Saturday, March 17, 2012

Todays HK CE hopefuls debate .......& BO XI.......and more

between the 3 CE hopeful candidates.....for what this was for ?
1,200 people are allowed to select the next CE & there is a televised discussion between
Tang, Leung & Ho. For the 1,200 people to get straight ?
One interesting question from one guy from the audience was about the influx of pregnant
mainland women to Hong Kong to give birth in Hong Kong and achieve the right of abode for the newborn - even if mother & father is not a HK resident.
Both Tang & Leung answered that question like snakes: None of them even dared to ask to amend the BASIC LAW in that point.
Beijing calling.
Hopefully next weekennd the whole (s)election will end in that desaster that none of this 2 phoney, fake guys will get a majority - god bless Hong Kong !

Besides this Bo Xi Lai was def sacked - even just a few days ago he said, that he is only feeling tired or exhausted........When last night in a remote city in Canton province this news was coming on TVB (yes they had HK TVB there)....suddenly the smart China Firewall showed some nice & stupid advertising.....all the bad news about Leung & Tang was not censored just to show how BAD the people & political situation is in Hong Kong.

When I see all the dirt on the streets in the not so super fancy cities like Shanghai or Beijing it is always a kind of pity to see how China wants to emerge to the world economic power number 1. Only hardware (means: people with bad equipment backdated to the early 50's working in hundreds on shabby construction sites) will not make it - it is the software running the show.

See you later & thank you for reading that blog. The guy singing in this Zappa video reminds me about that Blah Blah the Hong Kong people had to suffer tonight on that debate - CHEERS ! And then here a little bit more ZAPPA for you !

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