Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For your entertainment while I am not here: 3x Music history THE DOORS JIMI HENDRIX & THE STONES IN ALTAMONT

No further comment - simply great - enjoy:
Jim sitting on a barstool and performing - thats so cool. Never reached by anybody like that ! His leatherpants are great ! The very cool thing with them they never had a bass player - Ray did this all during he played the organ ...mainly with his feet ! Good thing is - it is all in sync - even that many years old ! Why nowadays we do not have singers like Jim anymore ? I remember me in 71 in Munich - everything was plastered with photos of Jim: Jim Morrison is dead ! We all have been very touched. One of the greatest - the whole group ! And here from Sweden 1969 Jimi Hendrix - so nice & so much Hendrix - what do we need more ? Enjoy - this one is dedicated to Chen sitting in th US embassy in Beijing: The Stones here in Altamont - not such a good thing - too much violence from the Angels ( this one out of sync slightly......) And here the sad end of that show - THE SUMMER OF LOVE was over with that including THE FAMILY story in LA. And this is the Angels interpretation:

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