Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anti foreigner sentiment is growing ?

Hoppla - recently some news showing "bad things" about foreigners in China. First the "british passport holder" assaulting a woman in Beijing. This was an Indian or Pakistani looking for cheap "love" in Beijing - this is not representing the majority of foreigners in China. Some TV guys are talking about "get out the foreign trash". Ohh sorry most of the foreign trash have made you (China) what you are today...with their foreign trash MONEY / INVESTMENTS & KNOW - HOW. What you are talking about is a minority of illegal residents, over-stayers etc. Please be more balanced ! Now it is the cellist of some orchestra from Beijing - sacked. Okay here we go: If you are a foreigner in whatever country you are a "guest" you should behave like that -this should be clear. You should obey the law & not do any stupid things. So far so good. If you are the same in CHINA you better be double careful: There is no law protecting you in any case of misconduct - whatever stupid thing you will do - it will boomerang double & triple at you if you are caught. So - just behave & be nice - then you have nothing to fear. And surely have your documents CLEAN - got the message ? Do not fool with China authorities ! Read here about the cellist + find a video here !

This one is a good one !

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