Tuesday, July 30, 2013

People getting more & more violent in China...........

Recently China was shocked by having several stabbings within a few weeks - very violent people outside & getting crazy on something. Last week this has happenend in Beijing: A Man Throw a 2-year-old Girl to the Ground Heavily Due to Parking Dispute in Beijing In the evening of July 23, a mother with a 2-year-old sleeping baby in a stroller conflicted with two men in a car because of the parking problems. One of the men came out of the car and beat the mother. Then he lifted the baby up from the stroller and threw her to the ground heavily. This caused the baby severely injured. The mother cried and immediately hugged the baby to the nearest hospital. Currently, the baby is still in ICU, but the situation is not optimistic, the baby has had repeated apnea. The suspect Han is from Beijing Fengtai Region. He was once sentenced because of larceny. Currently, Han has been detained as suspected of intentional murder. THE BABY HAS DIED A FEW DAYS LATER !

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