Friday, October 3, 2014

Lukewarm confessions ?

Carrie Lam & CY Leung have a good rest for tonight - your press conference was far away from what anybody would have expected.....poor politicians - only administrators ruling a place like Hong Kong..................

11.43pm. CY Leung and Carrie Lam are holding a press conference now.
Leung said his chief secretary, Lam, had received a letter from the Hong Kong Federation of Students on the "constitutional development" of Hong Kong. He said that they had "studied the letter in detail" and appointed Lam to meet with the students as soon as possible.
Leung said police would exercise the greatest restraint towards students and young people. "I repeat, police will [treat] the students' rally with the greatest tolerance."
Leung stressed he would not resign "because I have to continue to do the work of Hong Kong electoral reform". He said, "Any dialogue on political reform has to be based on the Basic Law and framework by the National People's Congress".


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