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Hong Kong – Might Makes Right?

We copy this directly from Hongkie Town without prior asking for permission:

Here’s how bad it is, taken from this Facebook Page (with links to translated evidence):
Dear media correspondents who care about what is happening in Hong Kong,
We are a group of Hong Kong citizens who are grateful for your concern and efforts in reporting the news of Umbrella Movement. We understand the challenge in obtaining and managing all the information as most journalists may work as a one man band. We have prepared a list of verified sources with translations including videos and first-hand articles regarding how the Hong Kong Police allow violence to be used against peaceful protesters.
A) Provocative action of the suspicious mobs
Suspicious mobs started meddling among the peaceful protesters yesterday in the busiest district Mong Kok and attempted to plunder the essential supplies of the protesters including safety equipment. Roaring with profanity, a large group of masked men threatened the peaceful protesters, arming with iron bars they destroyed all the booths including the medical supplies. In contrast with dispelling the peaceful protesters by means of pepper spray and tear gas on last Saturday, the police did not execute intervention on violence.
I) Destruction of first aid station outside Mong Kok HSBC by mobs
0:20 The boy in black glasses and T-shirt “you even destroy first aid station”
0:24: Man in white glasses “you are wrong to put (the station) here.”
0:28 The boy replied “I will tell the police.” He tried to protect the first aid station.
0:50 An inspector appeared at the spot merely separating people
1:04 The thugs kept destroying the station in the witness of the inspector.
1:11 The inspector patted the shoulder of the thug in blue shirt. The inspector didn’t arrest anyone and allowed the thug to carry the booth away..
II) Thugs destroyed the supplies booth in Mong Kok by provocatively hurling away the carton boxes and toppling the supplies.
B) Protesting girls threatened by sexual harassment
Female protesters became sexual harassment target of the thugs in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay.
I) Thug hugged the legs of the girl protesters
Happening in the afternoon of Oct 3 in Causeway Bay where many pro-democracy protesters were gathering on roads to call for universal suffrage. A man came near her and hug her leg until the crowd shouted at him. He still tried to repeat the same act till he was under arrest.”
II) Female student supporting pro democracy occupying indecently assaulted by a man from the opposing side (direct quote from the witness – a nurse volunteer)
Translated Article(InMedia):
III) Police let go of thugs who grabbed the breast of the girl protester in Mong Kok
0:11 The man with a cap grabbed the girl’s breast
0:22 Man with cap:”I didn’t harassed her. I just pushed her.”
0:36 The girl “I want to to report him”
0:34 Police escorted the thug away without arresting
1:04 The girl explained the incident. “A few men were provoking each other. I said please calm down. The lady (in blue shirt) provoked me and grabbed my phone. The lady said ‘why do you videotape me. I am taking your phone’. A few men started pushing me and touching my breast. I didn’t let the lady go by holding her blue shirt because she stole my phone.
2:08 Policeman asked her to assist the investigation and the girl realized that the man has already been released.
C) Police ignoring and tolerating vandalization
Despite all the violations and assaults stated above, police were found standing aside without intervening nor offering help to those who were injured, disturbed or harassed. Instead, some of the police were seen escorting provokers out of the zone without pressing charges.The police arrested nineteen people in total after a day-long chaos in downtown occupied area.
I) Police escorting the thugs to take the taxi
0:29 A protester asked “are you going to release this man?”
0:40 The suspect was escorted to the taxi by the Police
II) Repeated request for help was ignored by the police as they turned a blind eye
The protester in white T-shirt repeatedly asked for help from the police. “There is conflict. I need two policeman. Is it really impossible to send two policeman? who should I talk to?”
“The police is apathetic to people dying,” shouted from the crowd. “I can bring you there,” repeated the protester from 1:00. However, none of the policemen around him addressed his call.
III) Police attacked citizen with extensible steel baton
Police attacked citizen with extendible steel baton. That citizen filmed the whole incident in a hurry. Other policemen responded with foul language, and attempted to assault that citizen again.
