Saturday, March 10, 2012

Your Weekend Music - Lady GAGA special

4 concerts in May Lady Gaga totally sold out - black market prices like crazy. Recently my 5 year old son asked me: "Daddy do you like Lady Gaga ?" No idea where he got this from I made up my mind and I said ....."Ummm not really...." But not 100% true....Lady Gaga is not really about the MUSIC - this is only a part of a very clever, gigantic marketing - machine...and this girl calling herself Lady Gaga - she is very brave to do that in the most best way...with full power & with a main idea - just SHOCK - be BRUTAL - be BAD ...and suddenly I like her somewhat...........
Here some random vids found on YouTube as your weekend pleasure......maainly versions of BAD ROMANCE ...and later something else ....... aND HERE IS THIS bORN tHIS wAY - 91 mILLION HITS ON YOU TUBE .... As said earlier it is not really about the music - it is about the concept called LADY GAGA ! Gotcha ? And here still a fav of myself LANA DEL REY - born to die (how true ..........) - I guess this is the official video

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree that she's not about the music, her music is awesome and addictive.