Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chen news - still the whole story going not smooth........

Now back from the mainland - first some news about the Chen case. In generally (my personal opinion) it was a BIG MISTAKE to leave the US embassy. Now Chen is on China soil / territory - why does China need to listen to some sounds / voices out of the US embassy. Wouldn't the US do the same vice versa ?
Problem is this:

Beijing's only official comment was a statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
"If he wants to go abroad to study, as a Chinese citizen he can, like other Chinese citizens, go through normal channels to take care of the relevant processes at the relevant departments in accordance with the law," it said.

I have no idea how long that "go through  normal channels" takes - but be aware that this is not a matter of days - rather a matter of weeks, or even months.

Latest please read here - Feas grow on.......just click it.

During my stay in China inn my hotel even the TVB Pearl engish channel was available......funnily Thursday late evening news the report about the SINO - US meetings was not censored / blocked at all. This was very interesting.

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