Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hong Kong Chief Executive Selection + Ohhh Donald No. 3

Just only 2 weeks for the next HK CE to be (s)elected. By a 1,200 people strong commitee mainly out of business sectors like ParkNShop, Wellcome, Property Tycoons & surely all very nicely organized by mainland heavy-weights aka Government of the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA !
The candidates:
Henry "I dont want to hurt the feelings of third parties" Tang - a slimy, always smiling, super rich & arrogant Gentleman. With so many scandals behind him - that is (not really) a good choice ?
How will he be able to tackle problems as a CE ? He always doesn't want to hurt the feelings of 3rd parties. It doesn't matter if this is his former mistress or maybe some other problem maker. Always there will be a 3rd party - sometimes as a CE you MUST HURT THEM.
Henry - you make no sense at all. Clean up your house first. But it seems you are so confident that you will be the GUY - I am afraid it will really happen like this..............................
CY Leung: When you see him on TV it seems he wears make-up to cover his super sun tanned face (I saw him recently live - in TV he is always looking very white....). In an interview with TVB he said following today: "I still need to understand the various social problems of Hong Kong people......"
Come on CY you still have 2 weeks to learn about that: Go for a few nights to stay in some homes in Fa Yuen Street. And go to the upper end of Tai Lin Pai Road (where the scrap collection place is..) and see the old ladies 70 - 90 years old bringing there the rubbish cartons etc - then you will very quickly learn about the "various social problems"of Hong Kong people.
Albert Ho: The guy beaten up in a McDonalds several years ago - seems honest & humble - but has no chance at all.

And then we have our beloved Donald the existing CE: He got huge support from Beijing not to step down because of receiving pampering from some super rich guys.....Donald - sorry to say YOU DID WRONG - and it seems you just show your real face at the end of your term.......Nothing more to say.

So unfortunately Hong Kong is still ruled by the rich & powerful in and outside of the "Government" - the real people have ""no - say".

By the way: Hong Kong civil servants are the most highest paid in the whole world - this surely includes the so-called Chief Executive ! Cheers - Henry - I am quite sure he is such a wine expert that he only knows french wine......................

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