Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guo Mei Mei Baby - Where does all the money come from ?

Recently the story of Guo Mei Mei Baby made big waves over the whole internet - finally only one question shall be answered: "Baby where does all that money come from ?"
Please read yourself:
World is red cross at Guo MeimeiBeijing police launched an investigation on Wednesday into the “Guo Meimei (郭美美) incident” after the Red Cross Society of China accused her of fabricating facts and disturbing public order.
The small-time actress, who has been the hottest topic on Chinese cyberspace over the past week, was ordered to return to Beijing for investigation.
The 20-year-old started attracting public attention on June 21 when a netizen discovered that the girl, who constantly shows off her wealth on her verified Sina Weibo microblog account, identifies herself as “General Manager of the Red Cross Society’s Chamber of Commerce.”
The discovery was immediately retweeted over 1,000 times within two hours and led to questions about how a woman had taken such an important position in a non-profit organization at this young age, and how on earth had she accumulated such amazing wealth in less than two years.
From the posts and photos she published, Meimei lives in a large villa in Beijing, drives at least two cars (one of which is the luxury Maserati sports car) and owns designer bags.
Moreover, her leisure activities include riding horses, having manicures in Sanlitun, and buying scalped tickets to watch movies.
But two years ago, she lived in a rented apartment, dressed normally and used a domestic clam shell cell phone. Now she uses an iPhone.
“Where does the money we donated to the Red Cross go to?” many netizens angrily asked.
In the face of widespread suspicion and criticism, the Red Cross Society clarified on June 22 that it does not have an institution called “Red Cross Society’s Chamber of Commerce,” nor does it have any staff member called “Guo Meimei.”
Meimei also posted on her Weibo the same day, saying she has no relations whatsoever with the Red Cross Society and she is not the daughter of a Red Cross Society’s deputy chief as was rumored.
Still, netizens continued to dig dirt and some companies were involved, while many people started examining the Red Cross Society’s operation.
On June 26, Meimei posted three apology statements on her Weibo, admitting that she had concocted the title and she was deeply sorry that her stupid and ignorant behavior had damaged the Red Cross Society’s reputation and caused the public misunderstandings.
Still, the public does not believe her and a great number of netizens, upon learning that she plans to flee to Australia, even called and emailed the Australian embassy, asking not to issue a visa to her so that the investigation into possible donation corruption can be carried on.
Sources: Sohu, Sina
Here some photos of Guo Mei Mei Baby - isn't she lovely ?

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Anonymous said...

I am an Australian guy. I hope she does come here ad brings her money with her!