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CHINA DAILY TELLS US EVERYTHING IS NORMAL AS EXPECTED - YES MOST OF THE MISSING TOURISTS WILL ARRIVE EXACTLY ON 08.08.08 at - okay a few minutes before 8.08 PM - but maybe they can't because the "airtraffic" will be already completely blocked - be assured for almost the whole day. Here the "Words Of Wisdom" for today"
"Though more than half the rooms in four-star hotels are still available, the numbers were in line with expectations, said Xiong.
"This is what we expected," she said. "There are still quite a lot of people from other cities and provinces who have tickets but have not yet booked rooms. When August comes, the occupancy rate will be much higher than the present booking rate."
But there have been rumors linking the Chinese government's new visa controls to low hotel reservations. Sun Weide, a spokesman for the Beijing Olympic organizers, denied that the new visa regulations were responsible for low hotel bookings.
"The visa policy is very clear -- it's to guarantee the security of competitors over the Olympics period ... We will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure a peaceful Games," Sun said.
"We welcome foreign friends from all over the world to come to Beijing to compete in and watch the Games, and continue to take measures to provide convenience in applying for visas," he added."
The whole "story" you can read here "Beijing is ready to entertain" - what will be entertained ?
Today is almost August 1st - if you want to arrive in time for the opening or some competitions the later days you should have applied your visa already some time ago. Imagine you are in the States and want to apply today - you will earliest have it on Monday - maybe only Tursday and then board the plane very soon to arrive on next week Thursday. Maybe some people in EU or US are planning that short - but lets guess this is only 5- 10% - because for a resident of LA Beijing is not just around the corner - right ? Common sense Mr. Sun - where is it ?
It is admirable that you even get paid for this !
And to give some relaxation for EVERYBODY here some sweet song from ICE CUBE - we have heard he is applying CHINA VISA today:

The Olympic Impact of Visa Regulations on Sponsors the link - it was captured from the "blog-roll" and it is somewhat getting more strange & strange........:

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Last one for today.........

just want to say "Hello" to the first visitors from Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hawaii & Brazil !
Spread the word.
Now almost 11,000 visitors - from more than 50 countries worldwide.
Here a little reward for all your busy reading today:
The Prodigy - Firestarter (more than 3.3 Mio hits)

China, the Olympics and the Visa Mystery

very much worth reading this article from Stratfor - I feel free to copy a part here. Below the full link. Maybe somebody should put this on the "night table" of Mr Hu & Mr Wen and maybe also pass to some of the responsible "visa designers" in the relevant departments:
Over the past several months as the Beijing Olympics drew nearer, the Chinese government has effectively frozen up most financial reform plans. It also has issued a raft of new security measures not entirely unlike other host cities in the post 9/11 security environment. But China has gone several steps further than its predecessor hosts, placing official and bureaucratic impediments on visa applications. This not only has targeted potential “troublemaking” rights advocates, it has also impacted foreign businesses ranging from invited guests to the Olympic games to managers and employees of foreign companies in China.

Business and the New Visa Hassles
The visa restrictions in particular have been a source of angst for foreign businesses and business associations. Many smaller operations may circumvent Chinese regulations and travel on tourist visas (provided they can still obtain them). And there are ways around the tighter regulations or bureaucratic hurdles if one has the right connections or the willingness to apply several times or from different locations. But multinational corporations are less willing to jeopardize their operations by skirting the laws. Instead, they are making their concerns known to Beijing and hoping that restrictions are eased in September, as Beijing has rumored and hinted will occur. In general, these visa restrictions have been brushed aside by foreign observers as simply paranoia on China’s part regarding protests or terrorist attacks during the Olympics. In many ways, however, this makes little sense.

First and most obvious, the Olympics were supposed to highlight the opening of China — not restrict the very people who have made China a key part of the global economy.
Second, imposing tight restrictions in Shanghai, the center of the Chinese foreign-domestic economic nexus, makes little sense on grounds of Olympic security since Shanghai is playing only a minor role in the games compared to Beijing and Qingdao. (Think shutting down visas to New York during the Atlanta games in the name of security, though Shanghai admittedly is hosting some soccer matches.) Shutting down business visas to keep terrorists out makes little sense anyway — it is hard to imagine Uighur militants traveling on business visas as representatives of foreign multinationals.

Furthermore, by restricting business visas — even if not across the board in a coherent fashion — China is putting a massive strain not only on the ability of businesses to trust Chinese regulations and business relations with the government, but also on the fluidity of the global supply chain. Shutting down or impeding visas affects much more than delaying the movement of a single individual into China; it impacts the ability of multinational corporations to move, replace or supplement managers and dealmakers in China.

A delayed visa applications of just three months still represents an entire quarter that multinational corporations cannot reliably manage their businesses operations i n China, and that doesn’t take into account the visa backlog when restrictions are loosened or lifted. Disrupting an integral part of the global economy for a full quarter because of an international exposition makes little sense.

The Germans in 1936 didn’t do it, the Russians in 1980 didn’t — no one has. One doesn’t simply shut down international business transactions for three months or more to stop a terrorist — and particularly not China, which depends on foreign direct investment.

This is not simply an inconvenience for some people: It is the imposition of friction on a part of the system that is supposed to be frictionless. And it is not merely individuals who are affected, but the relations between mammoth companies.

But there are also winners ................

for example the BOCOG which charges very "humble" internet fees in the media village - this is from here:
“Working for the Olympics as an IT contractor, I recently moved to the Media Village (where all of the reporters live) and was surprised the there was no free internet. BOCOG (Beijing Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games) is charging a ridiculous amount of money for ADSL service: for
512/512 it costs 7712.5 RMB (1,131.20 USD);
1M/512 it costs 9156.25 (1,342.95 USD);
2M/512 it costs a whopping 11,700 RMB (1,716.05 USD).
That is for only one month! For extra features like a fixed IP? That costs an additional 450 RMB (66 USD). I just can’t believe that not only do I have to deal with the Great Firewall of China, but also pay through the nose to use it!”

Also here 2 comments you can find on the above blog regarding this issue:
Comment 1 from chinamatt:
"Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use an internet cafe at that point? Hell, my crappy China Telecom connection is about 700RMB for six months. Nice to see China still enjoys ripping off visitors at every turn. "
Comment 2 from spelunker:
"My guess is that every single Chinese Internet Cafe (5 RMB/hour) within a 5 kilometer radius of the Media Village will be shut down for two months, to “ensure the smooth hosting of the Olympics and safeguard the city’s social stability during the Olympic games” of course.
My suggestion is to head for the Haidian District, which has Beijing’s largest concentration of Internet Cafes."

