Friday, May 22, 2009

One more about the outside dining in HK

Just click on both articles to read in full size. Now another Mr Chan from the district council is planning to send a "team of volunteers" to inspect about 100 public areas + this will take 6 months........Unbelievable.
Besides this, it is said that some councillors complained about smoking customers outdoors at the tables of "Gaia". Now the other Mr Chan is saying that they have been "set up......we should not be the one make the decision."
Then why they first make the decision then ?
Once the "public outcry" starting they find out that there should be a "guideline" from the Government, used as a reference to make this decisions.
The producing of this "guideline" will need a "public consultation" up-front and will approx. take 12 months. The "Gaia" can still stay out-doors until October - but this is only 5 months.
So this is how some district councillors are helping the local business to survive in times that difficult ! Do they have nothing else to do ?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hong Kong - Asia's World City ..........?

..........not when it comes to "alfresco dining" etc. See this article from today SCMP (just click on it for full size). It seems Mr Chan Hok-fung does not like Italian food that much. But it also seems he not at all knows what really makes a "World City".
Can you imagine Rome, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna or, or or......... without people sitting and dining or having a coffee outside and "occupying public space" ?
This decision is stupid.
Almost the complete "non-existence" of the possibility to take a rest at "public spaces" (nothing to sit down, no benches etc) is very obvious in Hong Kong and does not contribute to make it a "World City".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HSBC - Free Wifi at Nathan Road branch

Cool have Iphone ?
You need free WiFi ?
Get the WiFi Trak application..sit in front of HSBC in Nathan Road and get a 40+ strong not encrypted open Channel called "HSBC Premium WiFi". Not sure what real experts can do once they log into this open network. We just used it to send emails and to use Skype.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

China changes visa rules for US citizens

please read here from AP yesterday:
By TINI TRAN – 1 day ago
BEIJING (AP) — China has tightened visa rules for citizens from the United States, which has reported the second highest number of swine flu cases in the world.
A notice dated May 3 on the Web site for the Chinese Embassy and its consulates in the U.S. said that all visa applications would now require six business days to process, with express and rush services for visa applications suspended until further notice.
It is unclear exactly why the rules have been changed, but it came hot on the heels of strident measures by China to contain any possible spread of swine flu, including quarantining of some foreign nationals.
The new visa regulation, effective as of May 4, appears to apply to all Chinese visas, including tourist and business categories. Visa applicants are also required to fill out a form declaring which countries and U.S. states they had visited two weeks prior.
Previously, U.S. nationals could obtain visas in as little as one day.
More than 1,400 people globally have been infected with swine flu, with Mexico reporting the most confirmed cases with 802. The United States so far has reported 380 cases in more than 30 states.
On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu refused to address the specific visa changes for Americans, saying only that "relevant adjustment (to the visa policy) is non-discriminatory and is not targeted at any country. The adjustment of visa policy will not affect the normal entry of foreigners and exchanges of people."
The new rules do not appear to be in effect for any other country, including Spain or Canada, where swine flu has also been detected.
China has already earned the ire of the Mexican government for its aggressive quarantine measures after a Mexican traveler flying to Hong Kong via Shanghai was diagnosed with the illness over the weekend.
More than 70 Mexicans were quarantined in hotels and hospitals in mainland China. A plane chartered by the Mexican government arrived in several cities in China on Tuesday to pick up these and other Mexican citizens and take them home.
China has denied singling out Mexicans, saying it was purely a medical matter and that it hoped Mexico would be "objective and calm."
A group of 29 Canadian students and their professor were also being held in isolation in China. Two Americans were in isolation while another two who were in quarantine have been released.
Last year, China severely tightened visa regulations ahead of the Olympic Games in August as part of a wider security clampdown, and earlier this month, travel agencies in Hong Kong reported that visa restrictions were being tightened again ahead of the 60th anniversary in October of the communist nation's founding.
Last week, government spokeswoman Jiang Yu said the reports of changes to visa regulations were "groundless."
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In case of the H1N1 the suspension of 'express + rush" visas makes sense and should not be such a big problem. More troublesome will be if the Government really start changing the rules again because of the 60th Anniversary.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome the Swine Flu !

It was only a matter of time until the first case coming up here.
Why not stop all incoming flights from Mexico ? This seems not possible due to some reasons..then just take out the arriving ones - why not ? Nobody wants another "SARS" here in Hong Kong. See Aubrey and her video telling you everything about the latest news:

By the way please see this video about something concerning "pigs" in China. Anything going on there .........?