Friday, February 24, 2012

Chinese Immigrant who Went the Wrong Way Insulted Hong Kong Immigration Officer

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A video titled with “蛻變中的蝗蟲在深圳灣入境大堂對入境長官及所有香港人的羞辱” (a metamorphosing locust insulted immigration officer and all Hongkonger at Shenzhen Bay customs) was uploaded today and it has already became the hottest topic on Youtube and forums. The info of the original uploader says that the woman, who is a new immigrant of Hong Kong, didn’t have permit but she insisted to use the more convenient e-channel to cross the border. In the video, she insulted the immigration officer for not being able to understand Mandarin and implied that Cantonese is not a human language. She also said Hong Kong was nothing special even though she is a new immigrant of there.

And here some comments from viewers:

Comment from Youtube (original video)
hws209: Bit**: “Hong Kong is nothing special!”. Then move back to China, idiot
ZeroKong0213 : The immigration officer has backbone!
ohs : She is a new immigrant. Is this crazy? She is a Hongkonger but doesn’t use Cantonese.
andy1002: This is the core of (Hong Kong) core value. Spirit of Hong Kong.
lullyluk: If she thinks that Hong Kong has nothing special, then don’t apply to be a Hongkonger. There was no Mandarin education in the past. You can’t tell the officer to speak your language. He does nothing wrong. That’s a crazy Mainland Chinese woman.
kennethchoi58: Chinese have to speak Mandarin only?
jackyyip2002: Those useless government official make front line disciplined services suffer from the temper of Mainlander. Don’t need to give face to this government. It’s right to treat this kind of Mainlander harsher.
HKThomas2011: Speak Cantonese in Hong Kong area. Hongkonger speak Cantonese. Go back to country if don’t understand. Hongkonger is indeed nothing special. However, (we) are better than Mainland locust. They has no humanity, conscience…they don’t qualify to be human.
 charles198964: Just don’t give a sh**. Not only Hong Kong is “nothing special”, according to the thinking of many Mainland Chinese, “America is nothing special since China own billions of treasury bond.  Hongkonger still want the backup of Britain. Britain is in decline now. China should just stop providing Hong Kong electricity and water and let Hongkonger find their English daddy. No matter how rich Macao is, it’s still a small island. Taiwan is nothing special. It’s part of China. Japan is just a lapdog of America. The economy of Korea is weak and Korea is divided into half. The north of Korea is not a country at all. Besides, ancient Korea gave money to China for protection. ” The conclusion for (Mainland Chinese) is they are the smartest, greatest, biggest a**hole. If they want, they can own the world.
kyubihihana: Mandarin is everything? In Shanghai, Shanghaiese have rights to speak Shanghaiese. Beijing (people) have rights to speak Beijing dialect Mandarin. Hakka people have rights to speak Hakka. Hongkonger have rights to speak Cantonese. Don’t like Hong Kong? Go back to China. Don’t stay and complain.
lau928 : The knowledge that Chinese look down on Hongkonger is a common sense. Everybody knows. Now, it has developed that every Chinese can insult Hong Kong civil servants crazily in public even when they are at fault. Do you want to be “blood is thicker than water” with these “cousins”?
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