".....but in the end it will be Chinese businesses that suffer...."

please read in the following link - some more views about this "china visa policy":

Businesses across China also are reeling ......(

from a government decision to tighten security screening of applicants for both business and tourist visas.
Some tourists have been blocked from traveling, while others simply have been turned off. Upscale hotels, many of which went through costly renovations for the Olympics, have been half-empty in the past three months. Industry executives say it is the worst slump since a severe pneumonia outbreak that jumped from China to the world.
"It is almost as bad as 2003, when SARS broke out," said Matthew Lin, director of Bravo Tours China in Shanghai, where he said business is down 30 percent. "Many foreigners canceled their trips or didn't bother to come."
Congratulations - Job well done !
Full report here:

And "The Standard" also has something to say.....

yesterday (Tuesday) in "The Standard":
Erm, that's not quite right, guys...
A Hong Kong daily English newspaper - not this one (the are meaning the SCMP) has been taken to task by Beijing authorities over a recent page one "scoop". The paper claimed the capital was implementing new measures to restrict business visa ahead of the Olympics.
Not true, says Zhao Hui, an official with the Beijing Municipal Buero of Commerce.
"We handled (the past ?) about 150 applications every day this month - up 52 percent against the same period last year," Xinhua News Agency quoted Zhao as saying.
We're happy to put the record straight.
Okay ......ermmmm - first they are shooting against the SCMP. Seems this is normal media business for them.
Second, Mr Zhao is saying they have "handled" about 150 applications every day this month.....!
Yes "handled" - but how many of this 150 a day have been issued then ?
Waiting for more news from "The Standard" to "put the records right". Mary Ma should write a comment about this visa issue.

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Olympic paranoia clutches China

please see this - about the general security measures and the effects. A big part of the losses will come from the visa restriction - it is difficult to measure - but a certain "loss of confidence" also will turn out expensive.
Mr. James Osterberg aka Iggy Pop maybe will not be able to play Beijing and therefore has the "correct" song for you: NO FUN

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Perfect Confusion Again ! And "Smiling Faces".....

So what ? Read this from REUTERS and anybody able to explain ?
Why not decide who gets a F-Visa based on the applicants "Visa History" ?
It would help to regain some confidence at least !
99.99999% of us foreigners are not Terrorists, no "Free Tibet Activists", not "Falun Gong", not normal "local chinese criminals", have not any idea to bother or disturb the Games and def will not sit in any Beijing public toilet or 5-star hotel and make a "diy explosive device".
You are looking at the wrong end !
Beijing denies new Olympic business visa curbs
Dont trust "Smiling Faces" - "Undisputed Truth"! They are wearing some white wigs to be able get a drink in a Sanlitun bar during the time 08.08.08 - 24.08.08 ! Enjoy.

The Government don't care: "China Visa News"

please read this - the "desaster starts to get visible":
China faces loss of firms over Olympic hurdles for visa-seekers:

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Words of Nonsense

Read here some "official text" about the suspension of visas for Shanghai..........does anybody really understand or is able to define what is "urgent" and "non-urgent" ? This is copied from
Grrrrrrrr, is all we can say these days when thinking about visas and the choking Olympic security measures. Well, can we have a drum-roll, please? This is especially grrrrrrrrr worthy.
The Shanghai Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission (SMERT) recently made this visa announcement:
Effective immediately until mid-September:
1. We will temporarily not accept entry visa applications for foreigners whose destination and/or entry point into China is in another province/city;
2. We will temporarily postpone examination and approval of applications for foreigners applying to come to Shanghai in the near future for non-urgent matters such as business inspections, visits, market research, training, etc., and recommend postponement of applications to after mid-September of this year;
3. For foreigners who have urgent and important matters to visit Shanghai in the near future, the inviting party or organization from China must supply materials providing a detailed account of the circumstances, at the same time reducing the number of people and the duration of stay in Shanghai to the best of their ability;
4. Applications for work visas (“Z” category visa) are not affected by this notice;
5. Due to recent special circumstances, processing and transaction times will also be prolonged. We respectfully ask for your understanding.
(Unofficial translation by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
We'd like to know exactly what the difference between a "non-urgent matter" and an "urgent and important matter" are according to SMERT. Apparently business and tourism have made it high on the non-urgent list.
Nothing else to add to this !

What's Going On......

here a sweetener for all of yours weekend.......Marvin Gaye singing about some truth - enjoy and think about it.

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here one more link for the weekend to start !
"Fun may be a casualty of Beijing's effort for a perfect Olympic Games" from LA TIMES:,0,4306007.story?page=1

Happy reading & enjoy KRAFTWERK - THE ROBOTS:

The Crowd, The Police & No Foreigners !

No pictures of the incident in Beijing triggered by the ticket sale will be published here. It is a pity this was not "handled" better. But be assured you can not spot any foreigner on this pictures ! Why you guys not immediately ask Hong Kong police for help - they know very well how to install a proper "crowd management". Just read the editorial from todays SCMP - also attached another small clip about the Beijing toursim business down. Click on it.
Countdown clock installed at page end !

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Today headline SCMP

How to work around this new rule ? Very difficult because:
1) A remark will be printed on the visa sticker - restrict this cities.
Means nobody will issue a airticket or busticket to you with this remark.
For example if you have applied F visa with a Hangzhou "notification letter" you will not be able tyo take a train, as they will check your passport. You can take a car, yes, but you will breach the "entry & exit law" if you have that remark in your passport and you still go to Shanghai.

2) Next will be L visa. As per following logic: All "normal olympic tourists"should have their travel documents complete by now (including visa).
Then simply do not issue anymore L visa for this cities. As you need to show ticket and hotel booking it will be simply denied.
To read the article simply click on it.

Why not together with the visa distribute "arm-bands" for foreigners to wear ?
Maybe one with F and one with L. Will make the work for the police during the next weeks easier.
There is one comment in below post I first did not wanted to issue: Some "nice person" is naming us exploiters and suggesting to "burn down our factories".
Next comments with a "sentiment" like this will not be published anymore.

Liu Jianchao is a very funny guy..........

"The EU Chamber of Commerce in China said it was concerned about the restrictions in Shanghai and was seeking official confirmation on whether similar restrictions would apply in Beijing and other Olympic host cities.
"The introduction of such restrictions without warning creates serious problems for companies operating in China," the EU Chamber said in a statement.
Business consultants say the restrictions are starting to hurt exporters, which in some cases are unable to finalise contracts because their clients' inspectors are unable to get into the country.
Asked about the reported restrictions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said his government was seeking to ensure a safe Games.
"Frankly, with China holding the Olympic Games, we have tightened our security measures, including making necessary changes in visa policy," Liu told a regular news conference.
These changes may make obtaining a visa more troublesome but "will not affect foreigners' normal activities, such as business, study and tourism"
Full link is here:
It seems this people are very far away from any business reality - they simply do not have any idea how "day to day" business is working in China - their own home country. Sorry we simply need to go to the factory. We are not carrying bombs, banners, tibet flags (because we are not this "dangerous forces") - we are mainly carrying work with us and bringing business to China.
This is our "normal activities" - just work.
Mr Liu go home, get a massage, watch the Olympics - but please do not talk Visa nonsense - it seems you know nothing about it. You are dismissed !
The "feelings" of many foreigners are hurt very deeply now !
Will BUCKETHEAD play at the opening party ? Or is he a "dangerous force" ? At least he is easy to spot - even in a big city like Beijing !

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please see below link - very fresh. We can be sure that this was not a group of "normal business travellers" - as the news is very fresh lets see and wait what is the reality behind:,2933,390049,00.html

As promised !

