Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Groupon in Hong Kong ............. extremely popular. All the penny picking local people try to find a super deal there. Some deals are good (mainly for some machines etc). Deals for restaurants I have doubts. I tried once in some kind of Italy restaurant - but they create special menues for the Groupon guests - in this case a part of the menue was "ravioli with cream chesse sauce" - you got a small rectangular platter 4 cm wide / 10 cm long with just 2 pieces of ravioli splashed with some cream sauce. Besides this, that special restaurant is now mainly serving Groupon customers which are booked in time slots. Regular customers have to enjoy bad service, because the whole staff is mainly concentrated on the bunch of Groupon ticket holders.

So Groupon has something for everybody, also including some "easter specials" for the male customers - give me a break - deal is on on that one with now 288 buyer for that "special egg" - please see here (please be noted some adult material included):

Sexy Time: $168 and Up for Men’s Self-Pleasuring Tenga Eggs, 6 Thrilling Textures Available (Up to $1176 value)

Facebook statuses show the most break-ups occur around March every year, conveniently just in time for the approaching summer. For fellas down on their luck with finding someone new (and adamant not to sample the merchandise in Wanchai) take care of business with today’s Groupon.
Tenga Eggs are a one-time-use male masturbatory product that are made of a super pliable and stretchy material, with strict hygiene standards imposed, and come in a discreet egg-shaped packaging. Once peeled open, a hollow tube inserted into the egg holds a packet of lubricant to be used with the product. The interior of each Tenga Egg features different patterns of ridging, for a variety of sensations and stimulations.

Please be aware - I am quite sure you will get only ONE EGG if you join that deal !
Wishing all that 288 guys a lot of Easter fun.................................................................

UPDATE 29.03.12:
342 finally bought - be aware is one-time-use only. HKD 168 will give you 3 of that eggs !

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