Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to TST

Live blog here - situation swapped to TST - please click here !

And here ohh my gosh some interesting comments:

Voices of protesters arriving in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui luxury shopping district, where new crowds have been building in the last few hours:
Frankie Chan, 28, who works in finance: “I’ve been in TST since 11 p.m. I heeded a call on Facebook to come. A lot of people have showed up, from about 100 two hours ago.”
Mr. Sum, 24, who works in a bank, also came to Tsim Sha Tsui after an appeal on Facebook: “I plan to stay here as long as I can,” he said. “The meaning of being here in TST is that this is our place.”
  • Isabella Steger/The Wall Street Journal
    Organizers in Central say Admiralty is full and direct people to occupy Chater Garden in the heart of the business district, next to the old Legislative Council building.
    Donata Liu, 27, is skeptical about the protests.
    A personal assistant originally from Sichuan, mainland China, Ms. Liu said she was worried the students demonstrators were being manipulated, though she said she didn’t know by whom.
    “Students are emotional,” she said while sitting aboard a Hong Kong-bound flight from Beijing, where she currently lives, en route to see her boyfriend. “They have pure minds. Maybe what they know is only half true — kind of like what they say about people in mainland China, that we don’t know what’s going on.”
    Part of it, she suggested, was the result of their youth. “It’s easy to get excited about things. They might just join, like a party,” she added.
    “I think it’s meaningless and causes a lot of trouble,” she said of the protests, which she said she wasn’t particularly curious to see. “It’s creating suffering for their own and not for outside people.”

    Yes Donata be sceptical - your main concern is you are being interrupted your shopping here.
    With your 27 years old dont you at least sometimes getting exited ?

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