Thursday, November 13, 2014

enforcing the injunctiong orders seems very troublesome

today no news live.

Some people arrested of attacking Jimmy Lai yesterday.

Injunction enforcement seems very difficult.

Appeal against injunctions have been refused.

Next injunction from a cross boarder bus company against Harcourt Road & Connaught Road - Monday it will be in the HIGH COURT !

Mood in Hong Kong is very down - the Movement is now showing full effect about how HONG KONG people have been "milked"& "blood sucked" the last 20 or 30 years by companies like the one from Stanley Ho, Li Ka Shing & others of that so-called Tycoons. None of them have raised any voice in regards of the OCCUPY MOVEMENT - surely not to spoil/bother the "good relations"with the mainland.......

Have a good sleep Mr. Leung, Mrs. Carrie, Rita Fan & others.....

We have one question:
Who in Hong Kong right now is representing the interests of the Hong Kong People ?

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