Monday, September 3, 2012

About NATIONAL EDUCATION again....................

Tomorrow the people want CY Leung to give a statement about that topic. Funny thing is: There should be some textbooks for this NATIONAL EDUCATION - a lot of "information" on the Education Bureau webpage - but where is the REAL THING - I cannot find it. Here the link to the EDUCATION BUREAU webpage:

Besides all that you read through some of the documents there - some of the contents of that MNE is (unfortunately) very far away from the real conditions in China - so to learn about China & the Chinese people it maybe even better to have some excursions with the class to the mainland and visit some special places: Factories, hospitals, markets, housing estates etc. - then let the kids compare with what they have in Hong Kong......don't send them to 1st or 2nd tier cities - send them to places like 3rd or 4th tier cities to see the REAL CHINA !

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