Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lets have Bob Marley a word ...........

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do not let her in again !

please read below - at least somebody is trying to complain about this lovely woman behaviour in HK - if this helps nobody knows - but she should not get away that easily - simply do not let her in here anymore:
Campaign to have Grace Mugabe banned from Hong Kong
Wednesday, 25 March 2009
First lady Grace Mugabe might have escaped an assault charge in Hong Kong, using diplomatic immunity, but now lawmakers and human rights activists in the territory are campaigning to have her banned from traveling there. In January this year Grace flew into a rage after British photographer Richard Jones took pictures of her as she left a plush hotel with a female friend and a bodyguard. With help from her bodyguard, who pinned the photographer to the ground, the first lady struck him repeatedly in the face, cutting him with her diamond encrusted ring.
The decision to grant diplomatic immunity to Grace has not gone down well with human rights activists now demanding a full explanation from the Department of Justice. Activist Law Yuk-kai told the government-run RTHK radio station that they wanted to know why Grace got immunity when she was on a private shopping trip and visiting her daughter, who is a student at a local university. Further enraging the activists are reports that the Mugabe’s bought a US$5 million mansion in the territory, when half of Zimbabwe faces near starvation. Mugabe denied the purchase, saying he was just a tenant in the house.Pro-democracy lawmaker Audrey Eu told the South China Morning Post newspaper that even though Grace, ‘has diplomatic immunity and cannot be arrested, at least we can refuse to let someone who has committed a crime in Hong Kong visit again.’ It remains unclear whether Grace requested the diplomatic immunity or if it was granted automatically. Hong Kong’s Department of Justice simply issued a statement saying, ‘we have ascertained that ... Grace Mugabe is not liable to arrest or detention and enjoys immunity from criminal jurisdiction.’Although Hong Kong is a self governing territory, matters relating to defence and foreign affairs are controlled by China.
SWRadio Africa
Still wonder about the Tai Po property of Mugabe - it seems some strong black guys living there to protect this place. How comes not any of the other owners there have any concerns about this kind of "neighbourhood" ?
Here some more footage about Mugabe - this time his birthday party:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little bit more about Mugabe

