Friday, May 2, 2008

SCMP 02.05.: Editorial by Mr James Tien

On page A17 "Closed door-policy" by Mr James Tien (Chairman of the HK Tourism Board + Liberal Party, also owner of chain G2000) - here some parts - and how very much right he is:
".........The potential impact is grave not only for our city and for westerners doing business through Hong Kong but for the mainland as well....................For people who doing business in Guangdong, those multiple-entry visas are more than just a convenience. They are a neccessity upon which, in some cases, the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people depend.......Hong Kong's reputation as a gateway to China, meanwhile, is in ever greater jeopardy the longer this fiasco continues...........the absolute least our own government should do is mediate and find out what is going on. Explanations must be sought and delivered with urgency and without further delay"

One more readers letter from an english teacher "Visa application an impossibility" - She wanted to go with a group of teachers - hotel booking is on the schools name + they have hired a bus - so she simply had a problem to get a visa + she gave up.

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