Thursday, March 8, 2012

Henry Tang's wife is doing her job..........

to support her husband in getting the (s)election for the CE into a positive turn-out for him. She today appeared on an interview to support her HENRY. Is it all a set - up ? Is it because Beijing's comments made Henry a little bit nervous ? It sounded as Beijing is considering to shift to another CE candidate........Are you sweating HEnry ? Get out a nice bottle (or two) from your wine cellar & relax. Money you have enough - you are striving now mainly for power. Will you do good for Hong Kong people ? Will we get our 4 bottles of french red wine each year to seduce us ? As I said already - I want a 1997 Pomerol.
Here a clip from YouTube - Henry Tang's wife talking:
Henry Tang’s Wife, Lisa Kuo, is the Most Popular Out of this Chief Executive Race March 7, 2012badcantoLeave a commentGo to comments The headline of Today Apple Daily critcised Henry Tang’s love child scandal. Two Families. Not Suitable to be the Chief Executive Love Child was Born. (*puns with “Under the Lion Rock” in Cantonese) Lust, brings pleasure. Inescapably, it always brings worry. (*This sentence is rewritten from the first 2 lines of the Cantonese pop classic “Under the Lion Rock“, the theme song of a long-lived RTHK TV series praising tolerance and hardworking. Government officials attempted to bring “the spirit of Lion Rock” back desperately during the 2000′s. However, netizens reject such notion since it was a spirit born under the economy bloom. ) Henry Tang’s wife, Lisa Kuo Yu-chin appeared on a radio show this morning and answered sharp questions like the number of extramarital affairs her husband had. Here’s the translated clip. She also said, “if I could choose again, I would still marry Henry Tang.”

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