Thursday, July 12, 2012


Okay - yes APPLE is a very big company worldwide - a big player. Recently I met a friend, a chinese guy, mid 30's, I know him some time ago as we did some business some years ago. He has changed his business totally devoted to IT, computers etc. He told me he now has a job application running for the newly planned APPLE SHOP in Shenzhen. His job application is now running since 8 months.
Including a half day (5 hours) interview in a Hotel in Shenzhen with 4 different groups of managers (GWEILO). My friend is now on his own hold to get a green light for that job: Just some SENIOR SHOP MANAGER. Now they are planning a training in Shanghai - dates for that training have been postponed already 3 times. All the managers handling this is chinese staff - why do they need 8 months and more to make decisions ? My friend told me he knows about cases taking more than 1.5 years to get a job contract settled with APPLE in China. Ooops - sorry this sounds very bad HR organisation - do the guys in US really know about that kind a hanky-panky way of local recruiting ?

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