IV) Police Witnessed to have Let Assaulter Go at MTR
At Mongkok MTR Station, a mobster hit someone and was arrested by the police.However, at the scene, a Hong Kong citizen said that he eye-witnessed that mobster had been caught by the police earlier on. That citizen said that he had assisted in subduing that mobster and took a video of the whole process as evidence. He personally saw the police handcuffing the mobster and bringing him away. However, later on, the same mobster appeared again in the street without any handcuff. Citizens surrounded the police and the mobster at the Mongkok railway station, shouting that they wanted to “escort” the mobster and the policeman to the police station. The reporter of Local Press subsequently interviewed the citizen mentioned above, who explained the incident in detail.
V) Police escorting suspect to “protect him from danger” while “don’t know what happened”
Suspect is escorted by the policeman who claimed that he knew nothing but believe the suspect was in danger surrounded by the protesters. Protesters tried to block their way and furious about the police ignoring the law. Protesters asked the policeman to put on handcuff but was ignored.
Police(PC no. 53956) escorting a suspect of beating protester, without putting handcuff but only putting his hand on the suspect shoulder.
0:13 Protester: “The policeman is not fair.”
0:25 Protester repeated: “53956″ (PC no.)
0:40 Protester: “Are you escorting him to leave?”
0:54: Protester in white T-shirt stood in front of the suspect with hands at the back trying to block the way – “I did nothing”.
1:16 Police: “Okay. Please. We don’t know what happened”
1:19 Protester: “You don’t know what happened. Do you mean you are releasing this suspect?”
1:32 Policeman: “I only knew that many people surrounded him. He was in danger.” Protester: “53956(PC number). You are ignoring the law.”
01:41 Protester: “He beat people.”
01:47 Protester: “Calm down. Any witness?”
02:01 Protester: “Put on Handcuffs”
02:36 Policeman to walkie-talkie: “We are surrounded by the citizens.”
02:45: Policeman: “Please calm down. Where is the witness? I only saw him being surrounded.”
03:00: Protester: “we have video”
03:15: Policeman: “I don’t know what happened just. Find the witness, okay?”
D) Brutal physical abuse by mobs on protesters
Thugs punched and kicked protesters in the occupied areas while it took much much longer than usual for the reinforcement of police to arrive.
I) Protesters Drenched in blood after being beaten by mobs
00:06 Protester was pushed to the floor
00:10 Man in black T-shirt continuously hit the head of the protester with object
00:18 Protester drenched in blood
01:57 The crowd applauded and cheered
II) Secondary school student injured after being beaten by mobs
A secondary school student wearing uniform was beaten in Mong Kok. His lips were injured and bled.
III) Physical attack from the mobs
Mr. Lau, a voluntary security guard of the protest, shares his experience of how the police treated him upon his complaint of being attacked by the mob. He was trying to offer help to the protesters when a group of masked gangsters meddled in Causeway Bay. He was asked to leave but he refused to go. One of the masked gangsters first pushed then started beating him up. Five others joined in the harassment. Mr Lau protected himself by basic martial art which barely saved him from the violence. He was relieved when he saw the arrival of the police, but he was soon taken by surprise as a high ranking police officer commanded him to back off from the confrontation as if he was the one stirring up troubles, even though it was obvious that Mr. Lau was the one being attacked as his posture was clearly a defensive one. He became emotional as he explained that it was reasonable for him to defend himself with martial arts while the mobs attacked him. When the police separated him from the 6 masked attackers, he was clueless why he was criminalised as an offender. He expressed his disappointment in the Hong Kong Police and he suspected that the police and the mob cooperated in today’s vandals due to how the police handled his case. The video ended with him questioning why such things could happen in Hong Kong.
IV) RTHK reporter was injured by the mobs attack
0:09 Man in blue t-shirt complaint the reporters were videotaping him.
0:15 This man threw off RTHK camera and beat the reporter’s head.
0:53 The policeman was escorting the man and the protesters were demanding the police not to release him again.
1:28 The police asked the crowd to calm down since they were investigating.
The wound bearing RTHK reporter reporting his location.

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