Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is Everybody In ? The ceremony is about to begin...........

Just for your pleasure...................dedicated to the "Visa Designers":

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lets watch how this will change ......

here the copy from the webpage of "The Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong SAR" - this one is dated 2008-09-24 (1 month after the Olympics have been finished) - under "Additional information" you still can find this information:
1. Foreigners with Hong Kong (permanent) resident status
(1) Foreigners with Hong Kong permanent resident status can apply for “L” or “F” multiple visa valid for one to three years by providing personal Hong Kong Permanent Identification Card, as well as a copy of the said ID card.
Let's see a few weeks later from now if this will be still the same.
Then also see this one you can find under "Visa to China" (should it better be "Visa for China" ?) This one is just an amended text from last year - just deleted the phrase "welcome to visit the Olympics....." and it is still dated 2008/04/13:

Visa applicants are increasing in a large number and need longer waiting
time in the visa office recently. If you don't reside or work in Hong Kong
permanently, you are required to apply Chinese visafrom the Embassy
or Consulate-General of Peoples' Republic of China in yourresident
country. You are welcome to China for tourism, business and visit .
And finally this one without any date - just "for your info":
General information on Chinese visa
1. Applicants are advised to apply his/her Chinese visa from the Embassy or Consulate-General of Peoples’ Republic of China in the country where he/she resides or works permanently.
2. Applicants should be physically in Hong Kong during visa application except foreign business people residing presently in Taiwan.
3. Visa category, validity, number of entries and duration of each stay are issued at the discretion of the consular officers whose decisions are based strictly on relevant laws and regulations of PRC, and also on the identity and purpose of trip of applicant.
4. The consular officers are entitled to refuse any application inconsistent with relevant Chinese laws and regulations, as well as to change and/or revoke an issued visa without disclosure of the reason.
5. The contents in this enquiry system are for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice. The right to interpret is vested in the Consular Department of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Hong Kong SAR.
Cheers + have a happy anniversary of whatever ! I still remember the October 1st 1999 in Shanghai - this was the 50th anniversary (somewhat a better date then 60th - right ?). There was not any kind of this trouble as far as I remember. Foreigners (and our businesses - means MONEY) have been very welcome to China at this times..............


Click on the photo for full reading:
In this difficult times they are doing this again ? Do we have to say how stupid this is ?
One must have really big doubts about the ability / capability of some people
working in the Central Government. Like always Mrs Jiang Yu is not aware of "this".
Come on guys, not really any of us business people is interested to bother your "self celebration" around the 1st of October.
99% of all who need a F Visa need it for better reasons - for example to "stimulate your economy".
China that easily again is forgetting who is contributing the huge part to your national's economy success. Nothing more to say for the moment. Thank you !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

And again here...........

And here from the Shanghaiist dated 22.04.:
F Visas will be scarce during upcoming anniversary
The 60th Anniversary of the founding of Communist China isn't going to be a headache just because of the raucous celebrations (complete with fireworks that we're pretty sure would rival the Spring Festival) - it's also going to make getting F business visas a giant pain in the ass.
Resident amazing visa procurers Meshing Consultancy Service had this to say about the upcoming date:
Oct 2009 is our China 60 Years Liberation ceremony(very huge ceremony). The visa policy start to become tight again from now. According to that, right now, we can get 6 month F visa with maxmium 2 entries(you can leave and come back 2 times during the 6 month), multi-entries or 1 year F visa is not available, and the 6 month visa will only valid till the end of Sept.
Meaning: Good luck getting anything in that two week period in October. Magic, head of Meshing Consultancy, recommended applying for a 30 day L or F visa and waiting for the ceremony to finish before trying for your 6 month or one year F visa again. If you're unable to get that 30 day L or F extension here, you'll have to head to Hong Kong for it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More news on the "rumours" regarding the Visa.......

This one found on - I just copy the whole post. Please read and lets hope it will not come true - this would be very "uncomfortable" again.
It's still seven months off, but China travelers will want to take note of October 1 as a date that could bring an Olympic-style tightening of visa rules & regulations. Though it may prove mere rumor in the end, we've been informed by an in-the-know and well-placed source in China's travel and tourism industry that China's 60th birthday celebration will likely give rise to another round of visa difficulties for travelers. This is a year full of sensitive dates, of course, from the 50th anniversary of China's big move on Tibet--Beijing is calling it "Serf Liberation Day"; Tibetans the world over have a whole lot of other words for it--to the 20th anniversary of what the government refers to as an "incident" that took place here. And yes, it's true that those two anniversaries, the first of which just passed while the other is just about two months off, have yet to lead to tighter restrictions like we saw last summer. However, those two T-dates are ones Beijing wants to downplay. October 1st, on the other hand, figures to be a major media extravaganza rivaling the Olympic Opening Ceremonies for bombast and pageantry. You can bet that those in charge don't want any pesky foreign protesters scampering up buildings to drop banners--or do anything else that could disrupt things--while they orchestrate and execute a massive celebration of the October 1, 1949 founding of the People's Republic. So... we're thinking there could be something to the rumor. We hope not, but we'll keep on it and let you know whatever we can find out.Regardless, it's good to keep the date in mind. As our favorite visa expert Magic tells us, "normally, at every big ceremony, they'll tighten up the visa policy." You can always find the latest China visa updates in our popular China Passport & Visa Forum, where we tracked the complex and shifting ins & outs of the 2008 Beijing Olympics visa situation. You can also check out our recent aggregation of China visa news to get a handle on the current situation.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lo Wu Shopping mall warning !

Hope all is clear - and do not violate the law please !

Friday, April 17, 2009

China Visa problems again ?

Here a comment I have received right now ! Need some time to verify this - I am not sure if this is real. Comment was anonymous. If it is true, everybody better try immediately to apply a new multiple visa NOW. But really not sure if this is not a bogus info.
It would be very careless to suspend multiple entry visa again in the existing economic situation. I will try to find out more asap.
again Visa problems in China, there is no more multiple Visa available anymore, it seems for the 60th anniversary of national day in october. Enjoy!


Free water distributed at the Lo Wu train station. The name of the water is "TIBET SPRING".
As I was told it is only available there and some guy told me this is because that the people "learn something" about Tibet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just found out exactly one year ago on 6th of April opened this blog as some kind of forum against the new CHINA VISA RULES (just at this time 1 year ago). Surely any idea that a blog could change this kind of "decisions" would have been very naive - but it was a kind of "personal experiment just to see how a blog can work". Many things have happened - the rules have been relaxed very quickly after the OLYMPIC GAMES have been finished. Anyhow the effect of "the Games" was maybe not as strong as China's leadership was hoping......all is back to normal. Then there is some kind of crisis which maybe China will remember much more than the "Olympic Games" last year. Now the blog title is not 100% accurate anymore - I think it doesn't matter - you suddenly can find different things here - more music than before - other topics also focussed on Hong Kong more than on mainland China ..............Cheers ! New things will happen soon.........

Monday, April 6, 2009

Nothing special to report

....quite lazy for the moment to do any posts. But here some nice sound from somebody who do not want to show his face - but thats okay. Enjoy here: