Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shanghai Boy - nobody knows that guy .......

2 more weeks to go for the (s)election of the new Hong Kong CE. The dirty campaigning goes on. Even the 2 main candidates surely deny they are involved in any smear campaigns. This is Hong Kong - please imagine when finally niversal suffrage is granted and maybe 10 candidates are going into the race - that will be very interesting if they still do in a similar way like Leung & Tang are doing it now - just DIRTY. Lowest level of everything - honestly speaking are this 2 guys really able to run Hong Kong as a CE ? Why not skip the (s)elections & give Donald 1 more year or so and really find better & suitable candidates. At least some candidates that are not having any relations to former or still triad members. Now that whole thing gets really smelly - not good & not good for the overall reputation of Hong Kong and at least also China. Here some more info about the last findings:
Henry calls the police - just click & below the copy:
Tang calls police over 'triad link'
Chief Executive candidate Henry Tang has made a complaint to the police over an alleged threat that he says left him feeling that his life was at risk. His complaint is centered on recent comments by Lew Mon-hong - a supporter of election rival C Y Leung - that he had met an alleged former gangster to obtain information about Mr Tang's dealings with powerful businessmen.
Mr Tang described the development as an attack on Hong Kong's electoral system.
Police have launched an investigation into the matter.
Mr Tang said that he was extremely concerned about what he called an attack on Hong Kong's fair, just, and clean electoral system.
He has written a letter to election committee members warning against what he called "black-gold" politics, or the intrusion of triads into the political sphere.
Besides Mr Lew's widely-reported meeting with alleged gangster Kwok Wing-hung, Mr Tang also mentioned that core members of C Y Leung's election team had met Mr Kwok and others, while canvassing support.
This, he said, was a direct challenge to the rule of law, and Hong Kong's election culture.
The police say an investigation has been launched to ensure that the chief executive election proceeds smoothly and in an orderly manner.
A police statement added that the force would not tolerate any unlawful action that obstructs the coming election.
In response, C Y Leung reiterated that his campaign team had no knowledge that Mr Kwok would be present at the dinner in question.

Henry feels worried about his security is said !

And here one more from Mr. Leung - VERY FRESH JUST SOME MINUTES AGO !
CY Leung rejects triad links accusations
Chief executive candidate C Y Leung.
Chief executive candidate Albert Ho. Photos: Edna Tse.
Chief executive candidate C Y Leung has rejected allegations that members of his campaign team were accompanied by people with triad backgrounds when meeting election committee members. Mr Leung said the accusations were untrue and misleading.
Mr Leung's statement follows a complaint filed with the police by his rival, Henry Tang, over an alleged threat that he says left him feeling his life was at risk.

Mr Tang had earlier asserted that a key supporter of Mr Leung, Lew Mong-hong, had met with a former gangster to obtain information about Mr Tang's alleged close dealings with powerful businessmen.
Mr Lew and members of Mr Leung's campaign team have been reported as meeting with alleged gangster Kwok-Wing hung.

Speaking after a radio programme, Mr Leung read out a statement saying neither he nor his campaign members know Mr Kwok.
And he said allegations that they were accompanied by gang related people when meeting election committee members were not true because his campaign director Fanny Law, who attended the dinner, did not know who would be present.
Mr Leung issued an additional statement later after Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee chairman, Leung Fuk-yuen, who was among seven committee members at the dinner, dismissed allegations that they had invited Mr Kwok to the dinner and denied even knowing Mr Kwok. He said committee members were invited by CY Leung's campaign team and more than ten people attended the dinner including Mrs Law, members of Mr Leung's campaign team and Mr Lew.
C Y Leung said the dinner had been arranged by Mr Lew and not his campaign team and they were informed by Mr Lew that rural committee members had wanted to meet them to express their views on issues involving the New Territories. Mr Leung also said the three members of his camp which attended the dinner had paid for their dinner themselves.
Meanwhile, fellow CE candidate Albert Ho, says he supports an investigation by the police into the matter.
Mr Ho said he does not believe the on-going mud-slinging between the two CE candidates, Mr Leung and Mr Tang, would be to his advantage in the race.
Mr Ho also said his party, which has filed a complaint with the ICAC, wanted to ensure that illegal or corrupt activities would play no part in the election.
In response, the Electoral Affairs Commission has said it will make sure the upcoming CE election will be fair and clean.
The commission chairman, Justice Barnabas Fung, said he will not tolerate any activities which discredit Hong Kong's clean electoral culture, which has long been established.
And the ICAC says it will start an investigation should there be evidence of any corrupt conduct relating to the election.

So this is perfect & a perfect example to the people of Hong Kong how (s)elections have to work. Best would be none of this 2 guys will become the CE of Hong Kong. They both miss a certain kind of honesty, humbleness & name it........integrity - mainly they care about their OWN BUSINESS (whatever this can be......). Can we keep Donald for some time ? Even he recently did some wrong "steps"(nobody knows why exactly he let this happen...or ?) - at least he looks more CLEAN - but Henry & CY Leung - I cannot eat that much how much I want to vomit when thinking about that 2 guys !

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