The next "China Visa Nonsense" to read here + editorial comment today SCMP. Just click on it to read comfortable.
A wider "newsreel" is added at the page end - for better reading.

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Worth reading.......

here another link to cnreviews following up the post below. But (yes yes so many "but"):
We are living in the year 2008 - each nation has their special views - there is an "Olympics" in China now granted 7 years ago by the IOC. Yes and ?
Security is necessary = okay.
Visa policy is adjusted in a wrong way.
And why the "West" and the "Central Government" cannot find ways to just have a happy Games and finish. It is only 2 weeks and so much noise about it ? From both "sides". For myself I must say sorry - I was never very much interested in the Olympics - if in China, USA or wherever. But we can be assured that there will be a"monster show" for the opening and the closing. The discriminating comments of Wei Wei are ridiculous: "Dangerous forces" - 1,000's of business people going back and forth to China 100 of times the last decade(s) - they are now "dangerous forces" ? This people are very "friendly forces" because they are supporting China.
This Wei Wei should be FIRED ON THE SPOT after giving such kind of statement. What an "unsensible nonsense". Not able to express this "security policy" in a more smart way ?
Here some "Little fluffy clouds" for you by The Orb - enjoy:

No Visa ? Then you are a "dangerous force"........

very easy ! According to Mr Wei Wei:
Wei Wei, director general of the ministry's consular department, told state-owned media last week that the visa policy aims to "keep dangerous forces outside the country" during the Olympics and that the new measures bring China in line with international standards.
"The new policy is not as strict as might be imagined," Wei said. "Those who apply to come to China for justifiable reasons will be given every convenience."
In what state of mind Wei Wei was saying this ? Drunk ? Tired ? Totally overworked ? Or he just made a joke and nobody understands the joke ?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One World, One Dream, but No Visa

please read some parts of this report here - full story in the link:
After telling everyone what a long way China has come since they’ve opened their borders, I feel stupid having to explain that I’m coming home because, uh, foreigners have to leave for unexplained reasons. This change in rules is shady, arbitrary and frightening, and after trying to change the perception of China away from this stereotype, I feel like an idiot.
When I first saw the Olympics countdown commercials, on CCTV9 in my old Yantai apartment, it was over 800 days to the Beijing Olympics. I’ve eagerly watched it count down, two years, one year, 100 days, and now that there’s less than a month to go, I’m leaving China. The Olympics will be on TV at home, but I don’t know if I’ll remember the Beijing games as more than the reason we had to leave China.
I was crying as Chris and I drove to the brand new Terminal 3 airport, past the new Beijing 2008 banners proclaiming the Olympic slogans Beijing Welcomes You! and One World, One Dream.
Beijing is welcoming someone, I guess. But it’s not us.
unquote "Feeling like an idiot".......many of us have this feeling. After that many years getting a "kick in the ass". It is now really going on the nerves - our business is effected - we have lost some orders already, because no chance to go and control the things in the way we need to do.


in Cambodia ! Off for some days - enjoy yourself. Read the news and hope you get a visa. Jello has the correct melody for this:

YES ! Business is "very good".......

for many traders and others - because the "china visa" regulations are helping a lot to destroy small companies - especially small companies on the mainland - here some lines for better understanding - the full report in the link below:
However, some Western brands are struggling to get their quality-assurance inspectors into the country to meet their corporate social-responsibility requirements, said Paul French, chief China analyst at market-research firm Access Asia.
"When you are ordering half a million leather jackets, you need someone to come and check they have two arms," Mr. French said.
A mass of lost orders could prove fatal for China's textile companies, two-thirds of which operate on profit margins of 1.5 percent or less.
The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade declined to comment on the impact of the visa regulations on the country's exporters, citing "the special conditions we are facing now, especially with the Olympics so close."

Monday, July 21, 2008

China’s Strict Visa Conditions Threaten Olympics

The complain is understandable, not really understandable is why they simply do not provide the needed documentation to apply for the visa ? At least they are some kind of Government people and should have no problem to do so.
Besides this: Many different kind of "standards for visa applications" are blooming. Here the full story:
Please see the newsreel added below the blog picture - permanent news updates there - touch it and it will start moving.

Have a good start in the new week !

Here a nice clip - enjoy:

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Are you a 社会闲杂人 ?

Then better be careful the next months ! Watch your steps wherever you go: Security will follow you and ask you to leave. Read this from SHANGAIIST and you know more:
Racial profiling at Shanghai's Tomorrow Square?
A guest at Tomorrow Square on People's Square has alerted us to this document entitled "Safety measures for the tenants of Tomorrow Square for the Olympic period" posted in the building. The document starts off quite innocently like this:
Recently, while the security situation has become of great concern both internationally and domestically, anti-China movements have become increasingly bold, with Tibetan and Uyghur separatist groups openly declaring war, proclaiming that they will use violent measures to achieve their purposes. The United Kingdom and the United States have already issued safety warnings to citizens travelling to China. With the 3.14 Tibet Riots, the 3.7 Southern Airlines terrorist act, the 5.5 bus explosion on line 842 in Shanghai, the 7.1 Zhabei police station attack and the appearance of numerous reactionary slogans everywhere, Tomorrow Square needs to tighten up its safety measures since it is a landmark building on People's Square located next to the Municipal Government building. This is to ensure the safety of the building and all its tenants and to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. It is with this in mind that we have established the following "Safety measures for the tenants of Tomorrow Square for the Olympic period" which will be enforced during the Olympic period (July 16th 2008 to October 31st 2008). These measures will be updated in accordance to any extraordinary event occurence or new safety warnings issued by government authorities.
We looked through the rest of the document and found most of the measures to be pretty standard ones like what you should do if you see a suspicious-looking package but the following two did strike us as being unnecessarily, erm, racist:
Whenever anyone that can be identified as "Tibetans", "Xinjiang Uyghurs" and "Qinghai Hualong Hui's" enters the building, please report them to the security department. Security guards will persuade them to leave the building, or follow them till they do so.
During the Olympic period, Tomorrow Square will reduce the number of exits and entrances according to the safety requirements. For now, we have provisionally decided to close the side door next to Starbucks in order to prevent Tibetan street hawkers and unauthorised individuals from entering the building. [Note: The term used to refer to 'unauthorised individuals', "社会闲杂人" could also be understood as "social undesirables" within the context.]
We doubt Tomorrow Square's security department received clearance from their corporate communications department before posting this up. Anyone seen similar "safety measures“ in your building?
The next weeks will be very interesting to watch - more & more of things like this coming up China will put itself in a not very nice "corner".

China Is Growing Unfriendly to Foreigners, Visitors Say

please read below link from "The Washington Post":
It seems "some people" in China urgently need a strong reminder on following:
1) How to behave against foreigners + guests + friends of China !
2) Where all the growth and increasing wealth in China in the last 25 years is mainly coming from !
Sure there are always bad people everywhere in the world - but it looks the new "patriotic feeling for China" is misunderstood and abused by some people.
Careful guys - this is a sensible topic and we should not allow to grow up anymore "racism against foreigners" ! History has teached bad results.
By the way, comment moderation is switched off for the moment.

