Monday, June 18, 2012

Laowai stops cars: Allows 120 [ambulance] to go first

Please read here (after checking this must have been in Chengdu): Yesterday noon around 12:00, city resident Mr. Tian was a passenger on the Line 1 Public Bus, accompanying family to see the doctor at Huaxi Hospital. When the bus reached the Wuhouci Street and Jiangxijie Road intersection, there was a lot of traffic and the bus was unable to move forward, while the traffic under the Old South Gate Overpass was particularly jam-packed. A 120 ambulance trying to make a turn into Wuhouci Street was also caught in this traffic, stuck and unable to advance. Mr. Tian then noticed a laowai had suddenly appeared in the midst of the traffic. This laowai wearing black pants and a t-shirt was actually busily opening a path in the traffic, and Mr. Tian turned on his mobile phone to record this scene. To allow this 120 ambulance to turn onto Wuhouci Street, this laowai ran back and forth amongst the packed cars on Jiangxi Street stopping cars from both directions. He first intercepted a taxi traveling south on Jiangxi Street, sticking both of his hands out on the car’s windshield, pushing the car backwards with all his strength, using improper/broken Chinese to say: “Don’t come, don’t come, there must be a sick person on the ambulance, let the ambulance first pass.” Afterward, the laowai ran to the other side, intercepted a Buick trying to make a left turn into Wuhouci Street, and also used all his strength to push the car back. This reporter saw in the video that both intercepted cars were all very accommodating. Video here:

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