Friday, June 26, 2009

GOOD BYE MICHAEL..............

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


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Let's see if maybe "suddenly" the decision will be revoked and next time this lovely lady want to enter HK she will be refused by the Immigration. This is like it should be.
Because if YOU are beating somebody on the street in HK, YOU will find yourself at the police station very soon and maybe at least for a night or two in a comfortable prison cell.
Why Mrs Mugabe can just walk away ? Because her husband is a corrupt, brutal dictator ?
Because the "China Ministry for Foreign Affairs" has advised the HK Government to give her the status of diplomatic immunity ?
And they have done it and now they have the blame as this will be a never-ending story as long it is not very clear: No more Mugabe can enter HK + also no body guards on tourist visa.
And why not Bona Mugabe enjoys the the education system in her own country - it is said this is "world class". Then she can see Daddy & Mummy more often.

Cheers !

Monday, June 22, 2009


Click the clippings from SCMP for a proper reading.
In the case of this Mugabe bodyguards it is getting "better & better".
Now it was found out they a) had no work - visa and b) had no license to work as security staff.
How comes nobody was checking their visa status ?
What about the new guys replacing the first ones ?
Same story: No work visa + and no security staff permit.
Normal people on a tourist visa doing this will very fast land in prison and then be kicked out of Hong Kong after serving the terms !
What is the Immigration Deptmt doing ? What is the HK Government doing ?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Phone call from Beijing to Donald Tsang...........

"Dear Donald, we are very worried about your Immigration department procedures at the Hong Kong airport......on last Saturday they let this Xiong Yan in. Please clearly talk to your guys there at the Immigration dept, we are afraid if you let more of this people in that they will hurt the feelings of the China people during their visit in Hong Kong. We have done already that much from our side. All blogspot, hotmail, twitter and others we have block already - so please do your part. Thanks you very much"

You can be assured that "somebody" in Beijing heavily complaint that Xiong Yan was able to enter HK last Saturday. So yesterday they sent back Mr. Xiang Xiaoji after arriving from USA at 7.00 pm and they put him immediately back on a plane to NYC after midnight. What kind of jet-lag this will be ?
Lets see if their are others refused entry to HK the next 2 days.........................

Monday, June 1, 2009

Slow posting

during the last days. I am on the move to another place in HK ......a lot of work no time for "blogging" a compensation maybe you listen to some nice music - I am not sure I have posted this one of Iggy already - but if it doesn't matter because its is a goody as an extra also enjoy the PSB last single ............Enjoy and have a good week