Friday, July 18, 2008


it is a little bit more than 3 months that this blog was opened. It was opened to highlight the problems and side effects caused by this new nonsense "china visa regulations". Surely it would have been naive to only have the idea that a blog would change something on this problem.
But at least some people are reading it and responding to it - that is okay already. Some people maybe feel bothered - this is also okay.
Higher expectations are not existing. Here some statistics / numbers and facts of this last 3 months. Most of them recorded with "site meter" and other tools to monitor the traffic on this page. Site meter was only active 2 weeks after starting the blog, so the numbers counted are slightly lower.
Please see following:
- total 106 posts
- 205 comments on blog + 28 comments on poll
- approx. 30 comments not published because..........
- most far away visitor from Netherland Antilles (more than 10,000 miles to HK)
- percentage of visitors: 60% Asia, 23% USA, 12% EU, 3% AU/NZ + 2% unkown
- total page views: 15,060
- total page visits 8,807
- OS systems: 62% Windows XP, 21.2% Win NT, 12% Mac OS, 3% Linux
- Languges in OS: 79% English, 10% Chinese, rest is Japan, Korea, Thai, German, Dutch etc.
Biggest dissapointment in this 3 months:
HK SAR Government for almost doing nothing. It seems they just made a lame attempt to "clarify the new procedures" in the early beginning. But maybe immediately they have been told "not to interfere into national security policy" and have been advised to simply shut up.
A little surprise (just recently):
More and more visitors from the mainland. Can it be some gates of the "Great Wall" have been opened in order not to get blamed by foreign media about the blocking.
It is half-time now - in 3 months lets hope all the nonsense will simply dissapear !

Thursday, July 17, 2008


this time it affects chinese tourists (you can say now is the other way around) - but also not good and sounds similar nonsense like the other visa problem: Macao is suffering due to new restrictions from Central Government for mainland tourists and residents in neighbour provinces. Please read following report to find out what is going on:
And here another report about Beijings "tourism boom":

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There will not only be winners at the Olympics - please read below - no need to comment:

Mr. Wei Wei - words of wisdom

"The Chinese Foreign Ministry has also adjusted its visa policies. Wei Wei, Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, said a visa was the first pass for a safe Olympics.
"It's not so tight as we thought," Wei said. "One who holds a legitimate purpose to come to China can get a visa conveniently." Faced with terrorist threats, the government views security during the Games as a top priority."
Mr. Wei Wei is the Director General of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry - and he is saying: "It is not so tight as we thought" - he is talking about their own "CHINA VISA REGULATIONS" - is he lost in translation or did he apply himself a "China Visa" recently to give this kind of statement.
"IT'S NOT SO TIGHT AS WE TOUGHT" - Mr. Wei Wei what do you mean ?
Last week you were talking that the new "china visa policy" was not meant to "deter foreign visitors".
The ongoing discrimination of foreign passport holders with a permanent HK ID (and several 100 's of entries to China) must stop immediately.


Please read again Xinhua Net perfect propaganda - we all love it ! It is the real China - nobody has Visa problem - all the foreigners in Beijing are being loved by everybody.
Cool - then why people do get a 1 entry permit to Shenzhen only - with a visa history of more than 300 entries in 9 years ? Anybody here to answer this question ? I am not Falun whatever, my uncle is not Osama Bin Laden & I was not ripped off by some corrupt mainland chinese officials in some rural county having stolen my land and house and bothering my children, and the Dalai Lama is on my list of interests on place 4,598 - do you get it now ?
Read here another "fairy tale story" - enjoy:
By the way: According to rules for the Games venues people wearing "identical" t-shirts are not allowed ----- huh huh you better be careful not wearing a Lacoste Polo together with your buddy or even an ADIDAS t-shirt..........Wonder only what the security will do if you 2 buddies come in there with wearing both a Lacoste polo or an ADIDAS t-shirt ? You have to take it off ? But then you will break another rule ...."walking naked or half undressed".
Everybody hopes that this Olympics will run smooth and without any major "disruptions" - but really guys - some of your "security measures" are completely policy is no. 1 on this list !
To give you some relief: "Once upon a Time in the West" famous melody from Ennio Morricone - played on a DOEPFER R2M (this is not a weapon) - by GIANNI PROIETTI from Italy - lovely melody & very good performance:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Changes to Chinese visa requirements draconian

please follow this link. Yes - more complains coming up - but it seems nobody in the responsible positions cares about this. Yes and our HK SAR also do not GIVE A SHIT about this situation for its permanent residents with foreign passports ! Thanks a lot and keep on dreaming the dream.
As this is all too boring - here some more entertainment for you. "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode - it is an "all time classic" - and somehow we also have to learn to enjoy the silence by...................................................................................the name(s) you can fill in yourself.
One of the latest visitors here was from "Olympia" in Washington - Cheers !

need to add this - enjoy and see the picture: This "security expert" is below 20 - most probably in the morning his mummy helps him to find his uniform and prepares the lunch bag. Not so sure if he will be able to follow the guys in the clip below.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Post - more & more influence on mainland business

unfortunately this will be not the last reports about how much the new "china visa regulations" influence mainland business. Just click the report and you will have full size for comfortable reading. By the way this is post no. 100 in this blog. Most far away visitor until now was from the Netherland Antilles. Cheers !

Saturday, July 12, 2008


...actually it is a SHAME that such a big and strong country need to do like this.
Besides all this visa nonsense, more and more nonsense (world wide face loosing nonsense) is coming up.
Again - bad consulting, bad marketing, no common sense - not able to see the "big picture".
Not able to stay with commitments made - sudden changes surprising many again and again.
The "system of fooling" the people around - we have experienced this a 100 times and more with chinese "business partners", but the "Central Government" and its "related departments" should be more careful, honest & upright & SMART. Not anything close to this until now !
Please read this and be prepared that more nonsense will come up as 20th of July marks the start of the "hot phase". Giving SURPRISES is always a delicacy in "chinese business culture". Cheers !

Secret footage from China Visa office.....

terrible ! 4 Aliens applying for visa - you see how scared they are - all applications failed. Then falling into the hands of some lousy "china visa dealer" - promising a lot but can not keep the promise........having bad intentions. Hope we will see them again......anybody know the name of the movie ? Tell me (I know but you have to tell me ....)....the "soundtrack" actually everybody should know - or not ?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Today was a good day.........

but maybe not for applicants for "multiple F Visa" - because this is virtually not existing anymore. But it was def. a good day for ICE CUBE ...just some 15 years ago or so somewhere in the LA Comptons with almost 4 million clicks until today - so it is a good song to make you a good day !
But before you have to read this....
and watch that:
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Please read the link below. We are all WRONG with our complains - it is all cool and easy according to XINHUA.NET. Righty right ? Maybe some of the "visa designers" have asked for help to another department - the one controlling XINHUA.NET: Please send us some "laowai" who still have visa in Beijing so that we can tell all the world that there is no problem at all.
One World One Dream - 1 Visa (not VISA CARD).
Anyhow please "enjoy" the reading and if you still have "visa problems" then you are simply the wrong "laowai":

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


has the "china visa policy" to do with music clips from "You Tube" ? Somebody was asking this recently: NOTHING - as much nothing as we have to do with being a terrorist, a "threat to the china environment", some unwanted visitors to the Olympics......and so on. So why not let us enjoy some nice music - it is also maybe some inspiration to some of the "visa designers" - as you guys all know, music, film & design is all linked - but it is "understandable" that maybe some of you "visa designers" do not have any idea who is this in the next video: THE FLYING LIZARDS performing MONEY - even the design assistent knows what MONEY is...ENJOY - as weird as the "china visa design".

