Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Report on the Recent Community and Political Situation in Hong Kong

Here the latest report from our beloved administration (not call it government - because it is not).

We did not read it to full extend (we will do this later & analyze) but it looks disgusting.

Here a very short cutting from that REPORT
1.08 Hong Kong is a pluralistic society, different groups and people

may have different views towards constitutional development.

All along, constitutional development has been an extremely

controversial issue. After the NPCSC adopted the Decision,

there are still quite divergent opinions in the society regarding

how to implement universal suffrage for the CE election in

accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Law.

1.09 The series of unlawful rallies, including protests and assemblies

from end September 2014 to 15 December 2014, resulted in

blockages of trunk roads in a number of districts in Hong Kong

and aroused widespread concern in the community. As

constitutional development was one of the issues that th

participants of such unlawful assemblies were concerned, there

were suggestions that the HKSAR Government could reflect to

the Central Authorities the opinions of different sectors of the

community since the end of August 2014 regarding the Decision

as well as constitutional development in future.

1.10 After considering the constitutional arrangements and the latest

situation in the HKSAR, the HKSAR Government decided to


outside the “Five-step Processof constitutional

development, this

“Report on the Recent Community and

Political Situation in Hong Kong

” to the Hong Kong and Macao

Affairs Office of the State Council, to reflect objectively and

truthfully events related to constitutional development from

31 August 2014 to 15 December 2014 (the report period) and the

opinions and aspirations expressed by different sectors of the


1.11 The Annexes and Appendices to this Report have captured the

important events related to constitutional development during

the report period, relevant statements made by various groups, as

well as related opinion polls for reference.

1.12 This Report is written based on relevant events, statements, and

opinion polls obtained from public sources by the HKSAR

Government; and has covered all categories of opinions to the

best of our knowledge, though we cannot guarantee that opinions

ever expressed by each and every group or person are included.

1.13 In relation to the statements made by various groups and relevant

opinion polls included in the Annexes and Appendices to this

Report, the version published by the relevant organisations shall

prevail in case of any discrepancy.

1.14 This Report is a collection of materials in the public domain.

The HKSAR Government has not undertaken any independent

investigation to verify the accuracy of such materials. The

HKSAR Government shall not be held responsible if any person,

in using this Report, incurs any legal liability.
Read more & you will get more pissed !

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