Friday, October 3, 2014

HKFS’ Statement Response to Dialogue with the Government

The Hong Kong Federation of Students’ Statement Response to Dialogue with the Government
On the sixth day since the start of the occupying movement, hundreds and thousands of citizens have been engaging in civil disobedience. Their unfailing determination in calling for civic nomination and abolition of functional constituencies has successfully exert tremendous pressure on the government. These days, the government has been spreading messages anonymously to show their intention to have dialogues with the students. This is of no doubt a direct result of the public pressure imposed by the occupation.
The Hong Kong Federation of Students is going to have a public meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration Ms Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor. We look forward to further announcement of details of the meetings from the government. By resorting onto the streets, Hong Kongers’ commitment and willingness to bear any potential liability is obvious. We hope that the Chief Secretary, like her fellow citizens, will be committed to this city and willing to have an open dialogue.
CY Leung has already lost all his integrity and betrayed people’s trust in him. Not only has he denied the people of a genuine political reform, but also ordered violent crack-down on peaceful protesters with tear gas. His resignation is only a matter of time. CY Leung you should better be prudent and look out for yourself. At the moment, the main focus of the debate should be the political reform. Therefore, our agenda of the public dialogue will also be set based on this central issue.
Hong Kong people shall continue its occupying movement until genuine universal suffrage comes to light. Only if we persist on could we continue to declare our determination in pressurizing the government to practice genuine democracy. Hong Kong people shall persevere their occupying action in Tim Mei Road, Harcourt Road and Tim Wa Avenue, and be on guard at all times. Whether we will bring our actions to the next level, will very much depend on the outcome of the dialogue.
The Hong Kong Federation of Students hereby would like to reaffirm the following four propositions:
  1. CY Leung has already lost his integrity and ruling legitimacy.
  2. The only agenda of the meeting between students and the government is the political reform.
  3. Such reform must reaffirm equal rights for all and bring about a genuine universal suffrage and genuine democracy.
  4. On the basis of “One country, two systems”, the problem must be solved locally and politically.
Hope rests with the people; Change starts with the struggle!

Hong Kong Federation of Students
3rd October 2014

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