, old history books & the complete range of "Meyers Konversations Lexikon" - more than 100 years old.
A typical winter food: "Blut & Leberwurst" (Blood & Liver sausage). Just heat up in hot water. Wait 10 minutes + serve with Sauerkraut + Beer ! Delicious - this is the bavarians HOT POT !
Another shot from the farm house: One room has a 300 year old "stuck ceiling" - it is protected by law as a historical memory (or similar). Isn't it nice ? Do we also not have enough of this kind of things in Hong Kong & China better to protect and not just demolish it for the sake of growth or the sake of some property tycoons ?

Last shot now: Again from the farm house hallway - a very old chair - somewhat almost 400 years old - I know that chair since I was a young boy.

So now I hope you enjoy that pictures - even this is all very far away from the meaning of the blog. But this is the nice thing - just mix up all & at least it is for your entertainment & for your good information. Thanks !

Visa to USA for Chinese Nationals........

...finally "somebody" somewhere found out how useful it could be to bring more chinese tourists to the USA. Because they have a certain buying power what is good for the US retail sector. So here at least some news about some relaxation for visa applications to go to the USA.
Please read here - this is from here:

US liberalises visa procedures for Chinese

PTI Feb 10, 2012, 05.40PM IST
BEIJING: The US has liberalised visa procedures for non-immigrant Chinese as it stepped up efforts to woo more tourists to help its ailing economy.
Starting next Monday, qualified non-immigrant Chinese applicants to the US can renew their visas without undergoing another interview if their visas expired less than 48 months ago.
The scheme was launched under a pilot programme announced yesterday by US Ambassador Gary Locke, state-run China Daily reported today.

US consular officers handled over a million visa applications from China in 2011, a 34% increase. The growth rate accelerated to 48% in the last three months of 2011.

Now almost 90% of non-immigrant applications from Chinese nationals are approved, Charles Bennett, minister- counsellor for consular affairs at the US embassy, said.

Chinese tourists to the US, on average, spend more than USD 6,000 per trip, compared with about USD 4,000 spent by all other international travellers, according to statistics from the US Department of Commerce.

More than 800,000 Chinese visitors contributed USD five billion to the US economy in 2010.

The new initiative includes B (temporary visitors for business and pleasure), C1 (transit), F (students), J (exchange visitors) and other categories, covering 95% of the total visas issued by the US embassy and consulates across China, according to Locke.

The previous policy only allowed an interview waiver within 12 months of the expiration date.

"We expect that this will benefit tens of thousands of applicants in China, saving them time and money, and making it easier for them to travel to the United States more frequently," Locke said.

On January 19, US President Barack Obama signed an executive order to significantly increase travel and tourism to the US, with the goal of increasing visa-processing capacity in China by up to 40% in 2012.

This goal, combined with previous measures announced by the US embassy to streamline the application process to allow Chinese applicants to be interviewed in a more efficient manner, is the country's latest effort to attract more visitors from emerging economies, such as China, to boost the ailing US economy, the report said.

"We find that once a country relaxes its visa policy for Chinese tourists, it usually produces immediate results in the growth of visitor numbers," Jiang Yiyi, director of China Tourism Academy's International Tourism Development Institute, said.

Locke, however, did not respond directly to a question on whether this initiative was aimed at boosting the US economy.

The pilot programme does not apply to first-time applicants.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Mysterious Visit in the US Consulate

Some rumours going on here - please click here:
Bo Xilai’s deputy visits US consulate, jeopardising his admission to the politburo
The powerful Chongqing Communist Party leader wants to become a member of the country’s most powerful institution. After a suspicious meeting with US diplomats, his right-hand man is arrested, threatening his rise to power.
Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Wang Lijun, the powerful right-hand man of Chongqing Communist Party secretary Bo Xilai, visited the US consulate in Chengdu on Monday where he stayed for the day. Afterwards, he was relieved of his duties and sent to Beijing on “stress leave”. China’s blogosphere has been abuzz ever since.

Chongqing Committee Secretary Bo Xilai heads a campaign for a “return to Maoism”. launched two years ago, the latter’s aim is to change the central government’s policies. In Chongqing, this has been accompanied by a Maoist revival. The Cultural Revolution has also found an echo in the actions of local security forces (in Wang’s hands until yesterday) with municipal guards exercising enormous discretionary power.

Both Washington and Beijing confirmed Wang’s consular visit. Equally, both sides refused to give any details about the visit or speculate about rumours that Wang sought political asylum.

"The meeting was scheduled.” US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. Vice-Mayor Wang “did visit the consulate and he later left the consulate of his own volition."

In Chongqing, the period in office of the two former allies remains a controversial issue among residents. As police chief, one resident said, he was successful in cracking down on crime but fundamental rights were ignored. Others suggest that Wang’s strong-arm tactics led Bo to get rid of him before the 18th General Congress of the Communist Party where he is expected to be raised to the politburo.