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


...something to relax - 3 beautiful woman singing for you. Not sure but this must have been in Venice in 1988.....
After the hard reading of the "57 rules" in below post you deserve this.
How many "Olympic visitors" want to bring their pets to Beijing (esp dogs: maybe is a one way ticket...) or want to rent a car there in Beijing ?
And we still do not know if "pets also need a china visa" or some kind of "notification" .......?
Nevermind some department (maybe "designers") at least try to impress us with this rules. Congratulations ! Well done - lets hope you guys in this deptmt get some kind of promotion or whatever or some presents or some free tickets....(as you can see in the rules you can sell them again).

Monday, July 7, 2008


please see a translation of the famous 57 points for foreign visitors to the OLYMPIC GAMES.
Pt 35 - China's main places of entertainment: ".............erotic dance clubs......." ? Huh - I have never seen an erotic dance club in China - what is this ? Okay here the translation - it is long but worth a reading:
Chinese document source:
Explanation of the “Legal Guidelines for Foreigners Entering, Exiting and Staying in China during the Olympics”
1. The “Legal Guidelines for Foreigners Entering, Exiting and Staying in China during the Olympics” (hereinafter “Legal Guidelines”) are compiled in accordance with existing laws and regulations as a reference for foreign athletes, officials, journalists, and others to understand and abide by Chinese laws and regulations. These Legal Guidelines should be specifically implemented in accordance with existing laws and regulations. The Legal Guidelines are composed of 57 questions, separated into 8 categories, which include entering and exiting the country, spectatorship at events, travel, accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, and entertainment. 2. If further clarification guidance is needed, please refer to the websites or numbers listed in these Legal Guidelines. 3. If, after the publication of these Legal Guidelines, any amendments are made to the relevant laws and regulations stipulated herein, the newly amended laws and regulations shall be complied with. “Legal Guidelines for Foreigners Entering, Exiting and Staying in China during the Olympics”
(I.) Basic Legal Principles and Regulations
1. What are the basic rights of foreigners stipulated under Chinese law? Under Chinese law, persons without Chinese citizenship are foreigners. China is administered according to the rule of law, safeguarding foreigner's lawful rights and interests within its borders, and the personal freedom and legitimate property of foreigners shall not be infringed.
2. What are the basic obligations of foreigners stipulated under Chinese law? Foreigners must abide by Chinese laws while they are within China's jurisdiction. They must not harm China's national security, harm the public interest of society, or destroy public order. Violations of Chinese law will be dealt with by law enforcement organs, and the criminal and/or administrative legal liability of the offender shall be investigated and punished. If they cause damage to persons or property, they also shall bear civil responsibility.
3. What should a foreigner do if dissatisfied with a decision made by an administrative law enforcement organ? If a foreigner is dissatisfied with a decision made by the administrative law enforcement organ, he/she can apply for administrative appeal or raise an administrative suit.
4. Can a foreigner hire a lawyer while in China? Foreigners in need of legal assistance or advice while in China may hire a lawyer.
5. What provisions exist to protect the legal rights and interests of minors under Chinese law? China's government has given particular protection to minors. Commercial establishments inappropriate for minors such as dance halls or internet cafes must not allow minors to enter. It is illegal to sell to a minor any products that might have an adverse effect on them, such as publications and videos with pornographic or violent content. It is forbidden to sell alcohol to minors.
(II.) Entry and Exit Control
A. On Entering China
6. What types of visas are there for foreigners entering China? There are four types of visas: diplomatic visas, courtesy visas, official visas, and ordinary visas. Generally, foreigners enter China on ordinary visas. Visas and identification documents must not be forged, altered, impersonated, transferred, or sold.
For ease of supervision, there are 9 types of ordinary visas designated with different letters.
7. What are the procedures for foreigners applying for visas before entering? When applying for a visa, a foreigner must provide a valid ordinary passport or travel documents in place of a passport, answer the required questions, fill out one copy of the visa application form, provide one 2” X 2” front-view, no hat photo, and submit proof related to his/her stated reason for visiting China.
8. Which categories of foreigners are not permitted to enter China? (1) Those who have been deported from China with stipulations that they are forbidden to enter China for a fixed number of years; (2) Those who are believed to potentially engage in terrorist, violent, or subversive activities after entering China; (3) Those who are believed to potentially engage in smuggling, narcotic trafficking, or prostitution after entering China;
(4) Those who are suffering from a mental disorder or insanity, sexually-transmitted disease, or an infectious disease such as active tuberculosis; (5) Those who cannot guarantee they have the money necessary for expenses during their time in China; (6) Those who are believed to potentially engage in other activities that may harm the national security and interests.
9. Does having tickets for the Olympics mean that a foreigner will obtain a visa? Foreign spectators do not automatically obtain a visa after purchasing tickets to the Olympics; they must still apply for a visa at a local Chinese embassy or consulate in accordance with relevant regulations.
10. What should foreigners do if their valid identity documents are lost during the Olympics? After losing a passport, the foreigner should proceed in person to the local police station in the vicinity of where the passport was lost and file a report. Thereafter, the report receipt/acknowledgement or notification issued by the local police station should be taken to the local entry and exit administration bureau or the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Administration to handle the lost passport case. The time and location of where the passport was lost, how it was lost, as well as the passport number and its period of validity must also be provided to the public security administration.
11. Is quarantine required for foreigners entering China? Persons, conveyances, shipping containers, luggage, goods, or postal parcels suspected of disseminating infectious diseases must go through quarantine upon entering China. They may enter after receiving permission from the quarantine administration.
12. Can foreign tourists take up employment while they are in China? Foreigners without a residence permit and foreign exchange students may not take up employment without the permission of the relevant departments of the Chinese government.
13. What items are prohibited from being brought into China? (1) Weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives; (2) Counterfeit currency or negotiable securities; (3) Items which may harm China’s political affairs, economy, culture, or morals, such as publications, undeveloped film, pictures, recordings (music), movies, cassette tapes, videotapes, laser discs, computers, etc; (4) Deadly poisons; (5) Addictive narcotics and psychotropic substances, including opiates, morphine, heroin, and marijuana; (6) Animals, plants, or other produce which carry harmful germs, pests, or other dangerous organisms; (7) Food, pharmaceuticals, or other items which can hinder the health of humans or animals, which come from epidemic areas or which can disseminate infectious diseases.
14. Can foreigners bring food into China? Visitors may bring food for the purpose of consumption for the duration of their time in China; the quantity is limited to one packet of each food item per day. For quantities in excess of the above restrictions, the visitor must apply to the inspection and quarantine officials for an inspection and quarantine.
15. Can foreigners bring pets into China? Every traveler is restricted to one animal, either a cat or dog, per entry. The cat or dog must pass through quarantine and inspection before entering China.
16. What restrictions are there on bringing foreign currency into and out of China? (1) If a foreigner exits carrying only up to and including US$5000, the foreigner is not required to apply for a "Certificate of Carrying Foreign Currency," and Customs will allow the foreigner to exit, unless the foreigner enters and exits the country several times in one day, or several times within a short period of time; (2) If a foreigner exits carrying over US$5000 and up to and including US$10000, the foreigner should apply for a "Certificate of Carrying Foreign Currency," which is issued by a bank. When leaving the country, Customs will allow the foreigner to leave based on the bank-endorsed "Certificate". Customs will not permit the foreigner to leave if the total value of such bank-endorsed “Certificates” in the foreigner’s possession exceeds US$10000; (3) If the foreigner intends to exit carrying over US$10000, the foreigner should apply for a "Certificate of Carrying Foreign Currency" at a branch office of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). Customs will allow the foreigner to exit based on the SAFE branch-endorsed "Certificate."
B. On Exiting China
17. When exiting China, what documents must foreigners provide? When exiting China, a foreigner must present a valid passport or other effective identification documents, as well as the visa or residence permit.
18. When are foreigners not permitted to exit China? Foreigners are not permitted to leave China under the following circumstances:
