Saturday, April 7, 2012

Charles Manson & some feature here...........

It is already a long time ago that some members of the so-called FAMILY murdered 7 people within 2 nights Los Angeles in August 1969 - almost 43 years exactly. Despite the fact that this was cruel murder & surely must be punished for what it is, there are still many obstacles about the case esp the first case involving Sharon Tate & some other prominent victims. The real truth will never come out. All of the murderers + Charles Manson are still in jail & all have been denied parole whenever they had the chance to apply (Susan Atkins died already 24.09.2009 in prison). See here some facts about that case:
Wikipedia about Manson
Ed Sanders THE FAMILY - a book very worth reading !
Some "fanpage" from former Family members
Some other links directly connected to Manson
If you are surfing more you can / will find much more stuff about that whole story. Interesting is one thing: Clearly it was brutal murder in all cases - but it seems there are some secrets behind that whole stories to keep that alive that long & to not even any of the ones involved granting parole. All the found guilty Family members are the longest imprisoned people in the USA...............
Here some (not very fresh - some 12 - 15 years old) but worth seeing it features about the whole story:
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On April 11, 2012 Manson will have his next parole hearing - be assured it will be denied. This man is still very dangerous - better keep him locked up. Honestly speaking Krenwinkel, van Houten & Watson should be granted parole now - they are not dangerous at all. They just have been victims also.............
So this has very little to do with China - yes, yes yes......It is about deepest SUBCULTURE in the most worst way......something China's powerful hope never can develop in the mainland........but maybe in some certain (different) aspects some unhealty "SUBCULTURE" is already existing in China:
The culture of endless GREED, JEALOUSY & ENVY - the culture of cheating & bribing - the culture of corruption starting from very small to super big.........and with that individuals like Manson in a chinese version - not a long way......Cheers & Happy Easter ! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
This one is some latest feature out of the prison - somewhat last year 2011.

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