Sunday, March 25, 2012

AND THE WINNER IS.............CY LEUNG ! 689 Votes

Just back from China (sorry forgot to tell you.....). And now all the votes have been in the ballot boxes & they are counting who will be the next CE of Hong Kong.

Here some twitter cuttings from VOX ASIA:

Tang and Leung stand on stage behind ppl counting ballots. All broadcast live in HK. Such transparency in pseudo-democracy!

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voxasia Ballot boxes are being carried for counting by election commission officials.

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voxasia "I think there will be a result soon. I have been working hard. I have communicated with committee members till the end."- CY Leung

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Lets see the result will be out very soon ......Now !
LEUNG has passed the 601 votes already - the official announcement will be made soon.......................... Here for you the english version from the last debate between the 3 candidates just a few days ago (this is english version - total 8 parts)

And if you click here you can read the whole details about the 2012 CE election in wikipedia  

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