Wednesday, June 6, 2012


On last Saturday the results of the LUCKY DRAW for POA admissions (government aided schools) have been released. Itwas the most worst result within 10 years: Only 72% applications got admitted to one of the 3 preferred schools. Our son was very lucky - almost like winning the Mark 6: He got a place in a nearby school 5 minutes walking from home. No getting up at 6.30 am to have a 1.5 hours school bus drive one way & same on the way home. We registered him today. The school has only one class per year - they have a big garden to teach the children gardening & planting vegetables. It looked like a little paradise to me compared with some of the schools located in Shamshuipo, Tok Wa Wan or Shatin. Besides this we still participated in the game for 2nd phase application of some DSS schools. Totally absurd: One school still having more than 900 applications for 2nd phase interviews...maybe just 60 seats left: They are looking for LITTLE EINSTEINS ? How much of this procedures is really for the kids and the parents or is it only for the school to polish their reputation ? We got the best of the best of Hong Kong children in our classes ! Some parents also jumping on that kind of "train". Question: Is this what your kid needs to start their school life - far away not. They are kids - not "robots". I visited CY Leungs home page & submitted a letter about this procedures to him - unfortunately I cannot tell if my submission was successful, because after pressing the submit button there was no reply like "submitted" or "thank you for your message". Something wrong on that page ? Here is the link, write something to CY Leung - lets see if it gets through:

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