Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sex in passport: Female - passport holder is Male

Today a friend called me:
He said he was happily travelling with his new german passport since several months: 20+ trips to China & 2x China Visa application - 2x Visa for Indonesia - today SUDDENLY an immigration officer at some China border crossing told him: "There is something wrong with your passport - sex is called FEMALE" Ooooooops - better not ask me to further coment who is the stupid one here. At least for my friend it is now a lot  of trouble to get very fast a new correct passport saying MALE as he needs to travel to other places asap.

GERMAN CONSULATE IN HONG KONG: When I applied the passport for my boy somebody told me I have to bring the kid personally for the application - when I was going there with my kid the guy asked me: "Why do you bring the kid here ?" - I was told so my reply was. His reply: "Ohhhh that guy who told you was always telling everything wrong"......No further comment !

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Cody Deegan said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. Must be an annoying experience