Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tonight late news 14.11.14

Here is what we learn from the below news:

1) Rita Fan is telling the students: "Do not waste your youth with sitting on the streets" Real words of Wisdom from Rita. But with this comment she is totally playing DOWN what is going on in Hong Kong right now. Another ARROGANT underestimation of what this MOVEMENT really means. It is not only about political reform - it is also about the total UNHAPPINESS of a mayority of HKG residents> Just working for keeping up a status - no way for saving anything - getting ripped by PARK'N'SHOP, WELCOME, LI KA SHING, PCCW, MTR, KMB and all so many other lobbyied TYCOON COMPANIES !

2) We learn some student leaders want to go Beijing. Sorry to say you want come further than LoWu boarder or someting similar.

3) And here we learn courts are very much struggeling with all that injunctions - is there any FOREIGN FORCE involved making it so difficult ?

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