Here first some info from THE TIMES - approx 1 month old:
Mugabe's Home Away from Zimbabwe: Hong Kong?
By Ishaan Tharoor / Hong Kong Monday, Feb. 23, 2009
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the three-story villa inside Hong Kong's JC Castle that he reportedly bought
L. to R.: Alexander Joe / AFP / Getty; Bobby Yip / REuters
JC Castle is an unlikely home for a world dictator. Although posh and secluded, the compound's pale pink boxlike villas look altogether drab in this city of tycoons and high rollers. On Saturday, a few shirtless residents smoked cigarettes on balconies, clotheslines suspended from the railings. Potted plants unevenly line the estate's walls — behind them, perhaps, lies a vital part of the exit strategy of Robert Mugabe, the President of impoverished Zimbabwe.
Political High Tension in Zimbabwe
In recent months, Zimbabwe's octogenarian autocrat has watched as his country was ravaged, first by chronic food shortages, hyperinflation and political turmoil, and then by a cholera epidemic that continues unabated. Although Mugabe still locks up political opponents, most recently a deputy minister slated to be sworn into the new unity government, his rule has been weakened by a power-sharing agreement with an emboldened and entrenched opposition. His position is as insecure as it has ever been, and, if press reports this month are to believed, he and his confidantes are looking to Asia and to property at JC Castle — named for the action star Jackie Chan by the real estate group behind the residential development — for solace and safety. (See 10 things to do in Hong Kong.)
An exposé published last week in the London-based Sunday Times alleges that Mugabe and his wife Grace have amassed a string of investments through a shadowy network of partners in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, most likely with funds funneled out of Zimbabwe's coffers. Mugabe is reviled by many of his countrymen and much of the world for the corruption and cronyism of his regime, and extensive U.S. and European Union economic sanctions bar him and his associates from visiting or conducting financial affairs in the West. So the former champion of anticolonial revolution has over the years turned toward the wealthier climes of Southeast Asia, where he once could count on significant support and still does among private circles of businessmen and politicos.
Chief among his alleged Asian possessions is the $5.7 million house purchased last year in this remote development, perched beneath a hilly copse of trees in Hong Kong's verdant New Territories. An agitated guard stationed by JC Castle's iron-gated entrance told TIME there was no such house; she was contradicted by a superior who said its occupants had left strict instructions not to be disturbed by visitors. When two Sunday Times journalists approached the compound to photograph the villa last week, they were reportedly assaulted by three African guards and had to receive medical treatment. This attack followed another encounter last month, when Grace Mugabe and a bodyguard allegedly slapped and bruised a photographer tailing her around a ritzy Hong Kong mall. She left the city, a special administrative region of China, before investigators could make inquiries.
Grace Mugabe, four decades the President's junior, is accused by critics of extravagant spending sprees, with funds supposedly siphoned from Zimbabwe's state bank. According to the Sunday Times, she has spent tens of thousands of dollars on designer handbags and Vietnamese marble statues, and is supposedly speculating in a lucrative China-based diamond business. During stays in Hong Kong, according to local reports, Grace's entourage occupies two whole floors of some of the fanciest hotels. She was photographed in 2003 with 15 trolley loads of luxury goods while sitting in a first-class lounge in Singapore's airport. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe reportedly doled out $92,000 for her latest holiday, which began in Malaysia last month where the Mugabes are reputed to own a vacation home. An article in the Zimbabwe Times claims that the bank's governor, Gideon Gono, accompanied Grace on the trip.
While Hong Kong maintains strict rules against money laundering, the Mugabes, it appears, have established themselves here with little trouble. Bona Mugabe, the dictator's 20-year-old daughter, is allegedly enrolled at Hong Kong's City University. (Mugabe's relatives have been barred entry at schools in the West and Australia.) The Zimbabwe National Students Union, based in Harare, issued a petition on Feb. 15 demanding Bona's deportation back to Zimbabwe, so that she could resume her studies alongside her people. "The state of our education system is so deplorable," reads their statement, "that [Robert Mugabe] has seen it fit to trust the Chinese for the education of his daughter."
Pro-democracy legislators and human-rights activists are reviewing whether the Mugabe presence in Hong Kong can be challenged, but it remains unclear how much can be done to thwart a head of state who remains close to Beijing. "At the end of the day, Hong Kong has no power over its foreign dealings," says Law Yuk-Kai of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman told the Hong Kong–based South China Morning Post on Feb. 17 that Mugabe had the right to invest in Hong Kong real estate. "Hong Kong is a free port ... even Falun Gong practitioners can buy a property there," said the unnamed official. The connection between a marginalized religious sect and a tyrant in power for three decades may be tenuous, but, for Zimbabweans, half of whom face malnutrition, it must elicit the most cynical, if fleeting, of smiles.
If you want to become friend with Bona Mugabe just go to "Facebook" and find her here:
And if you want to see some more about the country they have ruined then maybe watch this:

And then watch this - be aware like always it is the "bad propaganda of the West" and surely nothing is true:

Monday, March 23, 2009


Please read (click on it) info from yesterday "SUNDAY POST":
Mrs. Mugabe has been granted "diplomatic immunity" in the case of beating a reporter on Jan 15th.
So this means every ugly dictator wife can come here to Hong Kong behave against the law and then just simply walk away without being charged ?
Will Mrs. Mugabe come back soon to enjoy some more shopping (and maybe some beating ........) ?
What will happen if somebody without "diplomatic immunity" will beat her in a revenche act ?
One more article about Mugabe and others and how they buy property here with "dirty money".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Looking for a new job ?

