Monday, March 28, 2011


Above you see the "magic fabric roll: Weight is 3 kg (150 cm long) with some smart layers of concrete in it. Normally these kind of rolls a rather weak in China and have a max. weight of 0.5 kg. As the fabric of this roll(s) was a quite expensive lace RMB 60 / per kg so each roll added another 2.5 kg to the costs. 10 rolls - 100 rolls - 300 rolls - GOOD BUSINESS - lousy cheating. Even you find it out afterwards - getting back the money from the supplier is in China almost "mission impossible". They dont care if 1st business was last business - you just imagine their profit they made if you have bought 500 rolls of this lace !

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it fake - I guess yes

see the video of a real lovely Shanghai Lady in a piano shop. She puts her bag somewhere - the staff asked her to take it away - she starts argueing not touch my bag - the manager comes - she throws her credit card at them telling them how much money she has - price of the piano is 1.06 Mio RMB - ooops she is asking for cheaper models - then she suddenly sees the papparazzi - I guess it is made but anyhow it is fun to see - enjoy:

Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey guys are you really that stupid ? All supermarket shelves in Hong Kong, Macao & China have been completely SOLD OUT of Salt. Prices for SALT are now double or triple .......Please be aware one fact: If ever there will be a nuclear cloud from Japan - every 5 kilometers this content of this cloud will be diluted 30,000 times - so from Fukushima to Hong Kong is approximately 3,000 (threethousand) kilometers - so make the maths yourself. Much more polluting are all this trucks & taxis & private cars standing in a queue in this really not hot weather and the engine running all the time.......Most of the SALT is NOT coming from the SEA it is coming from SALT MINES and the amount of iodine is very little - you need to eat a lot and then it is not healthy at all & will not protect you against radiation (which will anyhow not come to Hong Kong).
UPDATE: Please read this article from THE STANDARD.
Panicked shoppers stripped stores of table salt in Hong Kong - and in cities across the mainland -
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Monday, March 14, 2011


Everybody knows it already: The terrible earthquake on Friday in Japan & then the tsunami. And now the problems in the nuclear power plant. I dont know what to say - so sorry for all the lost lives & all the people now in such a terrible trouble ! See the video here to get some idea of the terrible power of the tsunami. Just now the info is coming through that suddenly a volcano starts getting crazy in Japan.