Saturday, August 4, 2012


Since Wednesday we have the SUPER TERRIBLE SMOG / POLLUTION here. It seems not so many people care. My eyes are burning, I can taste it in my mouth & my throat feels terrible !
Our government (whoever it is) seems not take care at all. The so-called IDLE MOTOR rule - nobody follows it & there is nobody from government to make this people shut their engines down. Nobody gives a shit about that !
It is a big terrible FAILURE ! Lets hope some rain will clear that "nice air"soon.
Please read here from theguardian:

Hong Kong suffers worst air pollution in two years

Elderly and sick warned to stay indoors after 'very high' pollution readings in business and shopping districts.

The worst pollution in two years smothered Hong Kong for a second day on Thursday, prompting warnings to the elderly and sick to stay indoors and obscuring one of the world's most famous views.
Pollution readings were "very high" in business and shopping districts such as Central, Western, Causeway Bay and Mongkok, air monitoring stations showed. The levels have surpassed only once in March 2010 when a sandstorm in northern China covered Hong Kong in dust.
"Bad air is trapped here. But even though external circumstances can't blow away the pollutants, the problem still lies fundamentally in vehicular emissions in Hong Kong itself," said Patrick Fung of Clean Air Network, a local pro-environment group.
The view of the cramped skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Peak was obscured from across the harbour in Kowloon.
Air pollution in Hong Kong, a former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997, is a major source of worry for local citizens and foreign businesses, which increasingly see it as compromising the quality of life.
In a recent survey by human resources consultancy ECA International, Hong Kong's air quality was ranked among the worst in the world.
The pollution comes largely from coal-fired power stations and traffic, though a significant contribution comes from the tens of thousands of factories in China's neighbouring manufacturing heartland of the Pearl River Delta.
Under intense lobbying, the government has been gradually tightening its air-quality objectives and monitoring measures to meet World Health Organisation standards, but these remain far short of global guidelines, green groups say.

Hong Kong skyline shrouded in a dense blanket of smog. Photograph: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images


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