Then maybe the SCMP for the time being has not so much to offer. Remember the times the "CLASSIFIED POST" had seven or eight parts in the Saturday issue ? This times are gone right now. Today there are only 3 parts and they look like this:
Front page - 2 0r 3 head hunter advertisings
Page 3 Hotels & Catering + some PRIME positions
Page 4 - 11 Education Appointments
Back page some editorials called "Executive Insights"
Front page - headhunting + Financial controller + "AXA Wealth Management" + a lingerie producer looking for a "Cost Controller"
page 2 - 4 1/2 "Banking & Finance" (they still have some jobs - one is called ETHICS TRAINING PROGRAM MANAGER)
the other part of page 4 some "General Appointments"
Page 5 "Manufacturing, Merchandising & Purchasing Appointments": GAP, Betty Barclay (a german "brand"....), Mannings, Horwath headhunting already the second week for a General Manager, WELLCOME (Category Manager - Alcoholic -sounds good...) and a few more
page 6 + 7 "Property & Construction" + some "General Appointments"
page 8 'Sales & Marketing"
page 9 again "General Appointments" - wow here is a rather small ad with arather big pay (if it sounds too good..............):
"Quality Assurance Mgr to $95K" one requirement: "must be able to live & work in Shanghai...."
page 10 BARACK OBAMA - SCMP self advertising
page 11 - half page MTR ad + some other ones like: China Reporter for Lloyds List some kind of shipping gazette
back page: Some editorials again like "Mind your own business" or "Top campanies share winning formula"
Front page: Mainly "Michael Page headhunting" + one "leading multi-national property developer"
page 2 - 3 or 4: Engineering & Technology Supplement" + some "General Appointments" one company called "Gold Profits" looking for a General Manager.....
page 5 "China & Macau" + "Manufacturing ........" + "General Appointments"
page 6 - 10 " Government Appointments" you can find the "dream job" here for example"
a) Innovation and Technology Commission - Senior Manager (Corporate Communications) - HK$ 60,000 - 72,000 per month
b) Fire Services Department - Contract Telecommunications Manager HK$ 68,915 per month
then 1 more page "Sales & Marketing" + half page "Secretarial......." and then three or four pages filler with something else like ads for "Motors & Boats" or buying / renting property.
That is it: Happy job hunting !

Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to boost China's domestic consumption ?

Very easy, according to a clip in SCMP today:
" Rich people should spend more on private planes and yachts to boost domestic consumption, the Southern Metropolis Daily quoted CPPCC deputy chairman Li Jinhua as saying. Mr. Li, former National Audit Office administrator, said there were two effective ways to expand consumption: increasing the income of people in the low and medium-earning bracket, and encouraging rich people to spend. He said it was important the wealthy expanded their consumption."
It is most likely NOT to believe that any of the greedy & thrifty chinese company owners will increase the income of their staff - it will be rather the other way around - or just fire the staff.
About buying private planes & yachts ? Very good idea ! So how will this boost the domestic consumption ? Or was this just a joke ?
Most likely it seems some of the "important advisers" in the mainland government still do not know what extreme problems the chinese (normal) people will have to face because of the world wide slow - down.
Cheers...and lets hope some guys will buy some private planes...........

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Now you need to click the play button to hear & see this:

Rod the Mod in Hong Kong soon....

....please enjoy a special version of DO YA THINK I'M SEXY by Tiny Tim:

Update: Mugabe & Bouncing Eggs

Mr Mugabe had a nice birthday party and beside this is saying he is not owing any property in Hong Kong (Tai Po) - besides this no news about the attack against some reporters from the people who are living (protecting) the not owned property of Mr Mugabe. What about the other people living there in this Tai Po place they really want to have this kind of people in the neighbourhood ?
Also real eggs can bounce some source was saying after fake China eggs have been found in Macao ..really ? I tried and made an omelett afterwards - but quite difficult to remove all the broken pieces of the eggshell from the glibbber....