Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yummy !
Actually a little bit lost in translation - the happy nuts are real exact translated from mandarin.
For the "monolithic steak" it was meant a steak on the hot stone. Pictures are made with Iphone
thats why the quality is only so so .......Besides this in the restaurant in a little place in Shi Long(take the train from Lowu to GZ - second station is Shi Long) the hot pot stone beef rice for RMB 30 was GREAT !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


sorry maybe there is a typing arror - but you know what I mean.
Thank you for reading this blog - see you again !

"5 STAR HOTEL" in Jiangsu Province

Recently been several times to some very small place in Jiangsu Province - the birth town of Tschou En Lai (sorry if I am writing the name wrong). Stayed in a very new openend 5 Star Hotel - RMB 380 / night - free internet - hot pot buffet RMB 49 / person (quite good - a lot of choices). But some things somehow confused me - the overall quality of the workmanship on the rooms - it did not look like it is just 1 month old - see the pictures above - it doesnt make you sleep bad if there are scratches on the window frames or door frames but somehow it is not really 5 Star then ....right ? I am not picky - but it is quite interesting to see the standard of workmanship and the idea that this is maybe already good enough.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Have a good week .....

and enjoy some "oldie" performed in a very new way:
TELSTAR played on an APPENDAGE ribbon controller

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Saturday 13.12. afternoon in Canton Road. The pictures are slightly blurred - it doesn't matter. From top to last one: PRADA (this is actually not really a queue - 2 people only), HUGO BOSS in Harbour City, then GUCCI (the queue was around the corner into the initial part of the parking garage) - last not least LV.
"SALES" started earlier than ever this year everywhere - only at LV there was not any visible sign at the outside that there are some items on sale or similar hints. In JOYCE the people were "seduced" with free Champagne. Cheers !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Finally got all pre-clearance for the APEC card - excluding USA, Russia, Canada + "Chinese Taipei". But this 4 "economies", according to the friendly officer from the Immigration Deptmt anyhow will never be pre-cleared.
So 2 weeks later it will be ready to pick-up.
To finish the whole process it was almost 6 months, but I think it is worth doing this.
The APEC card is valid for 3 years and the price here in HK is HKD 427. If you compare how much a 6 month multiple entry visa for China costs then this card comes really very cheap and does not waste the pages in the passport. The application is not very complicate: provide company info, reason why need to go to some of the APEC member economies, some copies from your passport and business registration. And then simply wait. as the economic downturn is in full swing most probably the applications will be getting more easy and approved faster.
The card is valid for following economies (normally at least up to 60 days per stay):
Australia Brunei Darussalam Chile China Indonesia Japan Korea (South) Malaysia
Mexico New Zealand Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam
See the link here and you just need to click through the page and then you will find the info how to apply here in Hong Kong.