(1) Where the foreigner is a defendant in a criminal case or deemed to be a criminal suspect by a public security organ, people's procuratorate or people's court; (2) Where the foreigner has been notified by a people's court that he/she cannot leave the country due to an unconcluded civil case; (3) Where the foreigner is an individual whom the relevant authorities believe should be investigated for a suspected violation of China's laws and who has not yet been investigated or punished.
19. What items are prohibited from being taken out of China? (1) All items which are prohibited from being brought into China; (2) Manuscripts, publications, undeveloped film, pictures, recordings (music), movies, cassette tapes, videotapes, laser discs, computers, or other items whose contents involve state secrets; (3) Valuable cultural relics and other historical items banned from export; (4) Critically ill or valuable animals, plants (including samples of both) and seeds, as well as reproductive materials.
(III.) Concerning Residence and Accommodation
20. Do foreigners need
to fill out temporary accommodation registration forms when they stay in China? When foreigners stay in enterprises and units such as guest houses, hotels, travelers’ lodges, hostels, or schools etc., organs, social groups or other Chinese entities, they should produce their valid passports or residence permits and fill in the temporary accommodation registration forms.
If a foreigner is staying in the home of a Chinese resident and is in an urban area, the Chinese resident or the foreigner shall, within 24 hours upon arrival, report to the local police station, bringing the foreigner’s passport, identification documents, and the hukou book of the person with whom he/she is staying and fill out the temporary accommodation registration form; if the home is in the countryside, such report shall be filed within 72 hours at the local police station or household registration office.
21. If a foreigner stays at a foreign institution or a foreigner's house, is it necessary to fill out a temporary accommodation registration form? If a foreigner stays at a foreign institution or a foreigner's house within China’s borders, the foreign institution, the foreigner who provides the accommodation, or the foreigner who stays shall, within 24 hours upon arrival, report to the local police station, providing the visiting foreigner’s passport or residence permit and filling out the temporary accommodation registration form.
22. May one sleep in public areas in cities? In order to maintain public hygiene and the civilized appearance of urban areas, sleeping in airports, bus or train stations, docks, sidewalks (including overpasses and underground walkways), green areas in the city, and other public places is strictly prohibited.
23. Can a foreigner attending the Olympics temporarily rent an apartment? Foreigners who are attending the Olympics may temporarily rent apartments, but they should fill out temporary accommodation registration forms at police stations in accordance with the relevant regulations.
(IV.) Transportation
24. What are the basic regulations for operating motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles in China? Both motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles are driven on the right-hand side of the road. To operate a motor-vehicle, one must obtain a driver’s license or a temporary driver’s permit according to the laws. While operating a motor vehicle or non-motor vehicle, one must strictly adhere to the traffic signs and signals, lanes, instructions of the traffic police, and the road safety statutes, rules, and regulations. In the event of a traffic accident, the vehicle operator should immediately stop, maintain the scene of the accident, care to any wounded, and promptly notify the authorities.
25. Are foreigners allowed to use an international driver’s license or a driver’s license from their own country or region to operate a motor vehicle in China? Presently, as China has not yet acceded to the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic foreigners operating motor-vehicles within the borders of China must hold a state-issued effective driver’s license (or a temporary driver’s permit), or else he/she will be considered to be operating a motor vehicle without a license and shall be punished according to Chinese laws and regulations.
26. How does one apply for a temporary driver’s permit? Holders of foreign driver’s licenses are not required to take a driving test, and need only to submit travel documents, the foreign driver’s license, proof of fulfillment of age and health capacity requirements, two one-inch color photos, and accept proper traffic safety laws and regulations. Once a “temporary driver’s permit,” is obtained, he/she can operate a motor vehicle in China.
A temporary visitor holding a foreign driver’s license who operates a vehicle brought with him/her on roads within China, shall, within two days of entry, apply for a temporary driving permit from the Public Security Bureau in charge of transportation at the municipal or city level which oversees the district where he/she crossed the border or where he/she begins operating the vehicle; To operate a rented Chinese vehicle, he/she shall apply for a temporary driver’s permit from the Public Security Bureau in charge of transportation at the municipal or city level. 27. Can a motor vehicle be brought in from a foreign country be operated in China? Motor vehicles brought in from a foreign country may be operated in China, but one should, within two days of entering the country, apply for a temporary license plate and motor-vehicle registration at the relevant Public Security Bureau in charge of transportation at the municipal or city level which oversees the district where he/she crossed the border or where he/ she begins operating the vehicle. The applicant should bring proof of registration from the foreign country, proof that the car has been brought into China, proof that the vehicle meets relevant safety standards, and proof of compulsory insurance for traffic accidents.
28. Can a foreigner rent a motor vehicle, or a non-motor vehicle? A foreigner can rent motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles, but to operate a motor vehicle one must adhere to the procedure of obtaining a Chinese driver’s license (or a temporary driving permit).
29. What rights do consumers have when purchasing goods or accepting services in China? Consumers in China have all rights established under Chinese laws. No operating place of business shall have the right to deny a foreigner entry or patronage.
30. What should be done when there is a dispute while purchasing goods or accepting services in China? When purchasing goods or accepting services, you may ask for compensation from the seller if your lawful rights or interests are harmed. If there is a dispute, the purchaser may attempt to negotiate with the seller, ask the consumer protection association to mediate, appeal to the relevant government administrative department, or lodge a complaint in the People’s Court.
31. How does one complain if he or she gets ill (such as diarrhea or vomiting) after eating or drinking at a restaurant, or other establishments? The incident should be reported to the health supervising department; if quality of food is poor, a complaint may be made to the local consumer protection association. A request may also be made for the Industry and Commercial Administration to inspect the suspect restaurant or establishment.
32. Is all of China open to foreigners for travel? Not all parts of China are presently open to foreigners. Foreigners without the appropriate permission should not travel to prohibited areas.
33. How does one protect one’s own rights while traveling with a tour group? Before departing for the trip, the signed contract should unequivocally state the quality and standards expected of the tour service, and one should inquire if the travel agency provides accident insurance.
34. Against what kind of activities that violate the legal rights of travelers can one complain and to whom? If a travel agency clearly violates the terms of the contract, tries to cheat tourists, privately receives commissions on sales, or asks for tips, a complaint may be lodged with the Tourism Management Department.
35. What are China’s main public places of entertainment? Public places of entertainment, including include nightclubs, dance clubs, erotic dance clubs, karaoke bars, discos, arcades etc, are open to the public as places of business for patrons to enjoy themselves.
36. What are the regulated business hours for places of entertainment? Public places of entertainment are not permitted to operate between the hours of 2:00 am and 8:00 am.
37. What activities are prohibited in public places of entertainment? Any activities relating to narcotics, such as selling or supplying, and organizing, coercing, instigating, luring, cheating, or accommodating others in the use of narcotics are prohibited in all public places of entertainment. Gambling is prohibited in all public places of entertainment, including the installation of any electronic equipment for gambling.
All pornographic activity is prohibited in all places of public entertainment, for example being profit-earning hostess/attendant, etc.
(VI.) Concerning Medical Treatment
38. When foreigners visit
a doctor in a Chinese medical institution, what legal rights do they have? Foreigners can receive medical treatment in any medical institution in China, and the fees for foreigners and Chinese residents are the same. During the treatment, foreigners have the right to request confidentiality for any personal data they give that are necessary for the treatment.
39. Can foreigners buy medication directly from China’s drug stores? Foreigners can buy non-prescription drugs directly, but will need a prescription from certified Chinese doctors for prescription drugs. However, for some restricted drugs (psychotropic substances, narcotics, poisons, and radioactive drugs), relevant medical records and proof must be provided.
40. Can foreigners obtain their individual medical records or copies? Patients have the right to photocopy or make copies of their out-patient medical records, in-patient medical records, body temperature records, records of doctor’s diagnosis, laboratory sheets (test reports), information on checks of medical images, letters of consent on special checks, letters of consent on surgeries, records concerning surgeries and use of anesthetic, pathology information, records on nursing care, and other medical records, as regulated by the administrative health departments of the State Council.
