Sunday, May 12, 2013

Message to Long Hair aka Leung Kwok hung - I call you an Asshole & ask you to GO TO HELL !

I just paid US 0.55 to Mr Long Hair to send him a message on his Facebook account - smart business idea. Filibustering since days the budget - now suddenly asking for a handout of HKD 10,000 for every citizien - pleses see the photos of my message. This people are ruining Hong Kong. Mr. Long Haair is living in a public housing - he is earning HKD 70,000 per month - but his assessment for being allowed public housing is on a 10 year base and he has several years to go - the t-shirt with Che Guevara he his wearing also shows how much & how far is brain is: Besides Hitler, Stalin, Mao - Che was one of the biggest war criminals / mass murderers - Mr. Long Hair do you really know about history ? 2 photos from my screen attached here:

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