Sunday, December 28, 2014


CY Leung is repeating himself:
Genuine universal suffrage is only based on the BASIC LAW & by the framework set-up by the mainland government.................................... 

So what do you have to say on your own Mr. CY Leung ? We just wonder when a person like this is speaking so much with a "mainland mouth" - what is your job then here in HKG ? Preparing us for 2046 - you will not be here anymore, many of us also - but our children & grandchildren will be here at that year and after. Lets hope the "concrete heads" in Beijing some day start recognizing what is the real world around them.....Being a member in the UN security council & stopping 3 students from going to Beijing - what are they scared of ?
Here that wonderful speech of CY Leung during today MTR Island extension ceremony ! Sorry CY it will not be the last time somebody will bother you during your public appearances.

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