41. If there is a dispute with a hospital, how can a complaint be made? What kind of legal assistance is available? While there is a civil dispute concerning compensation for medical treatment, the healthcare providers and patients can try to solve the dispute through negotiation. If the patients do not want to use negotiation or if the negotiation fails, then the parties can apply for mediation by the relevant health administrative department, or directly raise a civil litigation in a People’s Court.
(VII.) Intellectual property protection of the Olympic logo
42. How do the Chinese authorities determine that someone has violated the special rights of the Olympic logo? The special rights of the Olympic logo are violated if anyone, without the permission of the rights holder of the Olympic logo, with the aim of gaining profit, places the Olympic logo on commercial goods, the packing or container of commercial goods, and the transaction documents; or uses the Olympic logo in provided services; or uses the Olympic logo in advertisements, commercial exhibitions, profit-making performances, and other commercial activities; or sells, imports or exports goods containing the Olympic logo; or manufactures or sells the Olympic logo; or uses the Olympic logo in another way which may lead people to believe that there is a sponsorship or other supportive relationship between the actor and the rights holder of the Olympic logo,
43. What are the legal responsibilities in relation to violations of the special rights of the Olympic logo? Industry and commerce administration bureaus are responsible for the protection of the Olympic logo. Industry and commerce administration bureaus may, when certain acts they deem to have violated the rights of others, order the infringer to immediately stop the infringing act, confiscate or destroy the concerned goods and the tools designed especially for the production of these goods or tools used to manufacture the Olympic logo for commercial purposes. Financial gains, if any, obtained from these acts shall be confiscated and a fine of not more than five times the amount of the financial gains can be levied; in cases where there are no financial gains, a maximum fine of 50,000 yuan can be levied. Anyone who uses the Olympics logo in deceptive activities will bear legal liabilities according the provisions regarding fraud or other crimes, if these activities are deemed to be criminal. If these acts have caused economic loss of the rights holder, the infringer shall compensate for the loss.
44. Do people need to compensate for economic losses if they sell infringing products that violate the special rights of the Olympic logo without knowledge of such violations? Whether or not legal liabilities are borne by enterprises and individuals who had no knowledge of such violations depends upon their ability to prove that the goods were obtained lawfully their ability to identify the provider of the goods. If enterprises can prove the above, they do not need to compensate.
(VIII.) Special Notes
45. Must foreigners carry proof of identity at all times? Foreigners shall carry proof of identity at all times. Police responsible for foreign affairs at public security organs above the county level shall have the power to examine the passports and other identity documents of foreigners in the course of their duties.
46. Can Olympics admission tickets be freely resold? The tickets can be lawfully resold. The resale of admission tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games (including the Paralympics), must be authorized by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and must go through the formalities in accordance with policies on admission ticket resale as stipulated by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. The specific procedure for reselling tickets can be found on the official ticketing website.
47. In cultural, sports, or other large-scale mass activities, can slogans, banners, or other items be displayed? China forbids the display of insulting slogans, banners, and similar items in sports venues, and forbids the display of any religious, political, or ethnic slogans or banners in Olympic stadiums.
Advertisements must be genuine and lawful and not misleading and deceitful. However, in Olympic stadiums, in the absence of permission from the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, any form of commercial advertising or any commercial advertising slogans, banners, or similar items are prohibited.
48. In cultural, sports, or other large-scale mass activities, what actions that disturb the order of the activities are forbidden? (1) Forcible entry into the venue; (2) Violation of regulations against setting off fireworks, firecracker or other similar materials in the venue; (3) Demonstrations, insulting slogans, banners and other similar materials; (4) Harassing referees, athletes or other crew members; (5) Throwing objects in the field and ignoring instructions to stop; (6) Other acts that disturb the order of large-scale mass activities
49. What if one’s property or belongings are stolen? In the event of a theft of property, the victim should promptly go in person to the local police station in the area where the property was stolen and file a report. The report proof or notification issued by the local police station should then be taken to the local entry and exit administration bureau or to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Administration to handle the stolen property case.
50. How should one deal with a person who is drunk? If a person who is drunk poses a threat to himself/herself, another person, or the general public, public security authorities should adhere to safety measures and restrain the person who is drunk until he/she is sober.
51. What are the Chinese laws on selling, possessing, and using narcotics? The laws of China define narcotics as any addictive anesthetics and mind-controlling substances like opium, heroin, methamphetamines, morphine, marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs controlled by the Chinese government.. China prohibits smuggling, selling, shipping, manufacturing, illegally possessing, providing or forcing narcotics onto others, luring, abetting, tricking others to use narcotics, or injecting drugs.
52. Can guns be carried? Guns and ammunition or crossbows, daggers, and other similar implements are controlled items, which cannot be carried without authorization. Anyone who carries any of the above-mentioned items without authorization shall be subject to administrative sanctions or possibly subject to investigations and criminal responsibility.
53. How does China regulate pornographic activities? China forbids obscene performances, prostitution and other forms of sexual services and forbids disseminating obscene materials or messages and organizing the broadcasting of obscene videos and engaging in promiscuous activities.
54. Are people allowed to set up and use radio telephones (stations)? Units or individuals setting up and using radio telephones (stations) must submit a written application for the approval of setting up radio telephones (stations) and obtaining radio telephone license. If the use of the radio equipment in outdoor trips and travels adversely affects the normal operations of radio telephones (stations), the related administrative organ shall have the power to place it under investigation.
55. Are rallies, demonstrations, or protests permitted? To hold a rally, demonstration, or protest, one must apply to do so at the Public Security Office in accordance with law. Without permission, one may not hold a demonstration or conduct any related activities.
Anyone who instigates or plans an illegal rally, demonstration, or protest and does not listen to orders to stop such activities, shall be administratively sanctioned or criminally punished in accordance with law.
56. How does China regulate the defacing of the Chinese national flag or national emblems of China? If one intentionally burns, damages, inscribes, stains, stomps on, or uses other such methods of defacing the Chinese national flag or national emblems of China, in a public place, he/she shall bear criminal liability in accordance with law.
57. What specific guidelines should foreign media comply with when they conduct interviews in China while attending the Beijing Olympics and Olympic preparations? Foreign media shall comply with “Service Guide for Foreign Media Coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Preparatory Period” and other related laws and regulations when they conduct interviews in China while attending the Beijing Olympics and Olympic preparations.
Contact numbers and Government Websites
1. Useful service numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Municipal First-Aid Center: 120 Road accident report: 122 Red Cross first aid desk: 999 Directory assistance: 114 Telephone repair: 112 Forest fire report: 95119 Weather forecast: 12121 Maritime search and rescue hotline: 12395
2. Service numbers Beijing Municipal Government's Convenient Telephone Center: 12345 Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Complaint Number: 12315 Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision: 12365 Beijing Municipal Agency for Public Health Inspection Complaint Number: 12320 Beijing Municipal Judicial Bureau 148 Legal Services Hotline: 12348 Beijing Municipal Law-Enforcing Bureau of City Comprehensive Administration Hotline: 96310 Beijing Municipal Exit and Entry Management Voice Enquiry Hotline: 26611266 Beijing Municipal Exit and Entry Management Automated Enquiry Hotline: 84020101 Beijing Consumers Association Complaint Line: 96315 Beijing Municipal Tourism Enquiry Hotline: 95130828
3. Related Government Websites Official ticketing website for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Beijing Municipal Law-Enforcing Bureau of City Comprehensive Administration Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Beijing Municipal Health Bureau Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One more JMJ + some report from KUNMING

