Saturday, July 7, 2012

Your weekend music

been some time for you out there without my beloved weekend music - I will find 3 clips now on YoUtUBE FOR YOU - JUST RANDOM BUT gOOd tASTE - ENjOY YOuR wEEKeND aNYTHING TO SAY ABOUT zappa ? OLD PEOPLE PLAYING PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC - THAT'S GREAT ! plus FBI WARNING ! PIERRE MOERLEN - ONE OF THE BEST DRUNMERS IN THE WORLD - HERE 1985 ! sORRY 1 MORE - THIS oNE iS tOO gOOd - 1 man - 1 DRUM cARL pALMER: bY THE WAY i LIKE THIS KIND A SnOOPY LETTERing... Have a Nice Weekend !

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