Tuesday, October 7, 2014

La la la la - So we have some new smart police in HKG now

Guys of the movement - it seems the Police is doing very well & you are also doing very well.

Fine so far - now it is time to start talking. Talks can be very difficult with a government we have to face right now.

We want you to remind one important thing:

We do not know any protest movement which has demanded immediately change of policies / politics / laws  (in any civilized place of this world - and we shall count HKG also as civilized) & the related governments have agreed to this demands IMMEDIATELY just to stop THE OCCUPATION.

Only in DICTATOR REGIMES movements have overthrown WHOLE GOVERNMENTS - but this is not us here in HKG.

Also we are worried about a certain kind of disorganization within yourself - dont mess up - just some guys stay stubborn ? Be alert of your responsibility now. It is already very hard for going into talks with 17 - 18 year old schoolboys for the government. Now really play very smart - move away You ask for DEMOCRACY  and yourself is a kind of Protest Dictatorship !

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