Sunday, July 8, 2012


After watching todays news I want to say following. Protesting just for the purpose of protesting / opposing is meaningless. Here in Hong Kong & everywhere else in the world. A government will always have to face some opposition - yes, but now in case of the new Hong Kong CE CY Leung in my personal opinion it goes a little bit too far. Just want to ruin CY Leung to start his job properly - not a good idea. About illegal structures at his home - what a bad guy ? Not really in my opinion.
Many, many people in Hong Kong having that illegal structures. You get yourself the SUNDAY MORNING POST - in the magazine they always have a part displaying some peoples appartments:
Open kitchen - illegal. Merged appartments with 2 balconies - illegal. Knocking down walls - illegal.
Almost 80% shown in that SUNDAY MORNING POST magazine stories about appartments - ALL ILLEGAL. Just wonder if the people are wrong or maybe the law should be somewhat adjusted. To say the integrity of a politician is in doubt because he had a canope on top of his front door - this is nonsense. So everybody here in Hong Kong: Let CY Leung get to work - give him some time & then start to jugde - not now after just 1 week in office. This also has something to do with DEMOCRACY !

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