Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hong Kong Budget 2011 - 12

Today we had our budget speech here in Hong Kong for 2011 - 2012. Financial secretary delivered some good & some bad news. One main problem as the property market the government has no ideas - or does not want to have some ideas. No direct measurements to cool down the secondary property market - the supply of more land for tender does not tackle the problem of sky-high property prices for buying & renting in the secondary market. The problem is the in-flow of hot money which is invested in the property market and is driving the prices crazy high as they are now. Anyhow for your pleasure here the link for the complete budget speech dated 23.02.2011:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

298 becomes 880 in Nathan Road Electronic Shop

Today in a mood walking Nathan Road suddenly had the idea that I need the photo connection kit for my Ipad. Apple price is HKD 298 - same is the price at Fortress (but out of stock). Went into some of the electronic / photo shops there in Nathan Road (everybody should know: Prices are always too high - the staff is sales genius - esp. for foreigners).
I say: Do you have Ipad photo adaptor ? Seller says: Yessssssss we have !
I say: I mean original APPLE .........Seller says: Yeeeeeees we have !
I say: How much ? Seller says: HKD 880 .......(lucky number or what ? quite a big difference compared with the original price of HKD 298 exactly HKD 582 more ...)
I say: Ohhh thats very expensive .....Seller says: Yeah but is is original APPLE
I say: Sorry I dont want it. Seller says: Okay HKD 500
I say: I need to check other stores first, your price is too high...
Seller says: Okay HKD 400 (still HKD 102 overpriced compared with APPLE price).
I say: I still have to think about it.
Seller says: You are really like a mainland chinese !
Finally I did not buy it as I was very sure that only HKD 298 is the correct price.
I do not want to further comment on this - make up your own
decision what kind of sales practice this is.
Is this exactly the HK Tourism Council want to
have and be proud to call Hong Kong the "shopping paradise"?
Update: The original APPLE price is HKD 228 - not 298 ! And I bought it a few days ago in a FORTRESS. Besides this the connector also supports any kind of MIDI to control your IPad (for example music apps - you just connect your MIDI keyboard through it......and then control the app via your keyboard).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear Readers where ever you are: Wishing you a happy & lucky year of the Rabbit.