Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How crazy people can be...............

The Incident: After Causing Accident, Female Driver Strips Naked, Blocks Paramedics, and Wrestles Down Injured Little Girl.

June 17th, in Shandong’s Linyi City Lanshan District, a mother and daughter pair were hit by a speeding car and sent flying, causing the death of the 4-year-old daughter and severely injuring the mother, who even after rescue is still in life-threatening condition.
After the accident, residents dialed 120 [the Chinese paramedics number]. When the ambulance arrived, something shocking happened…
The female driver responsible for the accident took off all her clothes, and blocked the ambulance from driving into the residential neighborhood to commence rescue.
The paramedics, being left no choice, could only get out of the ambulance and go in on foot, whereby they then carried the little girl to the ambulance.
At this time, the female driver responsible for the accident suddenly got up and yanked the little girl from within the ambulance down to the ground, preventing her from being taken to the hospital.
Victims’ Family: This is no accident, it’s intentional harm
Progress: The case has already been turned over to a criminal investigation team

Miss Zhang and Miss Wang are both residents of Linyi city’s Xiangxielidu residential community. Because they saw each others kids often, they had a loose acquaintance.

On June 17th around 10:00 am, the fates of the two violently collided, with tragedy emerging between the two.

Miss Zhang was speeding through in the residential community, but before she had driven very far, she crashed into Miss Wang and her daughter, sending them flying. Miss Wang is still in critical condition, and her daughter, only four years old, has already passed away.

In the midst of this tragedy is a mix of farces both shocking and bewildering.

After hitting the Wangs, Miss Zhang took off all her clothes, and shockingly impeded the paramedics from rescuing Miss Wang’s daughter, as if she had gone insane.

Yesterday [June 26th], a video of the incident went viral online, evoking hot debate, with Miss Zhang even being labeled a “Female Yao Jiaxin” in the video.
FULL STORY HERE FROM CHINASMACK - JUST CLICK. THE REAL BACKGROUND: Zhang Shih faces charges of murder and attempted murder after attacking her husband's alleged mistress and her daughter.

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