Bo’s political future and speculation about Wang’s visit to the US consulate have lit up China’s blogosphere. On (China’s version of Twitter), people are wondering why he met Us consular officials.

REUTERS is calling this a bizarre drama........please click here:

China's buffeted and ambitious Bo Xilai stays afloat

CHONGQING, China | Thu Feb 9, 2012 5:31am EST

(Reuters) - A bizarre consular drama in southwest China is just the latest to buffet Bo Xilai, the suave politician angling to join the Communist Party's inner circle, but on Thursday residents of the city he runs fancied his chances of surviving.

China's communist leaders like to keep political intrigue out of public sight and the feverish speculation about Bo's longtime ally and chief crime-fighter, Wang Lijun, would be enough to sink less skilled politicians.

The city of Chongqing said on Wednesday deputy mayor Wang had taken sick leave, fanning rumors that he had been purged and sought refuge at the U.S. consulate in nearby Chengdu. The U.S. State Department confirmed that Wang Lijun, visited the consulate, but said it was a "scheduled meeting."
The episode could still blot former commerce minister Bo's prospects of climbing into the party's Standing Committee, which makes key decisions, when a new lineup is settled late this year. But China's state-run papers stayed largely mute on Wang, suggesting official desire to cool speculation after an uproar online.
"I think Bo Xilai is a bit like the Chinese version of Newt Gingrich -- he's so battle-scarred that does this really add or take away from a guy who is controversial?" said Kerry Brown, head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, a London foreign policy institute, referring to the Republican aspirant to the White House.
"If he's known for being a controversial character, I don't think these things have a big impact," Brown said of Bo. "It may just as well work to his advantage."
In Chongqing, a sprawling municipality on the banks of the Yangtze River, residents said recent events had not changed their view of Bo, who has won public support and national attention for tackling crime gangs and pursuing a more egalitarian growth model.
Chinese citizens can't vote for their leaders. But an informal poll on the city's steep streets suggested it was too early to count out Bo, whose ill-concealed ambition and privileged background have attracted naysayers.
"From almost every perspective, Chongqing is better since Bo came," said Wu Jun, 25, when asked about Bo, a previous mayor of Dalian, a port city in eastern China.
"Look at Dalian too. When Bo was there, they also were developing well. So there is something to the man. I think a lot of people my age like him because he seems real," he said, adding that he wasn't concerned about the rumors swirling around Wang.
Bo Xilai's father, Bo Yibo, was a revolutionary comrade of Mao Zedong, making his son one of the "princelings" -- sons and daughters of the Communist Party's elite. Bo Xilai is reputed to have attacked his father in the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), when Mao urged youth to embrace radicalism.
Nowadays, Bo prefers sleek blue suits to Mao suits, and had his son, Bo Guagua, educated at an expensive English private school and Oxford University, where the younger Bo was linked to the Adam Smith Institute, a bulwark of pro-market ideas.
Photos of younger Bo partying hard at Oxford, which circulated widely on the Chinese internet, also do not help create an image of family dedication to tradition. The younger Bo has been spotted driving a expensive cars around Beijing.
The official Chongqing Daily heaped praise on Chongqing's anti-crime crackdown that Wang was instrumental in organizing, but it did not mention Wang.
"The evil criminals have been destroyed, the people are clapping and cheering. The fight against the evil forces has been fully affirmed by the superiors and the community," said the article, giving Bo prominent mention.
"Most people in Chongqing know about this news," said a clean-cut man in his late 50s who declined to give his name.
"If it is true, most of us find it very surprising. Only a few weeks ago Wang was in the papers for his contributions to fighting crime," he said, adding that the city was safer after Bo's anti-crime campaign.
On China's hugely popular "Weibo" microblog service, the rumors about Wang sparked enthusiastic debate, attracting more than 500,000 posts -- unusually free discussion in a country where censors quickly delete sensitive political online messages.
The search terms "Wang Lijun" and "Vacation-style treatment" ranked No.3 and No.4 on the list of most searched terms. Searches for "Bo Xilai" were blocked, but the names of senior leaders usually are.
Still, some microblog users managed to defy censors with oblique references to Bo, 62, who has advertised his hopes for a place in the central leadership through a campaign of "red" songs and culture extolling Mao's achievements.
"What great luck, if (we) allow these people who harbor ambition in their hearts and have red songs all over their mouths (to) gain power, the Chinese people will go back to the Cultural Revolution," said a user called "Music person Ma Jun."
The visit to the consulate was an "isolated incident" that had been resolved, Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said, adding that it would not affect a visit to the United States by Vice President Xi Jinping next week.
(Additional reporting by Sui-Lee Wee, Sabrina Mao and Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie and Don Durfee)