Saturday, August 23, 2014

Universal suffrage - just according to BASIC LAW - what else did you expect.................

Yesterday big meeting in Shenzhen with high ranking politicians from Beijing. The topic was 2017 CE election procedure. Very easy: Several "nominated candidates" will be available for the public to elect. Candidates will be "carefully" selected by a commitee & this most probably needs approval from Beijing. Then we can vote on that candidates. This is how it is meant to be and written down in the BASIC LAW. Nothing else.

Here some footage from CCTV.COM from yesterday:
HK legislators urged to promote universal suffrageEditor: Ren Zhongxi 丨Xinhua 08-22-2014 07:45 BJT Share this: Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on sinaweibo Share on email More Sharing ServicesFont size: SHENZHEN, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- Senior legislature official Li Fei on Thursday called on Hong Kong legislators to promote implementing universal suffrage of chief executive with political bravery and wisdom. Li, deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, made the remarks at a symposium on universal suffrage in Hong Kong on Thursday. Implementing universal suffrage will entitle Hong Kong citizens to directly elect the chief executive by vote, which will mark a historical leap for Hong Kong's democracy progress, Li said, adding this will also create conditions for universal suffrage of all members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. Li said, "the Legislative Council has the constitutional responsibility to implement the universal suffrage of the chief executive and should seek ways for solving political issues with utmost political bravery and wisdom," Li said. Li expressed his sincere hope that all members of the Legislative Council, local legislature in Hong Kong, taking a responsible attitude toward Hong Hong people and the history, will join hands with the central and Hong Kong governments to promote the development of democracy in the city. The current chief executive was elected by an election committee in 2012. Hong Kong plans to introduce universal suffrage in the election of chief executive in 2017. The Legislative Council, along with the chief executive and NPC Standing Committee, is responsible for the revision of the method of electing the chief executive, according to Li. To accomplish and well implement the revision, the Legislative Council must cooperate well with the chief executive and the NPC Standing Committee on the basis of Hong Kong's Basic Law, following the requirement for using the public power and respecting the decisive power of the central government on the development of Hong Kong's political system, he said. Defying the Basic Law and the principle that Hong Kong must be governed by people who love both Hong Kong and the country is an attempt to get rid of the administration of the central government and turn Hong Kong into an independent political entity, Li said. "The people of the whole nation, including Hong Kong citizens, will never compromise to allow it to happen," said Li. He warned those who have unpractical ideas to change their stance and sincerely practice the principle of "one country, two systems." A total of 48 lawmakers from Hong Kong attended the meeting together with political advisors and lawmakers from the mainland.

Be aware CCTV is state owned & controlled, means this statement is already some kind of reflection what will be announced later next week in Beijing officially.
Occupy Central organizers may go ahead with some action, but they admitted today that this (most probably) will not change the central government mind at all. In my opinion any OCCUPY CENTRAL action will make things more worse. Easy question:
Why not take at least a little step forward - any aggressive action will even destroy any good will from Beijing. In the end it will harm Hong Kong society.

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