here some more about the result of visa "design":
Jean Michel Jarre (he is french and we all hope he is very welcome !) comes up again - this was 1981 in Beijing:
The concert was performed live in 5.1 Surround Sound and broadcasted live to over 1 Billion Chinese viewers. Jean Michel Jarre was accompanied by 260 musicians, including The Beijing Symphony Orchestra, The Chinese National Orchestra, The Beijing Opera Chorus, and notable Chinese rock musicians. He was the first Western Musician to perform since the revolution.
Enjoy one more: Souvenir Of China

Saturday, July 5, 2008


the mostly wonderful and hard working people, the wonderful countryside , the wonderful food .....the wonderful Shanghai and other cities - the wonderful whatever .............
But you VISA "DESIGNERS" - you are not designing - you are DESTROYING !
You are the real threat to the CHINA ENVIRONMENT !
Dear Mr. Wen & Mr. Hu do you really know what your staff is doing there ?
Enjoy JMJ Beijing many many years ago. Its a nice one !

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"It goes against China's own interests" + ERASERHEAD TRAILER

please read here from the "LOS ANGELES TIMES":,0,5029256.story
Lets hope the "visa designers" also can read this and maybe find out what kind of problem they have "designed". How careless they are handling this issue for 100,000's (are you familiar with the many 'zero's"..or will you still mix it up ?) of friends of China, coming here since years and suddenly not able to come anymore. Wrong design and wrong measurements !
Adjustment is urgently needed. This design is rejected herewith.
Nobody of us will throw bombs, or sit in a Beijing public toilet (without doors) to make a "diy bomb or nuclear weapon".
We are also not "olympic spectators" yelling any slogans about whatever. We just want to continue our business with our chinese partners the same way we did it the last 10 - 15 years. We all will immediately sign not to go to Beijing for the next 4 months if neccessary you can include Qingdao also ! Also as all bars are closed there very soon we are anyhow not interested - because sometimes we want to have a drink in a relaxed & peaceful environment.
And here enjoy the ERASERHEAD trailer (1977) !

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The "Design" of Visa Policy ?

"China Daily" today trying to play down the "china visa problem". Wei Wei director general of the ministry's consular department is explaining that they do not want to "deter visitors".
Please read below link.
No word about the other part - means business people - it is very smart to avoid the word "tourists" - so we are all visitors. Yes, sure this is true by the meaning of the word.
But the "designers" of this new visa policy dont know their own statistics (following figures is all from Central Government websites):
2006: 2.2 Mio foreign visitors (this is from the tourist department) - means this is real tourists. This is not including tourists from Taiwan, HK or Macao - which is a much bigger number - around 10 Mio for 2006.
2006: Visa's issued 7.4 Mio - now please lets find out who are the other 5.2 Mio visitors ?
Same article is saying that for example the Winter Games in Turin (Italy) were used to examine other countries visa policies during "Olympics" and helping the relevant departments to adjust the "Chine Visa Policy".
To compare Italy with China is like comparing a peanut & a coconut:
To Italy following countries do not need any VISA at all: EU (500 Mio), USA (300 Mio), Canada (33 Mio), Australia (21 Mio) + British passport holders besides the EU passport (could not find a correct figure now - but at least 20 - 30 Mio) - this is already more than 850 Mio can go to Italy without ANY VISA.
How many 100 Millions (foreign passport holders) can go to China without a Visa ?
You still want to compare this ?
Me personally do not give a shit if I have to give my finger prints somewhere to get a visa - what is the big deal about this ? Your fingers will not get dirty - this is all done by "high tech" or would they use real ink in China to do this ?
This is not a very good excuse at all.
Can it be "somebody somewhere" is starting to smell what "bad design" this visa policy was ?
Can it be that the "visa boomerang" is hitting harder then some of this "visa designers" are willing to admit now ?
Can it be that it would have been better to do some "fine tuning" on this policy before taking out the HAMMER and destroying a lot of faith and confidence and business of 100,000 of business people willing to work with chinese partners ?
Better think twice - it is never too late. CHEERS !