Sunday, April 1, 2012

Your weekend music........

For all you Lunatics - just some short breakdown for the last days:

SHK 2 chairman arrested in some kind of ICAC probe (seems serious).

CY Leung jumping all over Hong Kong to meet "grassroot" people & he signed a paper confessing he is not a party member - surely not a COMRADE (he was named like that a few days ago inside some China media publications - oops sorry: typing error........)

What else ?
Apple got scolded by some China BIG SHOTS - treat your workers GOOD - Mr Tim Cook was told .......ehh funny but this are not his workers .......this are the workers of this horrible TAIWAN company - one of them is Foxxcum - (ohh sorry typing error>>>>>)

DH will not get the right of abode in HK.

Here your weekend music - some Pink Floyd ...some not so old & some very old one ....just enjoy....

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