Monday, August 24, 2009

2 Things

Number 1)
About the since 9 months detained GOME big boss - once the richest man in China (or maybe still) - he can do his business out of his "prison cell" which is equipped with a flat screen tv (big size) with mobile telephone etc. Thats all because he named the names of the ones being involved in his "business".
So now ? Where is the justice here ? The China Government seems to have double standard.
Number 2)
There is the FRINGE CLUB in Hong Kong - in todays SUNDAY POST they are reporting about some dispute between the main tenant and some "Pottery Shop" hosted inside the FRINGE CLUB.
It is said in this report the FRINGE CLUB is rented out for HKD 1 per year.
Was this a typing error ?
If not I want to offer HKD 1,000 per year.
Can I have it ?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Friday, August 7, 2009

No more on MUGABE ? No Visa Body guards ?

After some time now it is very "quiet"about the Mugabe case.
What about the bodyguards "working"on a tourist visa without any "security license"- are they on holiday now ?
What about Bona Mugabe ?
She can go out shopping alone without her "bodyguards" ?
What about the other residents in this Tai Po property - do they feel comfortable with this kind of neighbourhood ?
And what about the "relevant departments" here in Hong Kong ?
For example the Immigration Department:
I cannot remember I have been pardoned during my time as a "non permanent" resident + applying / renew work permit every 2 years with such kind of "leisure treatment".......
Check the guys there in Tai Po - is it that difficult ?